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Impeach Bush now!

You said it ... and then that little tongue came out; that weird way you stick your tongue out between your lips like the little kid who knows he's fibbing. Like a snake licking a rat.

Greg Palast, commenting on George W. Bush's 2004 State of the Union speech.

George W. Bush is a pathological liar.


He shows his contempt for the American people whenever he says anything in public. Why do you think he smirks so often? It's because he knows he's lying and he's amused that everyone else (so he thinks) is a fool for believing him. (Lately his handlers have trained him not to smirk so often.)

In particular Bush lied to the people of the United States and to the entire world when he declared in late 2002 and early 2003 that Iraq had developed and deployed "weapons of mass destruction" and was an imminent threat to its neighbors and to the U.S. itself.

... George W. Bush and the members of his administration argued, day after day, week after week, month after month, that Iraq was in possession of massive stores of mass destruction weapons that would be delivered to Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda for use against the United States. ...

"We have sources that tell us," said George W. Bush on February 8 2003, "that Saddam Hussein recently authorized Iraqi field commanders to use chemical weapons."

"Intelligence gathered by this and other governments leaves no doubt," continued Bush on March 17 2003, "that the Iraq regime continues to possess and conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever devised." ...

George W. Bush, on March 18, had delivered a letter to Congress explicitly indicating that an attack on Iraq was an attack upon those who perpetrated September 11. Paragraph two reads,

"The use of armed force against Iraq is consistent with the United States and other countries continuing to take the necessary actions against international terrorists and terrorist organizations, including those nations, organizations or persons who planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001."

On May 1 2003, when he announced the end of "major combat operations," Bush proclaimed, "We've removed an ally of Al Qaeda." ...

The uranium claims were based on crudely forged documents, the mobile labs were weather balloon launching platforms sold to Iraq by the British in the 1980s, the al Qaeda claims are utterly impossible to establish as true, any connection between Iraq and September 11 was publicly denied by George W. Bush himself recently, and the mass destruction weapons are utterly and completely absent.
William Rivers Pitt: Donkeys of Mass Destruction

Bush's lies were used as a justification for launching an invasion and occupation of Iraq which has killed hundreds of U.S. soldiers and thousands of Iraqis and which has and will cost the U.S. taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars (far better spent on health, education and unemployment benefits for the workers whose jobs Bush has shipped overseas).


The long-term damage to America is incalculable. Bush's lies amount to a "high crime" under the U.S. Constitution and justify impeachment and removal from office.

And not only Bush. In the run-up to the attack on Iraq Vice-President Dick Cheney claimed that Iraq had reconstituted its nuclear program and had recently attempted to purchase uranium, even though he knew (from the report of retired US Ambassador Joseph Wilson, the man he sent to Niger to investigate this) that this was false. He claimed that following an invasion of Iraq the Iraqis would welcome the American soldiers as liberators (instead the Iraqis are killing as many as they can).


For his lies as well as his gross errors of judgment (amounting to wishful thinking) Cheney should be impeached and removed from office.

The same is true of Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleeza Rice and the other neo-cons who did Israel's bidding by launching a war to remove the threat to Israel from Saddam Hussein.


All should be swept away.


However, as John Kaminski and Michael Ruppert have pointed out, removing Bush and his fellow sleazeballs from power will not fundamentally change the fact (in Ruppert's words),

"that the system itself is corrupt and that the people controlling it both in government, and in America's corporations and financial institutions are criminals".

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