Middle-East Subversion,
America's Subversion,
Treason and World War Three

Chapter Supplement
The Third World War

Bill Clinton's Administration Pops the Cork on

the Nuclear-Genie Bottle


While not a study in perfection, the often incisive analysis provided through the Jesuit-trained (Roman Catholic) John McLaughlin in his John McLaughlin Group program and John McLaughlin's One on One put the ingenuity of two Congressional/Senate Intelligence principals to the test, provoking their nearly undaunted smiles which waned from smirks as McLaughlin recited embarrassing intelligence information to more somber expressions as they emphasized that the apparent CIA intelligence failures in India (in failing to inform Congress of India's impending nuclear tests) suggested that more money be put into so-called "human" espionage sources (they supervise) 'whatever their source,' to appropriate 'the best.' (aired Saturday, May 16, 1998).


McLaughlin took the position that it simply is not credible for the CIA to assert that it did not know of India's preparations for testing nuclear devices. He also pointed to the gravity, the import of the advanced missile guidance technology transfer to China facilitated by Bill Clinton. In vain, giving both guests ample opportunity to reveal their outrage at Bill Clinton's culpability in providing critical underpinnings for the unfolding events, McLaughlin's skillful questioning was transformed into an intriguing version of the memorable television program What's My Line, and should have left the audience wondering what their line was, or is.


What emerged from the McLaughlin programs which aired back-to-back is that the Bill Clinton political machine received campaign funds from the Chinese military establishment and that the Clinton administration, acting against the strenuous objections of both the Defense Dept. and Justice Dept., provided China with advanced missile targeting technology.


(Subsequent to moving the jurisdiction of the technology in question from the State Dept., which rejected the request for the transfer of said technology, to Ron Brown's Commerce Dept. in March of 1996, hundreds of thousands of dollars were channeled from the Chinese military to the Democratic soft money machine during the summer. Following that, regulations enabling the transfer of technology were released on election day in November).


The impact of the missile guidance technology transfer which followed is such that in response to the threat of deployment of advanced missile targeting-technology (coupled with nuclear weapons) by China along India's border, and the recent "fly-by" testing of an advanced nuclear capable Pakistan missile provided through China, India tested a total of 5 nuclear devices which is now proclaimed as the precipitating point for a regional nuclear arms race inciting and encouraging other nations, including Pakistan and Iran.


In short, the Clinton administration has popped the cork of the nuclear Genie bottle by providing China with the advanced missile technology which not only provided a substantial basis for technological escalation in the arena, but which has simultaneously signaled to India, a burgeoning democracy, that America has essentially formed a technological alliance with China which has threatened the strategic prospects of, et. all, a major democracy. The refined targeting technology which Clinton provided to the Chinese military is reported to be applicable to intercontinental ballistic missiles which China has aimed at the U.S., and has provided a 'dandy' solution to the Chinese military's missile guidance problem.


Thus, the Moslem/Hindu armed tensions in the area have been materially intensified through the actions of both a communist country and a facilitating administration headed by a Scottish Rite Mason and Bilderberger, Bill Clinton. While the role of the U.S. corporations involved in the specific technological issues also figures into the formula, the intriguing fact which emerges is that the Illuminist/Masonic plan for three world wars has by means of a New Age, Masonic leader at least regionally obtained a large step towards a potential event which reasonable persons would want to avoid, that is a third world war, particularly one in a world in which nuclear weapons are becoming a language nearly as universally in vogue as English among diplomats.


What, among other things, appears so significant in the Illuminist/Masonic plan for three world wars is that the Third Planned War has been enunciated by conspirators as revolving around tensions with the Moslem "world." While the Middle-East has been specifically pointed to in the Luciferian conspiracy as providing the strategic and tactical basis for a Third World War, corollary components could be in the construction stage in other regions of the world, notably India/Pakistan/China.


A Plan for Three World Wars, you might say? Not my idea. Not my conspiracy. Not my prediction. It is, however, a plan by persons who have much more power and influence than that expressed through the power of the pen. It does, however, substantially include persons who have the lion's share of the power of the pen, that is, the "press." Or, one might say, includes those who have the lion's share, the vulture's share, and the jackal's share.


When was the alleged plan for three world wars penned and by whom?


It was put to writing in 1871 under the auspices of two prominent godfathers of Freemasonry, Mafia founder Giuseppe Mazzini who viewed the subversive and occult structure of Freemasonry as a profound vehicle or "lever" for world revolution, and America's Confederate General Albert Pike, co-founder of the KKK and Supreme Pontiff of Lucifer who re-wrote the degrees of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and who instituted the Rite of the Palladium to dominate Freemasonry, with the Palladian Rite providing an intensified hands-on course in "fleshly glove" demon possession leading to walking/talking possession of human initiates by Lucifer-associated spirits, demons. The ultimate objectives of the "occult conspiracy" include the establishment of a One-World Government to exercise overt occult oligarchic ruler ship world-wide.


The "Plan" embodies the ultimate in human rights violations, and the world wars which it has spawned have been instruments to achieve even more diabolical objectives. Within the scope of what "Plan" has Freemasonry elicited oaths embracing murder, perjury, and treason ? To what extent have persons been culpable who have operating within the United States as U.S. citizens ? Enemies Within ? Including Presidents ? Beyond Bill Clinton ?


The grandfather of the Illuminati conspiracy, of whom Mazzini and Pike have been successors, was Adam Weishaupt who formed the Order of the Illuminati in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany on May 1, 1776. Weishaupt formed the "ultimate" secret society, which like Germany's occult Rosicrucian's, operated within other organizations; Weishaupt infiltrating Freemasonry, an occult institution which obtained a special organizational framework in England in 1717. In 1782 the relationship between Freemasonry and the Order of the Illuminati, which crystallized the goals of the occult conspiracy, was officially sealed, with the Bavarian Illuminati providing the "illuminated" guidance of Lucifer-inspired pagan/occult Egyptian Mystery Religion.


