The Fake Second Coming

By Christi Verismo.

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Secret Colonization Of The Moon And Mars

Al Bielek has also said that when the astronauts of Apollo 11 arrived on the moon, that they told Houston Space Centre:

"Houston, we've got visitors up here."

Houston answered:

"Are they Americans?" and the astronauts said "Yes."

Americans were waiting for them to arrive, in chemically fueled rockets.

Al also claims there are colonies on Mars, but there is evidence that they have been over run and destroyed, the story goes, by reptilians. He said radio transmissions to earth from the colonies, which were regular, suddenly shut off years ago. Al also says US and Russian interests are mining the back of the moon, bringing titanium back.

"One who knows" also writes that the secret American moon base in Copernicus crater was destroyed by Russian neutron beam attack on Sept 27 1977. Kennedy said in 1961 that before the decade was out, landing on the moon was a goal. But there was already an American base on the moon and a year later a space probe landed on Mars, which confirmed the existence of an environment which could support life.

Not long after, the construction of a colony began on Mars. This was set up by the descendants of European royalty, called the Bilderbergers. They also run the Pine Gap base along with the CIA which is an interdimensional doorway.

Are people still leaving for Mars but through an interdimensional doorway at Pine Gap now?

We'll look into this shortly.

Vladimir Terziski, writes of the German moon base and Mars landing. In summary the Germans moon landing probably in 1942 utilized their larger exo-atmospheric rocket saucers of the Miethe and Schriever type. The Schriever Walter turbine powered craft was designed as an interplanetary exploration vehicle. Its diameter, 60 meters, height 45 meters and 10 stories of crew compartments.

There is atmosphere, water and vegetation on the moon and man does not need a space suit to walk on the moon, ordinary clothes suffice. The free energy tachyon drive craft of the Haunebu-1 and 2 type were used after 1944 to haul people, material and the first robots to the moon's construction site. After 1945, the Germans continued their space effort from Antarctica.

Terziski discovered a photograph of their underground space control center there.


Terziski writes that according to Renato Vesco, Germany shared advances in weaponry the Italians during the war. The Germans worked with the Japanese military, supplying it with many advanced weapons. The V-1 - the Reichenberg was produced in Japan by Mitsubishi.

The best fighter in the world - the push-pull twin propeller Domier-335 was duplicated at the Kawashima works. In July 1945 a huge German transport submarine brought to Japan two spherical wingless flying devices. The Japanese R&D team put a machine together and pressed the start button. It roared into the sky and disappeared unmanned! German and Japanese crew departed from Germany to Mars in April 1945.

Later trips to Mars by the joint Soviet/American craft in 1952 and by the Vatican craft of the Marconi project from Argentina in 1956 reached Mars in only 2/3 days. Smaller Kohler converters powering the systems and life support equipment on board may have been used. Large antigravity drives of the ship may have solved the gravity problem and air recycling may use the submarine method.

Vladimir Terziski, President,- American Academy of Dissident Sciences, 10970 Ashton Ave. #310, Los Angeles, CA 90024, phone and fax: USA-(310)-473-9717.


This is a summary of a lecture given by US Capt. Bill Robertson in Germany 1990 transcribed from a video.

In the 1960's a British independent television crew investigated what happened to many top UK scientists, business and military people who disappeared, why they had left the country. They'd sent postcards and letters just once and then had never been heard from again. Some of the postcards and letters sent were exactly the same, like they'd been ordered to do it. The first program made several people write in and say they knew more about this.

An astronomy professor in England, said that he had recorded on one of his radio telescopes, a report coming from an American spaceship before they had 'officially' sent anything up. And he knew it was a NASA Space Agency recording, because of its code. He did not have a decoder, but the television station found someone with one and they arranged to meet. He mailed it first but was killed en route in his car and he was mysteriously burnt all the way to his bones, as if it was done by a high intensity laser or similar.

The second program covered this. It was in the British newspapers. Other people revealed that together America and Russia were establishing bases on the Moon and Mars with these people - before sputnik and spacecraft. However they were ordered to say it was all a hoax and to fire the reporters working on this or they'd lose their license. But they'd showed the professor's tape of the Mars landing on May 22 1962 on the television, before it was cut off the air and before they were threatened with closing the license of the program. People were and the people who worked on it fired.


The interference with the radio transmission frequency on the tape was caused by a high intensity electromagnetic field as in a UFO. The Americans used a UFO to get there Robertson says. A man in the audience said that he was a technical person in Scientology/the Sea Org. He had degrees in mathematics and physics and civil engineering - docks, airports, railroads, buildings.

He had a NASA scholarship to be in a space structures organization to build space-platforms and spaceships for the American government. He noticed the next year's students had disappeared, so he got out of it. He read the Alternative 3 book by Leslie Watkins and knew they were taken away, working somewhere else. Robertson spoke of more than one group of extraterrestrials interested in this planet, who had mostly peaceful intentions to develop relations with this planet but we were to dispose of atomic, biological and chemical weapons.

The friendly ones are holding back and merely observing, plus this planet has no obvious leader. Many through (Scientology etc.) auditing, have recognized that they have lived on other planets before, in other lives and may have incarnated to help the rehabilitation of this planet and its place in the galactic scheme of things, but have been here a long time.

They then realize their purpose through training and want to fulfill their destiny in bringing earth back into a more universal role. This probably means finding out the roles and who is relegated for what purpose. By determining the truth of who everyone 'really' is - as in being active elsewhere on other planets and also who everyone else 'really' is.

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