by Rayelan Allan



The above sentence is the way a farmer in China described an unidentified light that was seen in various provinces of China on December 11th. The following comes from an AP story:

"In Pusalu, a patch of struggling corn and bean farms 30 miles from Beijing, villagers believe cosmic forces were at play on Dec. 11. As they tell it, an object the size of a person shimmering with golden light moved slowly up into the sky from the surrounding arid mountains.

"It was so beautiful, sort of yellow,'' villager Wang Cunqiao said. "It was like someone flying up to heaven.''

In my book, "Diana, Queen of Heaven", Chapter Four is about "Project Blue Beam". This is a NASA project. According to the late Canadian researcher, Serge Monast, Project Blue Beam had four parts. The second part of the project deals with tri dimensional optical holograms and sounds. Laser projections of multiple holographic images would be projected around the world. Each area of the world would receive a projection that was geared to its religious belief system. In other words, the Christian world will see Jesus, the Moslem world will see Mohammed and the Chinese will see Buddha.

Is the New World Order testing Operation Blue Beam in China? Will the Chinese people, who have spent the last 50 years under an atheistic communist regime, suddenly have a religious awakening brought about by golden apparitions in the sky? Will these apparitions take on form and names?

The next time the golden lights are seen over China, will villagers claim to have seen the Buddha or Kwan Lin? Or maybe Confucius or Lao-tze? Or will Chinese bureaucrats try to explain it, as they have this time, by adding more questions than answers, and making people more curious and more interested in the unusual incidents.

"Some say it was caused by an earthquake. Some say it was a UFO. Some say it was a ray of Buddha. I'm telling everyone to call it an auspicious sign,'' said Chen Jianwen, village secretary for the officially atheistic Communist Party.

Even the officially atheistic Communistic Party village secretary raises the possibility that the strange golden light is "a ray of Buddha". Is this officially sanctioned Communist Party rhetoric? Or is the Secretary speaking for himself? Is there a well orchestrated planned "religious revival" in the making?

If the New World Order is planning on introducing their New World Religion as a precursor to their new world government, China would be the place to start. Possibly the coverage given to the Falun Gong members is a precursor to a nationwide religious revival in China. The culmination of this revival will be to incorporate a new form of "ancient religions" into the communist structure.

In other words, Mao's little red book will be replaced by a religious text which will incorporate the rules of the Communist Party and the dogma of a new religion. The citizen of the One World Government will not just break government rules and regulations if they fail to follow the Party line, they will "sin" against their "God", "Goddess" or the representative thereof.

"If the military didn't chase it, it's because they knew it wasn't a UFO. They were probably testing a new aircraft,'' said Chen Yanchun, a shipping company executive who helps manage the China UFO Research Resource Center."

Could the real reason the military didn't chase this UFO be because the higher ups knew that it was a holographic image being used by the New World Order to bring the Chinese peasant into the One World Religion?

Is this UFO sighting is China another sign that the New World Religion is just about to be sprung upon us?