The aims of abolishing Christianity and monarchies have been fundamental to the conspiracy, and are so documented. Weishaupt's fundamentals included moral profligacy and the desecration of the institution of marriage, and such are often included among the principles which strategically-placed successors and conspiracy participants, including "pious frauds," would embrace within in their multifarious roles in society, subverting the world's religious, moral, and political institutions from within.


Examine how such conspiratorial undertakings are substantiated by Naval Commander William Guy Carr and historian Nesta Webster (whom Lord Kitchener in India described as the "foremost opponent of subversion").

The Communist Link in the Illuminist/Masonic Conspiracy
for Three World Wars

{According to Canadian Naval officer, Commander William Guy Carr, on Communism,}

This destructive force was to be used to enable the Illuminati to foment future wars and revolutions. ...

In 1834 the Italian revolutionary leader Guiseppi Mazzini was selected by the Illuminati to be director of their revolutionary program thru-out the world. He held this post until he died in 1872. In 1840, General Albert Pike was brought under the influence of Mazzini because he became a disgruntled officer when President. p. XIV


Jefferson Davis disbanded his auxiliary Indian troops on the grounds they had committed atrocities under the cloak of legitimate warfare. Pike accepted the idea of a One World government and ultimately became head of the Luciferian Priesthood. Between 1859 and 1871, he worked out the details of a military blue-print, for three world wars, and three major revolutions which he considered would further the conspiracy to its final stage during the twentieth century.

Most of his work was done in the 13 room mansion he built in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1840.


When the Illuminati, and the lodges of The Grand Orient, became suspect, because of Mazzini's revolutionary activities in Europe, Pike organized The New and Reformed Palladian Rite. He established three supreme councils; one in Charleston, S.C., another in Rome, Italy and another in Berlin, Germany. 


p. XV Pawns in The Game, Introduction, 1958, Commander R.C.N. William Guy Carr 

Note: Jefferson Davis was the only president of the Confederate States of America.


Thus, Mazzini "wrested" power from the Alta Vendita Lodge of Blackest Freemasonry in Europe, which had held the reigns of occult power approximately from Adam Weishaupt's death in 1830. Mazzini enlisted Confederate General Albert Pike to lay out the details for accomplishing the goal of ruling the world by means of a Luciferian, occult One World Government. While a one-world government has been viewed by some persons in the twentieth century as the solution to world war, Mazzini and Pike in the eighteenth century viewed the fomenting of world war and revolutions, according to their plan, as the means by which a one world government could be compelled.


Freemasonry's godfathers planned the fomenting of the two world wars which we have experienced. It is those two world wars which provided the international basis for respectively configuring the League of Nations and the United Nations after world wars one and two, under the auspices of Great Britain and the United States. Picking up the discussion as it relates to precipitating World War 3, Royal Naval Commander Carr continues:

World War Three is to be fomented by using the differences the agentur of the Illuminati stir up between Political Zionists and the leaders of the Moslem world. ... Can any unbiased and reasoning person deny that the intrigue now going on in the Near, Middle, and Far East is designed to accomplish this devilish purpose? 

p. XV Pawns in The Game, Introduction, 1958, Commander R.C.N. William Guy Carr.

It appears that the post World War II world has been moving step by step toward another diabolical phase of the Masonic/Illuminist Plan for world war and world domination.


The Illuminist Chess Move

Interestingly, the third scenario for world war by means of a Jewish/Moslem conflict was taken up by a landmark convention of Secret Societies nearly a century before Mazzini and Pike put the Luciferian world war initiatives into writing in the late 1800's. The occasion was the official joining of the Illuminati with Freemasonry in 1782, the year following the surrender of the British to the Americans, and America was yet to expand it's geographical domain to what Thomas Jefferson spoke of as "from sea to shining sea."


Approximately a century would first be required to establish the United States in it's ambitious continental domain, transforming it from territorial wilderness' to a contiguous, united republic of states. In Britain the accelerating industrial revolution would prepare the world for both the engines and infrastructures of international war machines, and in Germany the chemical revolution would figure no less prominently, both good and bad.


First note the alarming setting for raising a future third world war scenario setting; secret societies conspiring the horrible, and at the helm, the Illuminati of Bavaria, Adam Weishaupt's diabolical Order.

"But it was not until the Congres de Wilhelmsbad that the alliance between Illuminsim and Freemasonry was finally sealed. This assembly ... {whose import has been substantially ignored in conventional-wisdom history} ... met for the first time on the 16th day of July 1782, and included representatives of all the Secret Societies --- Martiniste as well as Freemasons and Illuminati --- which now numbered no less than three million members all over the world. Amongst these different orders the Illuminati of Bavaria alone had formulated a definite plan of campaign, and it was they who hence foreward took the lead.

From the moment of the great coalition effected at Wilhemsbad, Illuminism ... was able to extend its ramifications all over Germany ... All these branches were controlled by the twelve leading adepts headed by Weishaupt, who at the lodge in Munich held in his hands the threads of the whole conspiracy.

World Revolution: The Plot Against Civilization, 1921, Nesta Webster
{ } brackets, this authors' words.

One Mason "could not conceal his alarm" and although "under oath to reveal nothing" revealed,

"I will not confide them to you. I can only tell you that all this is very much more serious than you think. The conspiracy which is being woven is so well though out that it will be, so to speak, impossible for the Monarchy and the Church to escape from it." From this time onwards, says his biographer, M. Costa de Beauregard, "the Comte de Virieu could only speak of Freemasonry with horror".

