by K.F. Ipatyev

GRU Major, Retired

May 28, 2014

from Politikus Website

translated by Piotr Bein

May 31, 2014

from PiotrBein Website

Original version in Russian


Radical Zionist sect Chabad seeks to to move to Ukraine from the USA that the sect has already milked dry.


They want to build in Ukraine a "City on the Hill", preventively destroying the local population just in case…


On May 6, 2014, the deputy head of Dnipropetrovsk, B. Filatov announced a sensation - the project "Jewish Kiev":

  • What to do with those who sincerely desire the death of my country, with the enchanting Russian idiots who really do not understand why we are ready to kill them, with vile Russian journalists whom we can't call humans?

  • With all this host of evil?

  • Tomorrow is a new day and the Sun will rise. But what will all this evil do?

We must build a new country - "City on the Hill", New Zion. Promised Land.

Through his subordinate, Ukrainian oligarch I. Kolomoyski voiced his and Dnepropetrovsk Chabad's ultimate goal:

to build in Ukraine a new state, the promised land (sic), the new Zion.

Has God promised a new promised land? It already exists - in Israel.


Another Promised Land cannot be, but Dnepropetrovsk Chabad and Kolomoyski, who finances and directs (not the head of the [Ukrainian security] SBU, Nalyvaichenko) fascist punitive operation in Donetsk and Lugansk, are trying to make Ukraine over into a promised land.

Moreover, on Purim (March 16, 2014; date chosen to hit the Ukrainian Chabad as much as possible), when the autonomy referendum was held in Crimea, Rabbi of Dnepropetrovsk Shmuel Kaminetski said:

We have lived together with the Ukrainians for 1000 years. Ukraine is our Land.


Today we will read the scroll of Esther, as we have done over thousands of years on Purim. Today's reading is particularly important. Today, a new Aman, our common enemy with the Ukrainians, is very near.

The mention of Aman dwarfs the joke of 1,000 years together.


Who is this new Aman?


In the broad sense, it is Russia and Russians, and more specifically - President Vladimir Putin whose plans thwart Chabad - Lubavitch's new Zion in Ukraine. The loss of Crimea hurt the plot by Kolomoyski and his US backers led by the largest and most influential Chabad community in New York.


Even more painful is the process of separating the Donetsk and Lugansk republics, and later, of the whole South - East Ukraine.


Flimsy new Jerusalem began to fall apart as soon as builders started it, because they lied and betrayed, sacrificed ordinary Ukrainians with cruelty unprecedented for the 21st century, shocking so many people.


Builders of new Khazaria unleashed all their hatred of Russia and Russians, against Putin and his team, calling the new Russian president Aman, thereby emphasizing his patriotism and understanding of the enormous danger in the plans by Kolomoyski and the Chabad in Ukraine.

But even more important for grasping the root causes of Kolomoyski's Kiev revolution is Kaminetski's reference to a millennial common history on Ukrainian land. The rabbi does not know the history of Kievan Rus and its people. He does speak about the Khazar Empire.


Ninth century Khazars occupied a huge area from Astrakhan and the Caspian Sea to the Dnieper, including the Crimea, with the White Tower outpost in the north, from which arose the name of the Białowieża Forest [squatting Poland-Belarus border region today - PB].


To White Tower area, Khazar Jews fled in the 10th century after the defeat of Khazaria.

And now we are talking about a revival of the Khazars, with their centre shifted to Dnepropetrovsk and, apparently, Ukraine as a contributor to the "city on a hill" - the new Jerusalem. It means that Chabad - Lubavitch will move from New York to Dnepropetrovsk, thus violating the natural course of history, because it is in Jerusalem, in the State of Israel, that the Third Temple must be rebuild for the throne of the king, whose coming is so eagerly awaited by Jews world-wide.


But the Lubavitchers have their own view on the historical perspective, as Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the last Rebbe of Chabad - Lubavitch, who died in New York in 1994, is recognized as Moshiach [Messiah] who will rise from the dead.


In Dnepropetrovsk a temple was built for Schneersona to sit on his throne, in the Chabad "Menorah" centre, Europe's largest complex of this type.


So, the Lubavitchers no longer expect Moshiach in Israel, but on the Ukrainian soil, recreating Khazaria, a new historical homeland, because they don't remember Israel, and, apparently, don't wish to have anything to do with the genuine Promised Land.

