The Fake Second Coming

By Christi Verismo.

Part 6 of 16

Scientology And Aliens


William Cooper, an ex-intelligence officer for the United states Navy's job was to brief high level naval personnel and admirals officials about the American deals with aliens. It was all above top secret, but he decided that all of this secrecy was not in the best interests of his country.

Other military people did also. William started talking to inform his friends, congressmen and government. He was tried to be assassinated, twice and he lost a leg and got a head injury. Cooper says that the operations of the UFO's and the arrangements with them are outside the control of the elected government, but not the secret government: the CIA, FBI, Trilateral Commission and it is conducted under secret department of the Navy.

The Project Blue Book was a scenario, the Navy had the real information because they've traced the documents and expenses for these bases to secret navy projects. Large naval bases have been found in the desert, under very tight security probably because of what is underneath them. Cooper says one of the secret, secret government branches called MJ-12 are the ones that directly are the the gray eminences that decide on all alien-human questions. This was arranged after W.W.II by Truman, probably on the orders of Roosevelt.

When Congress didn't give enough money for secret naval projects the CIA smuggled drugs into US and the Vietnam war was fought to protect the Golden Triangle of drug operation in Cambodia. They shipped back drugs to US in the bodies of dead soldiers. Billions went to build these costly alien bases.

They now have over 6000 scientists hired just to work on these experiments, mind controls and genetics. Kennedy, who wanted to tell the public about the aliens was killed before he could.


William Cooper agrees that President Truman was one of the first presidents to know about the aliens and Roosevelt knew about them. They found a crashed saucer near Roswell, New Mexico with dead aliens in it so they set up the committee probably on orders from Roosevelt. Roosevelt was the one that cut up Germany and gave all those countries to Russia. He wasn't a very nice guy and also dropped atomic bombs on civilians in a non-military scenario.

Cooper says there were over 47 crashed saucers in the Texas/New Mexico area. In 1953, 10 more and 26 alien bodies recovered. Government law documents were put out to deal with this alien question and they set up the CIA with the main purpose to handle the alien question and to carry on with the intelligence, overseas intelligence, that they inherited from the Office of Special Operations at the end of the war.

The MJ-12 Committee was set up to oversee everything and be there all the time no matter who the president was.

So now the MJ-12 are officially advisors to the United States Government, before they were unofficial now they are by law a special committee. They handle the alien affairs, more money, more bases, more experiments, how to get the money for it, all that. Cooper says that they have the power now to come and take anyone with a saucer piloted by aliens or humans, because at the secret bases they've taught the American pilots to fly these things.

They could come and take people away. Anybody who tried to say anything would just be laughed at as another UFO nut. He says there are good aliens. But everybody on the planet is always killing each other so we must appear crazy. He says there hasn't been 20 years without war in the last 2000 years. He said that when the 'good' aliens visited Edward's Airforce Base in 1954, they told president Eisenhower, whom they met there, that they would give their help, if the Americans would destroy their atomic and nuclear weapons.

And Eisenhower took this information to the MJ-12, of whom most of them, Rockefeller and all, make their fortunes making atomic weapons and rockets, and so they refused to have anything to do with those ones. The good aliens said they would have to be invited to help, otherwise they would be as bad as the greys. There are good aliens, but nobody invited them in, because most of our governments are already connected up with aliens.


Robertson says we know that the United States is connected up with the implanters. Most of the European nations and Russia are now connected up with the Marcabian. They also take Earth bodies. A lot of aliens on this planet would not be different from anyone else. They may look like Nordic people from Norway or Sweden or they may look like small five foot high Indians from South America. There are many alien cultures interested in this planet.

L. Ron Hubbard said that this is called Sun 12 "Sol", and that we are in Sector 9, and this is galaxy 1. Many will find that out when they audit, they find out where they are. Hubbard says this planet in the old days used to be known as Teegeeack. There were many wars and disasters about this planet. It can be read about that in the book Sector 9.