World Revolution: The Plot Against Civilization, 1921, Nesta Webster


With all due and sincere respect for the love which many Jewish people have for Jerusalem and it's historically associated territory; within the setting of an assembly of secret societies the stage for eventually or potentially precipitating a third world war began to be woven. The years of 1781 and 1782 were remarkable for the growth of another movement which found expression at the Congres de Wilhelmsbad, namely, the emancipation of the Jews.
World Revolution: The Plot Against Civilization, 1921, Nesta Webster


The result ... was seen later in the edicts passed through the influence of Marabeau and the Abbe Gregoire by the National Assembly in 1791 decreeing the emancipation of the Jews. A more immediate effect, however, was the resolution taken at the masonic congress of Wilhelmsbad --- which was attended by Lessing and a company of Jews --- that henceforth Jews should no longer be excluded from the lodges.


At the same time it was decided to remove the headquarters of illuminized Freemasonry to Frankfurt, which incidentally was the stronghold of Jewish finance, controlled at this date by such leading members of the race as Rothschild, Mayer Amschel -- later to become Rothschild also ... and others. At this head lodge of Frankfurt the gigantic plan of world revolution was carried forward, and it was there that at a large masonic congress in 1786 two French Freemasons afterwards declared the deaths of Louis XVI and Gustavus III of Sweden were definitely decreed.
World Revolution: The Plot Against Civilization, 1921, Nesta Webster,

Intriguing, to say the least. By enlisting the imagination of Jews, including those who might have already been involved with or inclined to participate in Adam Weishaupt's Illuminati Order due to occult traditions which they had adopted, greater incentive was provided to act in a conspiracy against a "Church" which had participated in Jewish persecution, and to participate by means at their disposal, including means of finance.


What needs to be unequivocally emphasized here is that the plan for a One-World Government is NOT a Jewish conspiracy. It is an OCCULT conspiracy, it is a MASONIC conspiracy, it is an ILLUMINATI conspiracy, and has enlisted the support and participation of persons cutting across innumerable national, ethnic, political, and religious memberships. The move of the Illuminati at the Secret Society Congress to embrace Jews into Freemasonry was strategic in preparing political foundations for constructing the stage for a third world war scenario, and tactical in enlisting the imagination and support of Jews who had financial capacity to contribute to materially fuel and power aspects of the Illuminati/Masonic Machine.

"The Rockefeller's have replaced the Rothschild's as far as the manipulation of finances is concerned."
p. XIX, Pawns in The Game, Introduction, 1958, Commander R.C.N. William Guy Carr

The import of the Rockefeller connection to the One World Government conspiracy will be considered in a moment. The media and banking components of the One World Government conspiracy will be further revealed to be Masonic in nature, which is a point which has often been missed in discussing the role of international banking and the media in the manipulation of political nations and public opinions.

It is also essential to note that while "anti-Semitic" elements in society have attempted to characterize issues of media control in America as a Jewish issue, such a characterization represents a dangerous distortion which, in turn, serves to fuel animosity between Freemasonry's compartmentalized institutions, facilitating the manipulation of Masonically associated KKK white supremacists against Masonic Jewish institutions, against Masonically oriented black separatist groups.


While the Masonic nature of rival organizations may or may not be necessarily apparent to groups or persons within such organizations, persons who are attracted to or who are influenced along lines of ethnic hatred are positioned to be influenced in ways which serve the interests of the head of Freemasonry, Lucifer. It has been amply documented by U.S. state legislature investigations that the media control which established itself in America before the American Civil War was Masonic.


Pontiff Pike's Scottish Rite consolidated Freemasonry's power after the Civil War, and America had established itself, unequivocally, as a Masonic entity, politically, and the media/press demonstrated more Masonic consolidation after the war than it had even before.


Therefore, if taken by itself, the following quotation could be perspectivly misconstrued : Why is there a historic struggle now going on in the media, with the left-wing Jewish controlled faction (CBS News, CNN, Time Magazine, and others) going head-to-head with the right-wing Jewish-controlled faction (Newsweek magazine, ABC News, The Washington Post newspaper and others)? The Esther Option article, Flashpoint, issue of April, 1998 (Vol. 98-04), Living Truth Ministries, Texe Marrs, retired U.S. Air Force Intelligence Officer.


New York State Senate investigations into Freemasonry revealed media complicity even prior to the Civil War, and demonstrated the Masonic nature of media control in America:

"The public press, that mighty engine for good or for evil, has been, with a few honorable exceptions, silent as the grave. This self-proclaimed sentinel of freedom, has felt the force of masonic influence, or has been smitten with the rod of its power." {footnote 66} p. 34 Behind the Lodge Door, Paul A. Fisher, 1988 ,1989, 1994 {footnotes: Report Of A Committee To The New York Senate, Together With Extracts From Other Authentic Documents Illustrating The Character And Principles Of Free Masonry, published by request, and under the direction of several citizens of New Haven, Connecticut, printed by Hezekiah Howe, 1829, footnote 66: p. 11


That there is a Masonic connection to the Bilderberger Group deeply involved in America's media control referred to by the statement of David Rockefeller provides a continuum in the legacy of Masonic media control in America.


Scottish Rite Mason, Masonic scholar, and 33rd degree Masonic Grand Commander Manly P. Hall focused on the nature of the power of the Masonic establishment, extending beyond the borders of America.
True Freemasonry is esoteric ... p. 16


The true student seeks to lift himself from the exoteric body upward spiritually until he joins the esoteric group which ... is far greater than all the lodges on the physical plane of Nature, is far greater than all the lodges of which it is a central fire.

