by Anthony Migchels

February 15, 2014

from RealCurrencies Website






  • Who in his right mind wants more State?

  • More politicians?

  • More bribes for politicians?

  • More fines, more law, more prison?

  • More Bush, more Hillary, more lies, more war?

Time to wake up people!


Regulation is what Big Business lobbies for all the time: it's killing small and medium business, who don't have the resources to comply.


80 Years of more regulation, more welfare has done nothing to end Plutocracy.

  • 1% owns 43% of all assets!

  • 50% of Americans have net zero assets or less!

Marxism was invented to consolidate Plutocratic control of the economy in the State, a World State, ultimately. Regulation is their tool.

Now consider this:

  • Usury redistributes up to 2 Trillion per year from the poorest 90% to the richest 10% in the US alone.

  • Even if you have no debts, you lose 40% of your income to Usury passed on in prices.

  • The Federal Reserve handed out 16 Trillion in easy credit to International Banks in 2008/2009. It cannot account for 9 Trillion of these.

  • The Federal Reserve is handing out 1 Trillion a year to the ultra rich in exchange for their busted derivatives.

  • Because of this ALL economic 'growth' of the last five years has gone not to the 1%, not to the 0.1% but to the 0,01%.

  • Banking crises have happened and happened again for centuries now.

  • Capitalism started in Amsterdam with the Amsterdamsche Wisselbank, the first major Central Bank in history. Its owners moved to Britain, where they founded the BoE in 1694, through which they ruled the world for centuries. Bretton Woods saw the migration of that class to the US.

  • Interest-free credit is a total no-brainer. YOU can have an interest free mortgage tomorrow.

  • Banks are the main sponsors of both the Dems and GOP. The left is no better than the right.

  • All major banks own each other and most Transnationals. It's one massive, global cartel that owns all Governments.

So: if we have such a bleeding heart for the poor,

  • When are we going stop palliating their wounds, caused by interest on loans of money, and actually DO something about their plight?

  • When are we going to tar and feather these maniacs in Wall Street and beyond?

  • When are we going to man up and relinquish our childish political affiliations of our younger years?

  • When are we going to circulate local currencies? Reform the monetary system?