In his remarkable work zigzag history, academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences L.N. Gumilev very accurately predicts present events in Ukraine.


At the beginning of the 9th century Khazar coup, the second man to Hagan (prince, king) was a Jew, Obadiah, son of Dagestani warlord Bulan who converted to Judaism.


Gumilev described a subsequent coup as follows:

  1. Motives of the coup were not as much religious as political, but had been covered up with fictitin to hide the truth.


    The same is observed in Ukraine: Maidan victory on February 22, 2014, benefited those who had been shaping people's anger at President Yanukovych and his corrupt cabal.


    All those who have called the Ukrainian people to revolt, to take action against the police and Special Forces "Berkut", while spilling blood of Maidan defenders, gained power by the right of conquest.


    They all belong to Chabad Lubavitch, and so have a lot of support in the USA and EU. Chabad has won the revolution in Ukraine, but its goal was hidden deep in the bowels of the new government. Owing only to lightning Crimean operation it became clear to those who care about the fate of the Ukrainian people.


    The goal is to recreate Khazaria in Ukraine, with Schneerson on the throne.


  2. Obadiah was intelligent and connected to the Jewish Diaspora.


    For the "wise men of Israel," he did not spare Khazar "silver and gold". Political upheavals require money and organization.


    Obadiah knew which circles to engage. The coup benefited not the Khazars nor Khazar Jews but the invited Jews and world-wide Jewry. It is them who have organized the coup, while keeping to the basic principle: all public offices in Jewish hands.


    Obadiah received the title Bey, which means malik (king) in Arabic, i.e. he headed the government of nominal Khan (Kagan) who was kept in custody and paraded before the people once a year.


    Without doubt, Kolomoysky claims the title of new Khazar king, while directing the Kiev government, forcing them to comply with the orders of Chabad, namely its New York wing that has a huge influence Obama administration.

    Turchynov, Yatsenyuk, Avakov and Nalyvaichenko constitute just a collective "nominal Kagan" for Kolomoyski, who distributes roles and appoints his representatives to public office. Money and political influence of Chabad Lubavitch helped the Maidan revolution as well as the planning of the transformation of Ukraine for wealthy Jews, a new Khazaria awaited for resettling to, after US collapse and before the imminent war in the Middle East.

    But ordinary Jewish communities (other than Chabad) lose with this neighbor monster of international politics, as their business will inevitably go down for IMF and ECB "professional" actions, aimed at the redistribution of influence in the Ukrainian economy.


    The oligarchs, long-time members of Chabad, will benefit, having invested money and influence in the revolution.


  3. In 820s, a new Khazar order won, with only a small loss of territory. A Christian Orthodox entity, Crimean Gothia separated from the Khazars and joined the Byzantine Empire.

    Recent accession of Crimea to Russia was due to the enormous influence of the peninsula in Ukraine, on the entire Ukrainian people. Besides, Crimea is the most important geostrategically in the Black Sea region and the Middle East.


    The neo-Khazar organizers in Washington and Dnepropetrovsk know it well, but Putin was faster, leaving no chance to the Kolomoyski junta nor their Chabad bosses. Both Ukraine and the USA had to accept the loss of the Crimea, but tense confrontation ensued between two ideologies of "independence".

    Attitude towards Russia and Russians became a test for the tens of millions of Ukrainians.


    Those who considered themselves Russian, grasped the goal of Kiev junta and rallied against it. Those who considered themselves "ordinary" Ukrainians who hate Russia and Russians, defend the junta's fascism, against their own interest, remaining hostages who agree to the revival of Khazaria.


    A civil war erupted from this confrontation.


  4. Obadiah's coup targeted tribal aristocracy of all ethnic groups of the Khazar Khanat that got on with the Turkic dynasty.


    A civil war erupted, with Hungarians fighting on the rebel side, and mercenary Pechenegs on the Jewish side. It was a ruthless war, as according to Babylonian Talmud, a Gentile harming a Jew does it to God Himself […] deserving death. Annihilation of all on the enemy side was the rule in antiquity. Obadiah obeyed it.

    Kiev junta sent military units from W. Ukrainian regions and an assault brigade from Dnepropetrovsk to S.E. Ukraine.


    Not trusting the troops when ordered to shoot at Ukrainians, in the rear Kolomoyski put the Right Sector thugs of Chabad member Yarosh as well as his own assault troops, both formations hired for considerable money.