In Freemasonry is concealed ... the path the student must tread in order to join those who are really the living powers behind the thrones of modern national and international affairs. The true student realizes most of all that the taking of degrees does not make a man a Mason. A Mason is not appointed; he is evolved and he must realize that the position he holds in the exoteric lodge means nothing compared to his position in the spiritual lodge of life.
p. 18 The Lost Keys of Freemasonry, Manly P. Hall., 1923, 1976

It is interesting to note that advanced Masons and occultists (such as the notorious Satanist Aleister Crowley) have often been recognized for their Masonic accomplishments by means of three two-digit numbers following their names, each corresponding to the degree which they attained in Freemasonry's Scottish Rite, Jewish Rite, and Egyptian Rite.


To emphasize the point, it is not an issue of Scots, Jews or Egyptians. It is an issue of occult secret societies and occult Rites which have associated themselves at the highest levels in achieving the realization of the "occult conspiracy" for the world, that of establishing an overt, occult One-World oligarchical totalitarian state, having as it's associated goals the abolishing of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and, in short, all religion except it's own, Luciferianism.

Secret Societies of Mystic Germany

Notably, Masonic scholar Manly P. Hall attributes even the configuring of Freemasonry in England in 1717 to mainland Rosicrucian's {a primarily German occult, secret society institution}, and it was in Bavaria, Germany, that Adam Wieshaupt's Order of the Illuminati was born.

Immediately following the inception of Weishaupt's treacherous plan, the effects of the Illuminist conspiracy appeared more evident upon the French Revolution than in Germany, as German Illuminati provided for the Jacobinist Clubs which fomented bloody terror of the French Revolution . However, in time, Germany, with it's mystic/occult secret societies, would figure prominently in two world wars and in configuring the format for potentially precipitating a third world war.


And it was George Sand who, in referring to "the European conspiracy of Illuminism" and "the gigantic conceptions of Weishaupt", declared that Illuminism, "drawing from the inventive genius of it leaders and from the traditions of the Secret Societies of mystic Germany, appalled the world by the most formidable and the most learned of political and religious conspiracies", which "shook all dynasties on their thrones"
p. 89 World Revolution: The Plot Against Civilization, 1921, Nesta Webster

Thus it was fitting that it was in Baden, Baden,Germany, in 1991, that David Rockefeller proclaimed to a meeting of Bilderberg attendees the success which their conspiracy was having with substantial complicity from a controlled U.S. media.

"We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years."

"It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries."

As quoted on p.13 from: Operation Vampire Killer 2000, Published by: Police Against The New World Order, 1992

The Rockefeller / "world bankers" connection to the One World Government conspiracy demands clarification. The international banking connection to that conspiracy is sometimes given an erroneous perspective by characterizing it as Jewish in substance. Naval Commander William Guy Carr, of the Royal Canadian Navy, provided an insightful perspective of the essential connective link.

The head of the Council of Thirty-three is the president of the top executives council of Thirteen, previously referred to.

... The international bankers have always been the top executives of the Grand Orient Masonry since 1770. Aryan War Lords have always been the top executive of the German Lodges. They select their own successors.

A review of history, 1914 - 1934, indicates :


(1) That the international bankers fomented World War I ...
(2) To remove the Crowned Heads of Europe. ...
(3) To force the British and French governments to agree to establish A National Home for the Jews in Palestine.

Pawns in The Game, Commander R.C.N. William Guy Carr
Canadian Royal Navy Commander Carr relates the strong link, the strong Masonic association of international bankers.

The Masonic connections to World War I extend beyond the international banking scene to include the event often viewed as the precipitating act for the first world war, the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo, in which the Masonically associated organization known as the "Order of the Black Hand" was implicated. One such reference to the Serbian "Black Hand" involvement in the assassination has been made by pro-occult author Michael Howard, who goes into quite a bit of detail into the intrigue.

... One of the items discussed at this meeting was allegedly the murder of the Emperor Franz Joseph and the Archduke Ferdinand. This indicated that the assassination was a complex plot organized by the Order of the Black Hand with the support of the Czar and renegade elements of French Freemasonry. Their aim was to force Austria to invade Serbia and create the conditions for a major European war.

p. 117 The Occult Conspiracy: Secret Societies --- Their Influence and Power in World History, Michael Howard, 1989



Other noteworthy factors of the occult element include German Kaiser Wilhem's involvement with spiritualism and his general's occult connections. It is also lesser known that the swastika, most often associated with Adolf Hitler's Third Reich, was sported by some of Germany's infantrymen on their belts during World War I, the swastika originating as an occult symbol in India.

Notably, again, the Illuminist scenario for precipitating a third world war was raised with point (3) which Commander Carr made, "to agree to establish A National Home for the Jews in Palestine."

And to repeat, Commander Carr emphasizes the perspective of the Masonic link, which also a link to the Bilderberger Group associated with Rockefeller and Bill Clinton. The pro-occult author Michael Howard refers to the nature of the Bilderberg Group.

What prompted the foundation of the Bilderberg Group? In his book The Global Manipulators Robert Eringer links them with the CIA and international Freemasonry. According to Eringer, the first Bilderberg conference was organized by a mysterious personage called Dr. Joseph Retinger. He had been involved in secret activities for nearly half a century and was reputed to be the top agent for international Freemasonry.
p. 168 The Occult Conspiracy: Secret Societies --- Their Influence and Power in World History,
Michael Howard, 1989

Thus, the masonic media machine, the masonic international banking machine, is controlled at the highest and deepest levels, and is aptly spoken of as "formidable machinery."