The screen play that Hubbard wrote called "Revolt in the Stars", portrays they also had trouble with some beings from another place called "The Gray Invaders" These are the same ones just further back on the track. There is an implanter base on Mars as shown in the film Alternative 3 and a base on the other side of the moon. Hubbard also claims there is an old base on Venus.

Robertson says that there's some very mysterious happenings in government security and secrecy about Antarctica, which has persisted even since the Third Reich. He suspects it is another base, just like the Dulce base and maybe with more places for ships to land. He says also we can assume there is a secret underground implanter base in at Pine Gap. There are other bases in the United States and it says for "West USA Underground Bases" - Pine Gap.


In the Scientology book Sector 9, the Marcabians and implanters were together at one time. Then came "The Free Zone Decree" and the exile of one of the chief implanters and that they split. They both want to control the world, but the implanters want do it with implants. The things of doctors, medicine, drugs, biology, genetics and small radio transmitters in the brain. People are controlled by these.

Alternatively the Marcabians want to do it now with their specialties, which is administration, paperwork and money. Economic pressures. It's just as effective, but doesn't implant something up the nose to control us. We're merely controlled by economics, paperwork and what the newspapers write every day. That's another method of planetary control. Robertson says there's a third group, a real alternative 3, who control people through truth and freedom so they can control themselves. That's what we call The Free Zone.

Europe, Australia, South America and the United States has several of these places. In between all of these are the mass of humanity that are being tried to be controlled by all the other groups. According to Scientology information Robertson speaks of Galaxy 1 which is ours.

Sector 0 is in the middle and Sector 9 down our way. Then Sun 12 - Teegeeack is our sun and earth. The Marcab Confederacy is up at the North Star, round Polaris. Betelgeuse is in the constellation Orion. He said there would be a main ship patrolling that sector from the Galactic Patrol from this galaxy, who are dedicated to preserving civilizations with the maximum freedom for the individual.

The good aliens were either friends of or members of the Galactic Patrol, who don't believe in enforcing their will on anyone. So that is representative of the Central Government of this galaxy. Now the Marcabians used to be allied with those guys from Andromeda, which is the next galaxy over here, Galaxy 0.


Robertson says in the past, they had so much trouble in this sector. Beings started life forms in galaxy 0. The first place it spread to was this galaxy. It's the nearest one to that one. In 1950 Hubbard came along with some technology to free beings called Dianetics. He also had a lot of help from the Galactic Patrol and the people who are representing this galaxy's citizen in Sector 0.

There's a little star sitting above the central core of the galaxy called The Pearl and Central is a planet that goes around it. It's a very beautiful place. That's where the Grand Council meets according to Hubbard. Apparently they were the ones that noticed with Hubbard's help that the implanter connection with the Marcabians was what was ruining or messing up the help of Sector 9. So they ordered the exile finally of the chief implanter and he was taken back to Galaxy 0, where he came from. Now this galaxy, was also the start of the implanting project.

But not everyone in the galaxy is bad, but a lot of them are civilized grays - not the ones we have here who are like a herd animal or a beehive. Those grays in the bases and doing research say that they cannot exist as individuals. They have to have this formation of superior rule all the time, the herd animal . They refer to their senior back here as "The Keeper". Robertson found that everyone contacted that had any implanter connections, had a phenomenon called "The Holder" .

"The Keeper" and "The Holder" are the same thing.


Robertson said the top holders and the top keepers were in Andromeda and this was known many years ago. Implanters have come from Andromeda. At first they told everybody they only came from Betelgeuse, but he knew that they must have only come there because they have a water planet there. They needed water, material for their sustenance, their food and ships. Robertson claimed he knew all this stuff from Scientology deduced from the auditing meter.

He found out that they were lying about where they were from and they were really from Betelgeuse - The constellation M-31 in Andromeda, which is the galaxy next to this one and incredible that they found us. They made agreements with 14 countries of this planet. This information was received from a man in Australia who has a contact in the UN, most likely Waldheim. It was passed on at a press conference to an Austrian member of the Bilderbergers.

