by Fritz Springmeier
from TheForbiddenKnowledge Website


This article is written for general readers who have a general interest in the Illuminati. Unless I’ve written on this topic and forgotten what I wrote, I believe this is the first time an article has been written on this topic. The Illuminati’s secrecy has been so powerful, that I believe this is the first time it has been pierced with this information. I believe this information may assist us in understanding when major secret policy changes may occur.


But I ask, what good is this information without the fear of God? I encourage my readers to not just concern themselves with the present or the future, but also for that time when they have to face their Creator. If you haven’t attended to your soul, it would be well worth your time to get right with God, rather than reading this article.

In my investigations into the Illuminati, I was provided information from several ex-Illuminati members about an important ritual called The Feast of the Beast. I’ve made references to this ritual occasionally and this attracted some attention by some of my readers. I’ve been asked to write about this ritual over the years, and always found more pressing things to do.


My various sources gave their testimony independent of each other and this led me to conclude that the ceremony did indeed exist. A lot of pressure has come down on me, and I felt that I should go ahead and write this article rather than presume that I shall have the chance later.

In simple terms, the Feast of the Beast is a yearlong event that occurs every 28 years and is attended by Illuminati leadership from around the world. It is a very high level ceremony, and would not be recognized at the anarchy ritual level of the Illuminati.

Ritual is very important to Satan, and to the Illuminati. There are a number of reasons to this. One, it provides an excuse to carry out horrible things without having to feel any guilt. A person can explain away things as “It was time for that.” or “That’s the way things are done.” Or, “we must protect these traditions”.

Permit me to quote some recognized occult books that are accessible to the public. These books will help document some of meaning of the Feast of the Beast. Of course, experienced witches will find these quotes elementary, but I write this article for Christians or the curious who may likely not know these things.

Lewis Spense’s An Encyclopedia of Occultism (originally published in 1920, and republished in 1960) says on p. 263 in its article on Magical Numbers, “In magical rites, numbers played a great part.” We may well ask why?

The council for witch covens in the Portland area recommends the book The Witches Way as a method for the new witch to learn witchcraft from the Book of Shadows. Because the book is sold publicly, it leaves out secret rituals from the Book of Shadows. On p. 151 in the chapter “Myth, ritual and symbolism” the reader is told that symbols appeal to the unconscious and that numbers are used as symbols. In other words, numbers are a way to plant ideas into the subconscious.

The Feast of the Beast is associated with the number 28 (as well as its reverse 82, and as well as the combination 7 times 4). One of the best books on providing the occult world’s meanings of numbers is Aleister Crowley’s books Gematria and Tables of Correspondences. On page 58 of Crowley’s Table of Correspondences under the Orders of Qliphoth, we’re informed that 28 is the number of the Beast, that is Bahimiron which is Bestial.


Crowley also teaches that the number 28 is associated with the unicorn, the peacock, the peacock & the rainbow, artificial glass (& chalcedony which suggests clouds), astrology in general, a number of perfumes such as Rhubarb and Stammonia, and a 3 headed beast (heads of a bull, man & ram) riding a dragon. In his book Gematria, about the numerology of mystic numbers, we are told that in the static universe 28 means power (Netzach, also spelled netsach), and in the world the magician makes it means “My victory, my power.”

(By the way, Netsach is used in the Word of God at 1 CHR 29:11 “Thine, O Lord [YHWH], is the greatness, and the power, and the glory, and the victory [netsach], and the majesty…” Netsach means a bright object like a star that one travels toward, it is a shining goal, which has been achieved.)

There is no question that Cabalists view 28 as a very powerful number. Further, when we realize that 28 is also a combination of 7 (perfection) and 4 (also considered completeness or perfection), we can appreciate that 28 on a Magical calendar system is powerful. Accordingly, the Illuminati made note in their rituals in 1982, that 82 is the reversal of 28. According to some, the year long Feast of the Beast occurred in 1982, and the previous one occurred in ’53 or ’54. The next one is to occur in 2009 or 2010.

You will note that some very important changes in planning/operation occurred during the 53-54 time period. The first Bilderberg meeting began in 1954. This was the time when all the various factions of world power signed into a pact of cooperation. It was a secret turning point where a genuine One-World power came into being. The Priory of Sion, the secret order behind the Knights Templars, began to disseminate information about itself.


The United States shifted from a military where conventional weapons were emphasized to organizing itself around nuclear weapons. The U.S. also pushed atomic energy worldwide with the “Atoms for Peace” program. A number of occultists had previously predicted this worldwide shift towards nuclear energy for both war and peace purposes. (Another energy projection was that money will become units of energy.)

At the Feast of the Beast, a beautiful bride is trained and presented to Satan, and she may well be a virgin. This ceremony is most likely held at a castle or palace, and is also likely to be held over in Europe for the principle ceremony. Lesser ceremonies may be held here in the states. Witnesses claim that Satan appears and interacts with his human leadership. He provides them with detailed instructions for what he wants done until the next Feast of the Beast. In other words, he provides the top Illuminati hierarchy with their future long-range plans. The actual Feast of the Beast is a yearlong ceremony.

However, there is also a small ceremony performed before the autumn equinox approximately around the 5th to the 7th of September, which is a Marriage to the Beast ceremony, that can also be called The Feast of the Beast. It is a microcosm of the large ceremony. Or perhaps one could call it an imitation.

It was also claimed by one informant that the Feast of the Beast in 1982 was the 13th from 1618, and that the Feast of the Beast in 1618 had been a significant event.

The Illuminati have certain people assigned to focus on spiritual power. Some readers may remember that I have explained that the Collins family was brought into the hierarchy because they were so powerful magically. The Rothschild’s have the financial power, but the Collins family has been very powerful witches.


Women are spiritually very powerful in the Illuminati, and some women in the Illuminati are very important in planning and making the rituals successful. I write this because those Illuminati members who are part of the spiritual section of the Illuminati are going to be better informed than other sections (say the political, scientific or financial sections) on ritual background of the Feast of the Beast. The number 28 is said to come from Babylonian magic, the lunar calendar, and a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Ancient Babylon divided their day into 12 hours (each of their hours is two of ours). And each Babylonian hour was divided into 30 minutes (so their minute was 4 of our minutes. The Lunar month was 30 days. Seeing how all these 12’s and 30’s occur, it is not surprising that they used a base 60 numbering system.


That means you counted to 60 before you got to 10. This is called a sexagesimal system or base 60 system. I was told that the number 28 played a role in the Babylonian calendar but what it was is not clear to me. Anyway, it is likely the number 28 has occult connotations that go back to Babylonian magic. The powerful Rothschild’s love Babylonian magic, so it is no surprise that witnesses have seen the leadership of this bloodline at the Feast of the Beast ceremonies.

What does all of this mean for common people, or the true God’s royalty? It means that major policy shifts are likely to be seen after about 2010. While the Illuminati have been having some major power struggles, things will get sorted out better during this time period and major programs launched. No matter what happens it will all fail to detour God’s ultimate will. However, the Illuminati have been fairly confident in their own secret meetings where they describe their 20, 10 and 5 year plans. Many of their plans since the last Feast of the Beast have not had full success, but they remain confident of their power.

This has been a look at one of the most important secret Illuminati ceremonies, a ceremony based on Babylonian and Cabalistic Gematria, where important policy is planned, and having as its participants Satan (who appears as a man/shape shifting reptile) and the leadership of the Illuminati.