As everything comes to the Grand Central Directories so everything emanates from them. ... messengers ... will put in motion the formidable machinery of Freemasonry the world over. p. 240 Occult Theocrasy,

Lady Queenborough (Edith Starr Miller), 1933

{quoted from Dr. Bataille, Le Diable au XIX siècle}

Speaking before the Senate on 15 December 1987, an anniversary of the Bill of Rights, Senator Helms launched into a detailed discussion of these matters in an urgent appeal to his colleagues. Here are a few excerpts from his important speech:

This campaign against the American people -- against traditional American culture and values -- is systematic psychological warfare. It is orchestrated by a vast array of interests comprising not only the Eastern establishment but also the radical left.
Mr. President, a careful examination of what is happening behind the scenes reveals that all of these interests are working in concert ... in order to create what some refer to as a new world order. Private organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations ... the Trilateral Commission ... and the Bilderberger Group serve to disseminate and to coordinate the plans for this so-called new world order in powerful business, financial, academic, and official circles ...

The psychological campaign that I am describing, as I have said, is the work of groups within the Eastern establishment, that amorphous amalgam of wealth and social connections whose power resides in its control over our financial system and over a large portion of our industrial sector.
The policies of the industrial sectors, primarily the multinational corporations, are influenced by the money center banks through debt financing and through the large blocks of stock controlled by the trust departments of the money center banks. Anyone familiar with American history, and particularly American economic history, cannot fail to notice the control over the Department of State and the Central Intelligence Agency which Wall Street seems to exercise ...

The influence of establishment insiders over our foreign policy has become a fact of life in our time. This pervasive influence runs contrary to the real long-term national security of our Nation. It is an influence which, if unchecked, could ultimately subvert our constitutional order.


The viewpoint of the establishment today is called Globalism. Not so long ago this viewpoint was called the "one-world" view by its critics.... Mr. President, in the Globalist point of view, nation-states and national boundaries do not count for anything. Political philosophies and political principles seem to become simply relative. Indeed, even constitutions are irrelevant to the exercise of power.
In this point of view, the activities of international financial and industrial forces should be oriented to bringing this one-world design ...All that matters to this club is the maximization of profits resulting from the practice of what can be described as finance capitalism, as system which rests upon the twin pillars of debt and monopoly. This isn't real capitalism. It is the road to economic concentration and to political slavery.


{footnote} p. 49 New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies, William T. Still, 1990

{footnote: Congressional Record -- Senate, 15, December 1987, p. S18146}

Other than BYU, A significant contributor to CIA personnel has been Yale University (the eastern establishment) with an elite   whose foundations are linked to Germany and the Illuminati. It is not only the Swastikas which have been reported to have been observed on the inside walls of the Tomb initiation structure, but the invoking of "familiar spirits" to re-birth the initiate-candidate in a coffin which should strike alarm bells throughout America. Former CIA Director George Bush hails from that secret society.


It was in 1988, the year of Bush's election to the U.S. Presidency, in which media CNN mogul Ted Turner called for a "New Age President." Having clarified the Masonic nature of the plan for three world wars, the Masonic control of the U.S. media, and the Masonic control of international banking, brace yourself for the truly sinister sequence of obviously orchestrated events which has led to constructing the scenario for a potential Third World War focused on the Middle-East. George W. Bush 's Interview With Time Magazine. Admits to being Skull & Bones



The Bavarian Illuminati,
Two World Wars go forth from German soil,
and the Third World War is sown in Germany,
American Treason.

America's history has been plagued by an Illuminist/Masonic shadow. Two months before America's Declaration of Independence, Adam Weishaupt officially founded his Order of Illuminati on May 1, 1776.


In June of 1782, the year following the American victory over the British, and less than a month before the convening of the Congress de Wilhelmsbad in Germany at which the Illuminati and Freemasonry were officially joined, the Illuminist symbol for the seat of Egyptian mystery initiation, the Great Pyramid of Giza and the All-Seeing-Eye of Horus (Lucifer) was ominously adopted by America's Congress.


However, the Great Seal would first make it's public debut in 1935, when occultist vice president Henry A. Wallace was granted permission by 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason Franklin D. Roosevelt to include the Great Seal on the back of the American dollar bill (1935c, according to William T. Still). The Great Seal's Latin inscription translated "New Order of the Ages" expresses the Masonic intent, the "Plan."


The timing is intriguing, for in March of 1935 Hitler, who had emerged from and obtained support from occult secret societies in Germany, announced Germany's rearmament. The Illuminist emblem placed on the back of the American dollar under occult/Masonic auspices provided not only a signal of America's Illuminist/Masonic intentions to the world, but at the same time provided an emerging metaphor for the American economic support which Hitler would enjoy.


In the book Trading With The Enemy The Nazi-American Money Plot 1933-1949 (author Charles Higham, 1983), Henry Wallace, vice president to 32nd degree Mason F.D.R. (descendant of Clinton Roosevelt), was implicated under the auspices of F.D.R. in facilitating trading with the enemy, lending support for the Hitler enterprise, thus lengthening the War which facilitated the horrendous Holocaust of the Jews. It is now known that Jewish leaders pleaded with both the British and American administrations at the highest levels to bomb the railroad tracks which enabled the transport of Jews en masse to concentration camp tortures and death.


History further has demonstrated that their pleas were ignored, while the American/British capacity for bombing was unleashed with the fire-phosphor bombing of major German cities ostensibly for the civilian support for Hitler's war. In the face of such a demonstration of fiery indignation against a civilian population, who in the general population would ever have suspected at the time that America had both supported Hitler, enabled the Holocaust through the protraction of the War, and had intractably refused to bomb the railroad tracks which channeled defenseless men, women and children into the bowels of a crucible of horror.


