by Joseph W. Schultz
from Rense Website

"Why, Mr. President, can you send hundreds of thousands of troops to far away countries to kill suspected 'terrorists' with cluster bombs and munitions coated with depleted uranium and tanks and warplanes and an endless supply of high-tech weapons and I, as an American citizen, cannot go to my neighbors' house and kill them if I suspect them of being terrorists?"

"Are you implying that you are more intelligent than I, and therefore have the wisdom to decide who to kill, including hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children because suspected 'terrorists' are in areas near those innocents?"

"And, Mr. President, if you can pick up anyone off the street in far-off countries and send them to hidden places to be tortured, without benefit of legal counsel or the basic necessities human beings depend upon for keeping their sanity, why can't I, likewise, drag my neighbors into my dark, rat-infested basement and torture them until they tell me exactly what I need and want to know concerning their suspected terrorist activities?"

Is your answer, "Because you, dear citizen, have a police force to keep you safe from terrorists, so you need not take the law into your own hands."

"I see, Mr. President. But, you say I have a police force to keep me safe: I noticed you didn't say I have an army to keep me safe. Is there a difference in an army and a police force?"

Would you answer and say, "There is really no distinction between the two in today's world, where terrorists are hiding behind every tree and every small child."

"But, Mr. President, are you telling me that our armed forces are trained to protect and to serve, just as our police force is trained to protect and to serve? In truth, are not our armed forces trained to kill and break things? Is our police force trained in the fine art of torture? Are they trained to kill whole families because a suspected terrorist might be in the bushes? Is our police force really adept at displacing millions of families from their homes and towns and cities? Does our police force shoot at speeding cars and trucks simply because suspected terrorists are in them? Does our police force dive-bomb our citizens with super-sonic jet planes for the purpose of protecting and serving us?

Is your answer, "There are things a Commander in Chief must do that average citizens cannot fathom in their day to day living the average citizen has no idea how difficult it is for me to send people off to kill and be killed?"

"But, Mr. President, were you not an average citizen before you became the most powerful person in the world? Were you miraculously transformed into a god-like being, with omniscient powers of perception and good judgment? Were you suddenly aware of all of the consequences of all of your actions?"

Would you answer me by saying, "I have the best advisers in the free world; I have the best brain-power ever amassed in one think-tank to show me the good and proper way to lead a nation of free people."

"If this is your answer, Mr. President, then why have you destroyed so many lives? Why have you bankrupted our nation in the eight short years of your stewardship? Why have you neglected to maintain and repair the crumbling infrastructure of our once solvent and viable country? And, why have so many of your advisers and high-ranking people left your command? Were they saying things you did not want to hear, or did they leave because they feared for their lives and fortunes because of impending war-crimes trials?"

"You have suddenly become silent, Mr. President; is it because you are trying to think of some very important, deep, philosophical answer, or are you thinking of all the people you plan on pardoning before leaving office? How long is the list, Mr. President? Is your name the first one on that list? When you leave office, will you once more become just an ordinary citizen, like me? Or will you go on lecture tours and collect $$$$$$$$$$$ for telling crowds of adoring people how you gave up golf in order to honor those who went off to kill and be killed, while on your watch?"

"I think I know the answer, Mr. President but I would dearly like to hear yours."

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