    The entire punitive military campaign is not paid by Kolomoyski, but by his subordinate government of Yatsenyuk that fights Ukrainians with their own money.


    Such treachery is in the Chabad spirit that rigidly suppresses expression by citizens of Ukraine, who wanted only one thing: freedom - from anti-national junta, from the dictates by Chabad oligarchs, from intoxicated revolutionaries who kill the old and the young, women and children, for money.


    Fueled by Chabad hate propaganda, this bloodthirsty of fallen un-humans led to the grisly tragedy in Odessa on May 2.

    More than a hundred were burned alive and shot in Odessa's House of Trade Unions. The cold-blooded bandits poured napalm on victim's head and ignited it, and then filmed the living torches rushing through the corridors - the epilogue of Kolomoyski fascism.


    After that, Ukraine has changed forever.


    From that moment, those who have shared the joy of the executioners not be citizens of a free country, but have become slaves to Chabad.


  5. After this war, the beginning and end of which is not amenable to dating, Khazaria changed its appearance.


    From an integral system it has become an unnatural, amorphous mass of subjects under the ruling class of alien blood and religion. It's not feudalism, since an ethno-social chimera escapes classification. Indeed, after May 2, 2014, Ukraine has lost its previous statehood, never mind that under anti-people government in Kiev.

    Chabad brought Odessa holocaust to their altar, just like the killing of Mariupol police officers on May 9, 2014, for refusing to shoot civilians celebrating Victory Day.


    Finally the name "Ukraine" and Ukrainian culture were destroyed, becoming the symbol of horror fascism that has grown from forced Ukrainization of the "Nenko" population.

No wonder that after the referenda on Donetsk and Lugansk independence, the results of which surprised many analysts, the secessionist federation's (Novorossiya, New Russia) militia began a total destruction of Kolomoyski storm troopers.


Fight for freedom, supported by millions of citizens in Ukraine, will now spill over beyond Donbass borders - westwards to Kiev. Realizing this, Kolomoyski began to pump Ukrainian strategic oil reserves and sell to EU.


The first tranche of the IMF loan did not go to pay for Russian gas (an impossibility, according to Kiev junta's Russophobic rhetoric), but was divided between the top of the Dniepropetrovsk Chabad and the Ukrainian oligarchs.


Amorphous Ukraine is collapsing, passing her fate into the hands of New Russia and its staunch supporters and defenders.

Thus, attempts to revive Khazaria in Ukraine have failed completely, It became clear that there would not be any return to the old life. Kiev junta trembles before fleeing like Yanukovych, but to the West.


Chabad Jews in Kiev create self-defense units not to protect Kolomoyski junta, but to create exit corridors and to buy time for export of their savings.

Fascist thugs continue punitive campaign against independent Donbass, shooting Kiev soldiers in the back and finishing off the wounded, but this rage is not as dangerous as a week ago.


The Rubicon has been crossed, and the militia of free republics rightly plan a march on Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk, in order to finally destroy the lair of the fascist traitors and oppressors of New Russia's free people. Memory of the victims of Odessa will not let the militia regiments to stop at Donbass borders, but will lead them on, taking in their ranks a growing number of those who "never forget, never forgive".


The fall of the Chabad and of Kolomoyski is near. What next?


Under what conditions will the victors over Dnepropetrovsk and Kiev fascism build a new state? This main question should be resolved today, otherwise one regime will be replaced by another.

  • On what should Novorossiya's economy be based?

  • Who will be the main owner of her huge national assets, her land and natural resources?

Thus it is necessary to consider that the western regions significantly differ from the eastern ones, as far as the relation to property and collectivization of labor are concerned.

Therefore, it is necessary to develop the principle that strategic enterprises become the property of the people, i.e. the state. Land property is transferred in perpetuity to those who are not middlemen, but want to be the master in construction and agriculture.


Natural resources can not be transferred into private hands, foreign concessions or cartels citizens, but should be national asset.


Political system should be changed:

from party lists to election in the districts, cities and regions to Supreme Council, the representative body of all segments of the population of New Russia.

These and many other questions need to be addressed immediately, so that the entire Ukrainian nation understand the ultimate goals of New Russia.


A leader of the anti-Khazar popular revolution should declare these goals!