Reviewing details of the Illuminati Plan for Three World Wars, Royal Naval Commander William Guy Carr relates:

World War Two, was to be fomented by using the differences between Fascists and Political Zionists. This war was to be fought so that ... {among other things} the sovereign state of Israel could be established in Palestine.

p. XV, Pawns in The Game, Introduction, 1958, Commander R.C.N. William Guy Carr { } brackets enclose summary words of quoting author.

Commander Carr then observes,

"Can any informed person deny Roosevelt and Churchill did put this policy into effect ?"


As the book Trading With The Enemy further reveals, the outcome of the war resulting in the defeat of Hitler followed a calculated course which was pursued with the knowledge of specific support which Hitler was obtaining from America, even while "temporarily" disadvantaging American troops (and lives).

Treason, the substance of the Illuminist conspiracy and embodied in the oaths of Freemasonry, has again configured scenarios on the ground for a conflict capable of generating a vortex for world war, the third world war which Luciferian Pontiff Albert Pike and Giuseppe Mazzini provided for even in writing in 1871.

That America's Masonic establishment, Mazzini's Masonic Machine, facilitated the Illuminist/Masonic plan for world war is evident in a focused description of Trading With The Enemy, Standard Oil of New Jersey shipped the Nazis precious oil through Switzerland while Allied forces endured restrictions of supplies and shortages were widespread. Ford Motor Company trucks were built for Nazi troops with authorization from Ford directors in the United States.


The chairman of ITT supplied much of Hitler's communications system. Throughout World War II, the list of those who chose Business as Usual -- even when the business was conducted with their country's enemy during a war -- is as extensive as it is shocking.

Trading With The Enemy The Nazi-American Money Plot 1933-1949, Charles Higham, 1983, inside rear cover.

The forces subverting America and it's Constitution are the same which have been subverting peace in the Middle-East.The Moslem factor which the Illuminist plan draws upon appears to involve not only conflicts with Jews in the Middle-East, but with Hindus in Asia, and Eastern Orthodox Christians in the Balkans. Moslems, Hindus, Jews, Christians, holders of religions implicated in totally dire conflicts. This is supposedly an international scenario of world war in which, according to the occult plan, "religion" other than that of LUCIFERIAN, is to be targeted by a One World Government.

Under the watch of New World Order and reputed 33rd degree Mason George Bush, and Scottish Rite Mason Bill Clinton, the conflict in the Balkans has produced horrible concentration camps and mass extermination of Moslems, "ethnic cleansing," and the world was informed of on-going events with "live" coverage of interned Moslems and reports from witnesses to atrocities.


Remarkably, president Bill Clinton exclaimed at the new Washington D.C. Holocaust museum in a public forum, amid a European Holocaust, "Never Again." The U.S. State Department released it's own perspective on the Bosnian war situation through the voice of Assistant Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleberger, attributing the precipitation of the war in Bosnia to the diplomatically bold or precocious recognition by Germany of the break-away state of Slovenia from Yugoslavia. 


What Europe and the two U.S. administrations have evidently sown is distrust among Moslems by allowing a Moslem Holocaust to occur at the hands of an Eastern Orthodox "nation." While it is hoped that victimization of human beings by any side in the conflict not be revisited, it is hard to argue that the region has not been primed by outrageous events to erupt anew if international conflicts sweep the globe, particularly in view of other potential Moslem crisis points in the Middle-East and other global regions pending. During a global conflict, a repeat infusion of Moslem freedom fighters from a country such as Afghanistan raises specters of intensified, entrenched warfare.


The Clinton administration has provided China with missile and other technology which it appears has triggered a regional-centric response of hard-copy nuclear posturing and acute nuclear development by India. One of the major problems for Americans is obtained a coherent sequence of events from the media. While India's nuclear posturing has been primarily associated by the media as pertaining to India's recent PJP election, the China-Clinton advanced missile guidance technology issue goes back to 1966.

In the Middle-East, the Clinton administration has continued to press Israel to give up more and more land, and Israel feels hard pressed to continue a process which would trade security-essential tracts of land for assurances which up until now have not even included removing the Palestinian charter-point calling for the destruction of Israel.


During the American auspice negotiations, reportedly 20,000 Palestinian police have been armed by Israel with automatic and other firearms which armament has failed to provide for security in an atmosphere of national and leadership support for terrorist bombers of women and children, all during a process of having Israel surrender more land. The Iranian factor is now being aggravated, with Iran being encouraged towards nuclear armament and deployment pursuant to the Indian response to Clinton technology transfers to China, with spin-off to Pakistan.


It is hoped that the contenders in the Middle-East and India and Pakistan and other regions can view each other as victims of an occult conspiracy, and that individuals and groups within each territory and country can take the view that on an individual level, whether the occult conspiracy succeeds in precipitating a third world war, or not, that just as the harm one individual can do can have far-reaching consequences, so too, the good that one individual can do can have far-reaching effects.


While Freemasonry has established a horrible legacy for itself and for those who have worked to achieve it's terrible goals, we, as individuals and groups, can struggle to establish a better legacy for ourselves, our friends, our families, and our children, and the nations in which they might grow up. While Freemasonry is internationally implementing a formula for evil, it remains a struggle to do what is good. It is my hope that you, personally, may succeed in doing good. No one said it would be easy, but, you can do it.



A Few More Puzzle Pieces

While the avoidance of world war has been the public rationale for the creation of the League of Nations (following WW I) and then the United Nations (following WW II), those international bodies have essentially been creations of Britain and America which have very substantial Masonic establishments.


