The Ministry of Biblical Defense presents a critical analysis entitled:


The Enemy Within


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U.S. Constitutional & human rights issues

& what this written analysis is about.


The Subversion of the U.S. Constitution, Media, Intelligence Services,

Law Enforcement, Legislatures, Judiciary, and Religious Organizations.


The New Age movement in America is substantial. It has achieved mainstream proportions. One of the New Age movement's most influential bodies is that of Freemasonry, which is based on occult principles and engaged in a criminally corrupt agenda. These are documented facts as substantiated through the writings of Masonic scholars and New Age leaders, and as determined by U.S. state legislature investigations.


The structure of Freemasonry includes an escalating system of oaths, swearing members to conceal crimes including those of perjury and murder, and eliciting performance of the same. Masonic oaths present a formidable threat to the fabric of America's constitutional republic.


The "New Age" Masonic empire has been described as performing as a "machine." Examine core objectives of that "machine" and how American institutions and society are being impacted.


Included in the New Age empire are movements and organizations of

  • Spiritualism

  • Freemasonry

  • Satanism

  • Witchcraft

  • "New Age" occult traditions such as Knight Templarism, Rosicrucianism, Illuminism, as well as many "repackaged" versions of occultism

What makes all this even more sinister is that the New Age movement fundamentally involves spirit medium activities, wherein disincarnate entities, which are acknowledged at the highest levels of the New Age movement to be associated with Lucifer, express and "externalize" their agenda and themselves by means of their human participants.


To what extent is Freemasonry linking America's "destiny" to the destiny of New Age "spirit guides"? To where is the New Age movement leading America as a nation ?


Events on the diabolical occult agenda:

Three World Wars

Three World Wars

Three World Wars


It is not a prediction which is being made here, but rather, a warning of what the occult conspiracy has put into writing in the late 1800's through Giuseppe Mazzini and General Albert Pike; that is, a Plan for three world wars.


Mankind has subsequently experienced two of the three, with the third planned to focus on conflict in the Middle-East.


Yet, the human race is threatened by the influence of diabolical, occult forces in times of peace as well as in times of war.

Read the analysis :


The Enemy Within


Freemasonry's Challenge

to the U.S. Constitution

&The Clandestine War to Transform Society


The "New Age" internal threat to America's


Law Enforcement,

and Military Services


The Subversion of Judicial Process in America

The Subversion of the Media in America


What is the "Great Work" of America's

Predominant Secret Society, Freemasonry ?

Whom is Freemasonry seeking to "Re-incarnate" ?

What is the "New Age" Formula for Evil ?

Are You Targeted ?

What are the Objectives of America's New Age "Warriors," and

What are their Sinister Methods ?

How is the public targeted ?

Can You Identify America's Constitutional Enemy Within ?

The Freemasonry (Secret Society) Machine

and It's Inner Machinery


Protect Yourself


Informing Yourself


Examine the credibility of the claims of Masonic scholars and New Age leaders. A rigorous analysis. Fasten your safety belt. The issues are inextricably political, social, religious, "philosophical" and biological.



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