The Fake Second Coming

By Christi Verismo.

Part 5 of 16



Bill Hamilton did OT 3 in Scientology about 1970 and he's been expelled. A few years ago Bill Robertson took him the very first Sector 9 issues, so his viewpoint is more from a planetary and intergalactic scenario. Hamilton summarizes everything that he found out as follows: The Dulce New Mexico underground base has UFOs seen in the area every night. Cattle have been mutilated, cut with a laser-knife.

This information comes from people working at the base, who were kidnapped or abducted and taken there and then released. Also people who helped to construct it and people who were working with the intelligence community there. The facility is a bio-genetics lab and is connected to Los Alamos by underground, the first site of the atom bombs experiments. It's always been a high security research area for the US Government.

He says there's an underground connection by subway or tube shuttle to the Los Alamos. OK. The research there is about genetics and research into also other intelligent species and the comparison between human and alien biology. Hamilton says that their research indicates centuries ago, that the aliens that entered into a contract with a secret group called the Illuminati.

The Sector 9 Scientology book names one of the chief implanters: someone that works in secret to control you mentally was Adam Weishaupt - the founder of the Illuminati in Germany.


The United States Government entered into a contract with the aliens in the 40's/50's or earlier, to exchange high technology research with to give animals and humans to the aliens. At the end of the 40's the alien operations shifted from South America, to the United States west, because of this agreement that was made with the US Government. The aliens wanted these underground bases and because of the magnetic and plasma effects of some of the minerals of the rocks in that area were vital for them.

They have to have something that produces a high electromagnetic energy field for their saucers, so they need the raw materials for that to keep things going. Hamilton says these people who worked there said that the aliens themselves regard themselves as an old people who originally came from Earth - they were human/reptilian hybrids. They told the US government this and are representatives of an alien nation and are returning to earth to use it for a staging/operations area but didn't reveal what for exactly. But other aliens do not agree about this.

They built in alien bases in Dulce, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada others in US, others in the rest of the world, maybe in Antarctica, Russia, Pyrenees, upper Norway etc.. There have been some very strange underground projects being done costing billions. In 1947 the residents of Dulce saw many many troops going in and out of the area, many many trucks and construction equipment and that the signs on the trucks were from a non existent lumber company in Colorado.

The bases were constructed by the Rand Corporation with a tunnelboring machine that melts the rock and then makes a smooth wall out of it for high speed shuttles to be put in. Hamilton says that there are over 100 of these secret underground places that have been constructed including one on the back of the Moon, another on Mars.


This is from the people who worked there. A construction man was asked to work at Dulce but needed to agree to chemical erasure of memory first when he finished, so he refused. Hamilton said other construction companies involved were Aerospace Companies and Bagtell Corporation - well connected with the CIA.

They are linked up with the Trilateral Commission, the power behind the government, with Kissinger and the Illuminati and also the Council of Foreign Relation people in Europe, known as the Bilderbergers. They tell elected officials what to do. Dulce has at least 7 different underground levels, and there are about 18,000 aliens down there and probably 10,000 or so humans. Level one has the control room with security and communications. There are over 3000 televisions and spy cameras around this. Then human staff housing.

Executive offices and laboratories for scientists etc.. Level 4 has mind control experiments on humans. Level 5 is the alien housing for the grays etc Level 6 has genetic large scale experiments to change human beings genetically to enable work in dangerous environments such as radioactivity, outer space and maybe even under water and that is also a zoo. They have the experiments, the results of the experiments in cages down there. On level 7 they have cryogenic laboratories - cold storage vats for the failed experiments.


Robertson said everything was apparently as written by L Ron Hubbard and as revealed by their Scientology auditing. An implanter is a person who tries to control you mentally or by inserting things into your body to control you. Genetic manipulations, but all secret. The Trilateral insignia, a black triangle on a red background, is for the Andromedans, because the gray aliens that the nations of the world have made an agreement with, including the USA are from Andromeda, the next galaxy.

The pyramid with the eye in it is the Illuminati symbol and is the Dulce base symbol. Genetic experiments have been perfected to the degree that we already have a disposable slave race of clones. From a small foetus, they make many copies of the same thing and have no parents so the Government owns them. Adult human beings looking exactly alike Maybe 6 or 7 of them all together have been seen all the same.

There are maybe hundreds and they worked in the military only. When starting this the American government asked women to do experiments in genetics, if they were sterile. And then they would remove the fetus after 3 months, take it back to the lab here and grow it up in a controlled environment in the experiment. But what they put into the womb of the woman may have been some cross between an alien and a human or 5 or 6 clones.

They had to develop it for 3 months in a woman so they could then pick it up into their laboratory technology.


The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) set up the mind control experiments to control humans and some of the products of their labs at a distance. Some had transmitters taken out of their heads and photographed them or had them X-rayed still in there. They were experimented on outside the lab to see how they could be controlled in society. In Dulce it is easier to control all of them because it is a very closed area.