What the One World Government Conspiracy reveals is that the creation of bloody revolutions and world wars have been instruments designed and employed by occult secret societies to change the world's political and religious landscapes, and to provide a public rationale for ushering a One World Government upon the peoples of the world.


Rothschild's, Rockefeller's, Roosevelt's? It's not, however, a Jewish conspiracy any more than it is a conspiracy by persons who last name begins with a capital "R", just as it does not implicate everyone whose last name begins with an "R." It's a Masonic conspiracy, as in the godfathers of Illuminized Freemasonry, Giuseppe Mazzini, Albert Pike, and Adriano Lemmi.


It should be emphasized that the portrayal of international banking and media control in terms of Jewish control not only obscures the real issues by concealing the Masonic nature of the conspiracy, it also inflames the imagination of persons within other compartments of the Masonic empire, such as the Masonically associated Klu Klux Klan, or America's Egyptian mystery-religion centric black separatist movement.

The Egyptian "All-Seeing-Eye" surmounts the pyramid of Giza, the Eye of Horus, symbol of Lucifer, guiding Freemasonry's empire, divided, yet united. Within the occult empire, competing groups, from Hitler's occult Germanic god regime "competing" with America's Masonic administration, down to local witchcraft covens engaging in psychic wars with one another; atop the pyramid of the occult empire sits Lucifer, symbolized also by the goat god, guiding a plan for world wars, revolutions, and a one-world government.


The occult nature of Hitler's Third Reich was covered-up by the Allies during the Nurenberg trials. Among other things, the cover-up served as a firewall to conceal Britain's own occult methods. While the Britain and the United States have used occult participants in their intelligence communities, and occultists might be viewed within secret services as the salvation of national security, it is indeed ironic that it is occult adepts which have given the world it's horrible world wars.


It is with great irony that Freemasonry might boast of famous U.S. Generals as being Masons, while it is Freemasonry which has provided the international engine for fomenting war. Thus, perpetrating occult/Masonic institutions are ironically given credit for helping to resolve world wars, when it is they and their Supreme Luciferian Commander who have fomented and produced them.


Perhaps one of the most sinister scenarios which have unfolded is the war between Japan and the U.S. As documentaries has already attested, prior to the attack of the Japanese on Pearl Harbor, public support for an American war in the Pacific was substantially absent, and that the F.D.R. administration was seeking was to enlist the support of the American people for a Pacific war.


It has also been noted that when the Japanese aircraft were spotted approaching by radar the decision was made not to respond with an alert. While substantial elements of the U.S. Navy had already been deployed to sea, the subsequent magnitude and nature of the attack upon remaining U.S. naval forces in Pearl Harbor in particular so outraged America, that a compelling rationale was finally at hand for the U.S. to enter a Pacific war.

World War II OSS (Office of Strategic Services, forerunner to the CIA) member and Korean War Counterintelligence Officer Paul A. Fisher relates in his book Behind the Lodge Door,

Count Tsuneo Matsudaira, former President of the Japanese House of Councilors, said he knew Masonry very well. He added: "Japanese misunderstanding and prejudice toward Freemasonry was one of the main causes of the last war."

p. 229, Behind the Lodge Coor, Paul A. Fisher, 1988, 1989, 1994

As already documented in America's Subversion: The Enemy Within, Freemasonry's modus operandi embraces the deliberate use of misinterpretations. The presence of Scottish Rite Masonic Lodges in Japan prior to the World War II had become quite an issue, as Fisher otherwise relates.


A question which emerges is, was it an understanding of Freemasonry by Japan's investigations, or some misunderstanding, or both, which contributed towards the Pacific War. President Franklin D. Roosevelt was a 32nd degree Mason (of the Scottish Rite), as was president Harry S. Truman. General Douglas MacArthur was a 33rd degree Mason, and the list of U.S. generals and other key military personnel in the Pacific were preponderantly Masonic. While Americans paid heavily for the alleged Japanese "misunderstanding" of American Freemasonry, so did the Japanese as the world entered a nuclear nightmare.


What clearly emerges from a study of Freemasonry itself and the Illuminati's use of Freemasonry as an engine for world revolution and war, is that the highest level Illuminati are no less than incarnations of Lucifer's demons in the human flesh of the initiates, as the research work America's Subversion amply demonstrates from the writings of Masonic scholars and Masonic leaders.


It was clearly the purpose of Lucifer's Pontiff, Albert Pike, to dominate Freemasonry with various levels of incarnating demons, Luciferian spirits. Thus, he instituted the New and Reformed Palladian Rite, as already noted.


The "Rite" Stuff

While the courage of nominal (non-initiate) Masons and non-Masons in World Wars One and Two is beyond dispute, even few Masons understood the true aims of the occult "fraternity." Freemasonry more than embodies the words sinister and diabolical, it redefines them by several orders of magnitude. While serving as the Illuminati vehicle to foment bloody wars, to maneuver human and technological "resources" into battle, Freemasonry has honored it's national hero's.


It is, perhaps, one of the greatest outrages that the highest honor which has been bestowed in America upon those who have served with exceptional and great courage, to fight for what they have earnestly believed in, to defend U.S. Constitutional values, fighting oppressors, fighting against Hitler's infamous war machine, that very medal forms an inverted pentagram, whose history the reader is free to research for himself. Coincidental ? Incidental ? Why the inverted pentagram ?

Increasingly, New Age, occult methods are being implemented by U.S. military services. Elite Satanist involvement in intelligence operations has evidently defined the "cutting edge" of the "warrior's edge" which has been promoted by U.S. Army intelligence officers. Not that this should be of any real surprise.

The cover-up of Hitler's occult activities after the war mutually served to cover up Great Britain's own occult activities.


