by Zen Gardner
January 7, 2013

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The history of U.S. thuggery in Latin America to promote its own agenda and extort their economies and resources is a long and sordid one. 


As documented so well in John Perkins’  “Confessions of an Economic Hitman“, when the U.S. greed machine wants something it will methodically use any means necessary to get it:





 John Perkins "Confessions of an Economic Hitman"

-   Extended Interview 2008   -







Several new yet not so new dynamics have been surfacing in the news lately that appear to indicate another wave of attacks in the area is in the offing.


Not surprising. The U.S. march of tyranny knows no boundaries.


After all, it’s not just the U.S., it’s the fascist global military monster consuming everything in its path and the bloodthirsty U.S. with its easily persuaded populace makes a great henchman.





The Tip of the Iceberg


When this stuff surfaces, just like the staged Middle Eastern “revolts” and various color revolutions, the groundwork has been getting laid for a long, long time leading up to the final events.


A lot of subversive training takes place as they ready for the right opportunity to give “the people’s voice” and start a rebellion against a regime the U.S. wants replaced.


Just look at this hype, as if everything in the region is going to blow.


Well, how would they know that unless they were the ones pulling the strings?:



Death of Hugo Chavez could set off shock waves across region

The likelihood that Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez is close to death will pitch rivals against one another in a battle for power and oil riches, and trigger political shock waves across the region.



A clear set up. It’s setting the stage and the U.S. has the triggermen and detonators ready to activate.





Teeing Up Venezuela


Chavez’ apparent imminent death is already bringing the supposed “quarreling opposition parties” headlines when these are simple reports planted by the Rothschild... controlled media.


But drink it up the Americans will, endorsing whatever invasive action they’re told is necessary,

“to save democracy and protect our security.”

What a crock!


Here’s the Venezuela set up piece. Endorsing this controlled opposition comes next while their man waits in the wings to be installed.



Foe alleges conflict brewing between Chavez allies

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP)

An opponent of Hugo Chavez alleged Sunday that conflicts are brewing within Venezuela’s ruling party and argued that alleged differences between the president’s close confidants have prompted them to seek to postpone the socialist leader’s inauguration.


I highly doubt that’s the case. This is a public media manipulated lobby and excuse to postpone what Chavez set in place so the ensuing strife can fester and gain mainstream media support.


The Venezuelans and their wishes will have very little if anything to do with it.





Chavez Has Been a Formidable Opponent to U.S. Imperialism


The U.S. plans to overthrow Chavez I’m sure have been many more than we hear about, and there’s a good chance his cancer was induced by CIA/Mossad operatives.





It’s standard procedure, along with heart attacks, getting suicided, plane crashes, and the like.


Chavez was supposed to have been taken out after the staged 9/11 event as one Rockefeller confided to Aaron Russo, who also died of an aggressive cancer, by the way, after he blew the whistle on all this.


Here’s Russo’s talk:








Listen all the way through, it’s one of the greatest exposes of the cold, calculated elite mindset you’ll see from a first hand encounter:


And sure enough, a neocon coup attempt was temporarily successful in 2002 with the installment of an elite businessman as President. However, massive pro-Chavez demonstrations that even drew military support forced the Bush installed government out and Chavez took back control. (Story here).


And as you know, they’ve been busy demonizing Chavez ever since, setting up for their next run at taking over the country.


They sure as hell didn’t stop trying to overthrow Chavez there. They just morph and regroup and now with his probable death you can expect to see the carefully orchestrated media charade of the “rise of the people’s voice” against this “horrible dictatorial regime” that wouldn’t bow to the pressures of the globalist bankers.


All staged. And they don’t care if a civil war brings Venezuela to ruins.


They’ll get their oil rights and pillage their banks, as usual if they have their way.





Important Ecuador News


Another thorn in the elite’s side is the dynamic leader of Ecuador, President Rafael Correa.





The bankster elite don’t take kindly to being stood up to.


When Correa offered asylum to Assange it really ruffled some feathers. But the closing of the U.S. Manta military base in Ecuador was huge. He also insisted on a huge delivery of Ecuador’s gold from the Bank of London’s vaults.


And now recently he’s working on tax reforms including the financial sector that are stepping on some serious toes since as we all know, you don’t tax the banksters. (See here)


Globalists don’t take kindly to independent thought or actions.


And Correa knows that...



Ecuadorian president warns of possible ‘CIA attack’ before elections

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa has said the CIA may try to kill him prior to upcoming elections.


Citing reports of a plot to “destabilize the region,” Correa said the threats were “credible,” given the history of U.S. involvement in Latin America.


Correa alluded to reports by Chilean journalist Patricio Mery Bell, who allegedly passed on information to the Ecuadorian government that President Correa’s life was “under threat” by a CIA plot.

“There are many cases of [the CIA] interfering” in Latin American affairs, Correa said during a campaign tour in the coastal province of Guayas. “These are credible [reports] because this has happened before in Latin America.”





CIA Money Flooding In

Bell first voiced his concerns for the safety of President Correa three months ago when he released a report claiming the CIA sought to “destabilize” Ecuador.


He said that the threat to Correa’s life would be at its height from January 15 and onwards, as Correa applies to run for another presidential term.

“We will have to be three times more vigilant with President Correa,” Bell said in an interview with publication El Ciudadano.

Bell maintained that although he was not a staunch supporter of Correa, it was his duty as a Latin American citizen to warn of the alleged $88-million CIA plot to destabilize the Ecuadorian government.


The journalist believes that this money will be divided amongst extremist anarchist, leftist and hardline conservative groups, in the hopes of discrediting Correas.










The Warning Signs are There


This is just a couple of outstanding examples now hitting the media, but the bankster elites have been making headway into the Latin lands for decades and already have a stranglehold.


They just always want more, and to punish those who stand up against them.


Remember they’ve seriously bolstered U.S. military presence in Haiti following the very convenient earthquake, making it like the Puerto Rico outpost, just a stone’s throw away as an operational base to “help” insurgents in Venezuela.


There are now 13 Latin American countries where the U.S. either has bases or has funded local bases capable of hosting U.S. forces.


Not the least of which is Colombia, Venezuela’s rival neighbor.





These buggers take time to set things up to get the biggest bang for their buck.


Are they going to try to spread unrest throughout the entire region, as they’ve done in the Middle East? If it suits their purposes they will. However, the Latins are very aware of U.S. interference so if the Elites push this they may be in for a surprise, as the Latins have grown more politically savvy over the years.


Not only that, China has also made serious investments and commitments in the region and will not sit idly by. How interesting that the Chinese approach to global influence is expanding economic relationships rather than brute force.


Which influence would you choose in a pinch?


Keep your eyes peeled, and please alert any loved ones or friends in Latin America as to these designs.