There are radio transmitters there right through all the areas. But they used to have to follow people initially with transmitting devices from country to country. It is called RHIC-EDOM, Radio Hypnotic Intercerebral Control - (in the middle of the cerebral areas of the brain. When you radio transmit it you can hear the vibrations or the words or the thoughts coming through) Electronic Dissolution Of Memory is requested when asked to sign the contract for Dulce. Chemical erasure of memory or an electronic one.

In Sweden they put them in people in hospitals, or old people's homes or to criminals. They'd drug the coffee in the jail and put one in to keep track, without permission. Oluf Palme gave permission in, when was it 73/74 to insert brain transmitters into the heads of humans covertly without telling them. This was done in US, Russia and Finland too.


The CIA, FBI, DEA are "The Secret Government" with the CFR and the Trilateral Commission and they are planning to stage an alien contact landing in the near future. Meeting them openly but it's just a show. With genetic research on Level 6, they say it's the most important thing that humanity's been working on for a long time.

Taking a single human embryo, bringing it up in the laboratory to a full formed whatever all the way through. They don't need a woman anymore to do it. The scientists think of all the endless possibilities e.g. "We can create our own race." All the files from the experimental laboratories in Nazi Germany were captured by the Americans and they started on their implant program.

They don't want you to know you have a spirit (or 'thetan' as Scientologists say) so that you can be controlled by genetic and mind control experiments without your spirit stopping it, like a clone. One person that worked at Dulce saw human-alien and human-animal combinations in cages alive. People or humans with wings, many legs, claws for hands or different webbed feet etc. There were crosses between various species of animals in the experimental laboratories and the zoo. Many of them could cry tears and ask for help in Earth language.

The workers were told that these people were insane and genetic freaks and not to talk to them that they were involved in high drug experiments to cure their insanity. The people first believed this. But they were drugged to be quiet. Before they let the man out the top here they have to erase his memory, however it didn't always work and some of them had recall under hypnotism. Level 7 is even worse with thousands of human experiments and embryonic humans and mixtures in cold storage or frozen down here.

They froze them when they died for experiments later on, or to find out what went wrong. Medical laboratory in universities have big jars with embryos and pieces of people sitting there in formaldehyde.


The 18,000 aliens at Dulce had a war with the people who were humans who worked there. Some humans and some aliens were killed - possibly about 30 or 40 aliens and 66 humans. The place was closed down for briefly because the aliens had taken over the place. Then the government negotiated with them again and decided to continue again because they didn't want to lose the high technology.

Some latest inventions and discoveries are not actually invented by earth people, but they say it is. Fiber-optics, what they are changing all your telephone lines to were first found on a captured spaceship in 1958 I believe. 20-30 years later you see it coming as a new invention, by maybe Rand Research Corporation. All the ships had fiber-optics control systems. It was optical, light. Optical switches in computers are coming next. The 66 humans who were killed were mostly from the security forces called the Delta Group.

The security forces wear a symbol seen on some of the saucers and transport craft of the aliens and this is seen on the pockets of the government officials, high government officials of America. The security weapon they use there is called a flash-gun. It may be a high wavelength frequency that blinds you or does something to the body and it's useful against humans and aliens. They use it here in agreement, in case anybody tries to get away. The security system has scales at all doors to weigh you and your ID card is put in a slot.

The elevators and lighting system run electromagnetically, installed in the wall construction.


The area around Dulce has a high number of cattle mutilations and missing people who are captured for these experiments. The aliens also need parts of the cattle for their own experiments and nutrients. They absorb nutrients through their skin because they don't have a functioning digestion system and require large amounts of human blood and humans for their own experiments down there.

From the 50's/80's they increased the amounts of needed captured humans. They had an agreement with the government that all they had to do was give the name and address of the person they took to the government so that they could explain it away. But after a while they were just taking them and soon the government realized they didn't have any defense against these people with their flying saucers and weaponry, so had to give up trying and go along with them. The aliens can die pretty easily, so they make themselves in genetic laboratories.

The spirit/thetan takes a new body, they are like herd animals or people mind controlled. The human race could transform through genetics or a one world Fascist government. However in the US Government one group is having second thoughts and want to confess what's happening, especially those who work there - the army officers and security people with friends in the big government the rest want to keep covering it up as long as they are safe.

They are doing more experiments on how to control humans - investigating aura research, mind and genetic control through injections or food particles or biological, genetic, hypnotic and chemical ways of controlling people to induce full control of humans outside Dulce.

What kinds of humans they can put out there that are already under control. Implanters want to control people through their thoughts, but they still want you to work and consume. It easier to make you think what want they want you to, so you can't know this.

Anyone who has gone up to Excalibur in Scientology knows all about that. They want to get the American public first through commercialization to accept this and from there start to control the whole world according to Robertson.

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