Churchill allegedly suppressed the facts about the Nazis involvement in occultism. He ordered that under no circumstances should the general public be informed of the extent of the occult activities engaged in by the Third Reich. At the Nuremberg trials of the major Nazi war criminals, including Rudolf Hess, the truth about their occult activities and practices was hidden from the world.


p. 140 The Occult Conspiracy: Secret Societies --- Their Influence and Power in World History, Michael Howard, 1989

Why the cover-up ? ...

One factor would appear to be the British government's long history of involvement in occult activities and practices, which Michael Howard describes. Sir Francis Walsingham, who is credited with founding the British Secret Service ...

p. 52...


Walsingham ... established an intelligence network which extended beyond the shores of England to the Continent. It was rumored that, like Dee, Walsinghom was a student of occultism and that he used the underground organization of witch covens in Tudor England to gather material for his intelligence service. ...

p. 53

The Occult Conspiracy: Secret Societies --- Their Influence and Power in World History, Michael Howard, 1989

Howard also describes the recruitment of

"high-placed occultists who were members of secret societies" ... "for his network of agents on the Continent."
The Occult Conspiracy: Secret Societies --- Thier Influence and Power in World History, Michael Howard, 1989

While the characterization "rumoured" might lack an air of authority, in the "occult" much of what is known has for generations been passed on by what is called "oral traditions."

... the Masonic-Rosicrucian-Illuminati tradition ... They are however rumoured to have worked secretly behind several political organizations in the United States since the days of Roosevelt. The American Dream was finally to come to a tragic end on a November day in Dallas in 1963. This event was followed by a period of national suffering which was characterized by the Vietnam war, the civil rights struggle, Watergate and the recent Iran-Contra scandal.
The Occult Conspiracy: Secret Societies --- Thier Influence and Power in World History, Michael Howard, 1989

The implication is clear. The assassination of President John F. Kennedy. This author has unfortunately had contacts confirming that to be more than conjecture, and that government authorities have had a joint interest with the Mafia in exercising frightening control of specific related information, which information moves the ball into the court of the Supreme Council of the 33rd degree, past the CIA, past the Mafia.


And while Masons in general swear allegiance to Freemasonry, and 33rd degree Masons swear their highest allegiance to the secret membership of the Supreme Council of the 33rd degree, it is through members of the Palladian Rite that Pike and Mazzini conspired to control Freemasonry's occult course throughout the various and assorted Rites internationally.

Luciferian Pontiff Pike's Palladian Priesthood, to dominate Freemasonry, to dominate the international political Masonic Machine which Mafia founder Mazzini configured, has descended down through our day. Former first degree Illuminati William Schoebelen describes his participation in the Palladian Rite in a Palladian Lodge he joined in Chicago, in his book Masonry: Beyond the Light. In the book Lucifer Dethroned : A True Story (p. 205), Schnoebelen and his wife document his wife's Palladian Rite initiation "following the tradition of the late Albert Pike, 33°, Grand Inspector General, of the original Grand Lodge of the Palladium Brotherhood of Freemasonry" in 1980.

The subversion of America's official law of the land, the U.S. Constitution and it's Bill of Rights, has involved treasonous activities by indigenous and international Masonic forces. The subversion of American justice, the subversion of international peace, the subversion of the human race, are all the work of Freemasonry; as instrumentalities of Freemasonry, such as the United Nations, represent counterfeit solutions to wars which Freemasonry has fomented.

Freemasonry's oaths, swearing Masons to cover up murder, perjury, and treason, swearing members to "due performance" of the same in exacting vengeance upon Masons who expose such wicked oaths, has built a system of subversion in the United States in defiance of the U.S. Constitution. The perverting reasoning which holds men to honor oaths often made in the name of the God who despises the very substance of such oaths, makes not only a mockery of America's Constitution, but makes a mockery of God's principles and standards.


In America, one's rights were officially determined upon this nation's founding, and whether the noble principles publicly proclaimed are perverted by Masonic judges, juries or executive decrees, or Masonic law enforcement officials, there are inalienable rights granted by the Creator which deserve defending.

Among those rights are those of the pre-born. The contempt for the sanctity of human life demonstrated in sectors of America has rippled throughout society. What kind of a president is it who expresses dismay at the deplorable use of guns in America's schools when he has demonstrated a deplorable "lack" in supporting the use of instruments to suck out the brains of children who are in the process of being delivered.

If Americans continue to be complacent about biased, slanted news reporting, complacent about a President who has demonstrated "Masonic" principles by giving him high favor-ability ratings in the polls, about a president who exclaims "it's the economy, stupid," complacent about national security in the face of treasonous acts at the highest levels of government and while national security is in Masonic/occult hands, hands which have been working at a terribly subversive agenda, as well as complacency about the durability of our Constitutional rights in the face of grass-roots New Age subversion of society and subversion of "human" rights, it will become increasingly difficult to mitigate the extent and the effects of treasonous subversion of our rights.

If American military reserves and National Guardsmen (and women) are again given the order to lace-up their boots because Freemasonry has been working behind the scenes to foment war, and because America's intelligence community is compromised by occult forces who have a plan of their own, Weishaupt's plan, Mazzini's plan, Pontiff Pike's Palladian Priesthood Plan, where is all this supposed to lead ?

And to where is it supposed to lead when U.S. Army Intelligence officer Lt. Col. Dr. Michael Aquino, founder of the Temple of Set and "successor" to Satanist Aleister Crowley, is reported by former Satanist William Schnoebelen to claim to be anointed by the evil Egyptian god "Set," the brother of Osiris, to be the fulfillment of the "beast" of the Revelation?


It would be no surprise if an inverted pentagram medal would make his day.