14 April 2016
from SputnikNews Website





Over 60% of Brazilians do not believe

that President Dilma Rousseff

should be subject to impeachment proceedings,

but a cadre of corrupt far right politicians

armed with NSA surveillance documents

continue to push for her ouster.


On Monday, a 65-member congressional committee in Brazil voted to advance impeachment proceedings against President Dilma Rousseff, in relation to the "carwash" corruption investigation.


Although President Rousseff is not herself implicated in illegal or corrupt activity, the impeachment is proceeding on the grounds of "a crime of responsibility," suggesting that she should have taken action to prevent corruption.

The congressional committee voted 38 to 27 in favor of impeachment, advancing the proceedings to a full vote of the lower house.


If the lower house votes for impeachment by a two-thirds majority, the matter moves to a Senate vote to determine whether to advance a trial, with a simple majority sufficing.

If the Senate votes for an impeachment trial, Rousseff will be relieved of her duties for 180 days, pending trial. If the Senate, following the trial, returns a two-thirds vote for impeachment, President Rousseff would be permanently removed from office.

The investigation was sparked by information compiled from NSA surveillance of President Rousseff, members of the Brazilian government, and the major Brazilian oil company Petrobras.


Within Brazil, and internationally, it has been questioned whether the proceedings are legitimate, or part of a concerted strategy by the United States to conduct a political coup.

Loud & Clear's Brian Becker sat down with Brazilian political analyst Pepe Escobar to discuss the cause of the impeachment proceedings, and what to expect next: