by Luke Parker
12 January 2017

from BraveNewCoin Website







The most recent movie-length documentary about the phenomenon of Bitcoin dives deeply into the cryptocurrency's roots, exploring the Cypherpunks who established the field before Satoshi Nakamoto came along.

The film covers all of,

  • the early price hype

  • the Silk Road drama

  • the MtGox fallout, well as some more recent happenings in 2015, when the mainstream banking world started turning to the technology.


The central theme of the film, however, focuses on regulation and mainstream bitcoin adoption.

Particular attention is given to the events surrounding the January 2014 New York Department of Financial Services hearings on bitcoin, and the then Superintendent Benjamin Lawsky.


Both sides of the licensing argument are heard from several viewpoints.

Nathaniel Popper, the author of the the best-selling book "Digital Gold," explained in the film that,

"A lot of companies complained that the regulations were too burdensome for them to operate in New York and still make money."

Jeffrey Tucker, noted Author, speaker, and entrepreneur agreed.

"I just saw overnight dozens of companies that were on the verge of launching," Tucker recalled. "They just threw in the towel and said 'we can't afford this'."

The film interviewed the reclusive cryptographer David Chaum, and looked closely at Nick Szabo's early work.


In the film are also included interviews from some of the earliest bitcoin adopters,

  • Charlie Shrem

  • Erik Voorhees

  • Gavin Andresen

  • Nick Spanos

  • the Winklevoss twins

  • Barry Silbert

Commentary from other key players, that turned their attention to the nascent technology later in the game, include,

  • Michael Casey

  • Nathaniel Popper

  • Jeffrey Tucker

  • Andy Greenberg

Outside of the bitcoin believers, a few people were interviewed to give opposing viewpoints, such as,

  • Lawsky

  • the FBI Silk Road Lead Investigator Chris Tarbell

  • Digital Asset Holding's CEO Blythe Masters

"Blockchain Technology," Masters said in the film,

"doesn't mean that we are doing away with the need for trust in financial services at all."

Although the film notes that Masters is leading a prominent company in the space, she is portrayed as someone using blockchain technology to enrich the banks, not the world.

The opinion of a few seniors and other uninitiated people to bitcoin are injected into the conversation as well, giving the film more balance.







You ac also watch the video at OpenLoad...