The Central Government of this galaxy has presently (1990) sent a diplomatic mission , which takes a few years even at hyper light speed, to meet with a group, who were contacted by telepathy, from the good Andromedans. They'll meet halfway to save time to make an agreement, because some of the peoples and affairs of this galaxy are not regulated by the Central Committee of this galaxy.

The Grays who came over into the United States and into these bases came in on a loophole in the rules and regulations of this sector. Robertson says the rule is that this area of the sector which was the old confederation of millions of years ago, later became the foundation for the entire galaxy. Because they had handled a lot of the implanting in the area and they knew that that was the wrong way to do it.

There were many casualties in the war about that, which is covered in the Sector 9 book - that if they were going to have people coming from another galaxy here, that the rules made by this galaxy would not apply to these people.


Robertson claims this planet was under quarantine and it was supposed to be helped to come upon its own selfdeterminism and decision of what it wanted to be. The priority was to bring everyone on the planet to an awareness of what their relationship was to the rest of the galaxy and what their spiritual heritage and history was. If everyone can experience their own right of selfdeterminism, or free will then it can work for others in the galaxy.

Ones that may have been interfered with or had some troubles, an accident or some spiritual discomfort. He said people here have forgotten a lot of this awareness because of the miseducation and the visits of the implanters earlier. There is a history of alien interference on this planet. The technology may make life better if people are all controlled.

This experimentation with controlling humans has been given attention by two galaxies. Robertson claimed that the implanters aim to control people and so they hide underground. That is why they are getting Americans to develop all these control methods. They could have taken over the planet easily, but instead use humans in experiments.

They give technology in exchange for teaching Americans how to control people better. The MJ-12 people at the top bought it.


Robertson said that the people who want freedom like William Cooper others are losing everything. But they are correct. They have the right and they have the truth but it costs. Cooper said that we must solve it some way or it's all over. Robertson said that the Illuminati took over Scientology in the early 1980's. (It is said to be run by Mossad)

It seems the alien auditing technology to become a free individual - a "clear" or "thetan" was passed on. If a person's spirit can break free of alien mind control the game is over for the implanters. Its finished for them. That is why they are exerting a lot of pressure and force plus billions and billions and so on to get their control in before we can get the freedom in. That is the galactic game to see who wins. Robertson recommended changing oneself to become free and individualized so they can never be touched by the implanters again.

Let more people know about what is really going on. When we have the truth and the knowledge about it we cannot be fooled. Scientologists had the data from the E-meter or the session, but now we have evidence of it from witnesses who are actually working with these people and aliens. Robertson says we have many allies in the rest of this galaxy. They, but not the implanter bases, are hoping and wanting that we win, that we choose freedom.

The people of this planet were free zone citizens, he said and they should make their own decision about the planet's future They should decide whether they want to belong to the implanters, the Marcabians or they want to be in a free zone. There are very few people in MJ-12, that work with the aliens compared to the number of people that if they found out all this data they would say - No, I don't want work with you, forget it.


Robertson claimed that his fellow Scientologists were the leading edge of the future of this planet because they know what all the alien game is about and they are in a position to do something about it.

He said that there could be three alien landing forces:

  1. the first the implanters

  2. the second the Marcabians

  3. the third the good guys and they will try to bring people to their understanding

The implanters will create a problem possibly biological or genetic illness and sell us the solution, that they have a cure. The change of a whole society can be the change of just the idea. The Marcabians and implanters know this very well and can make you believe you are a sick body, everybody's afraid to eat this or drink that or smoke that, they got you under control because of fear.

Robertson adds that people, by hoping to get things better, are giving their power to those who would suppress them. Because they never tell you all the things they're doing to suppress you. But they keep secrets and that is what we're up against. They say it will be better, but it's not, because the borders will be open, but when we pull up they search our car. The Marcabians are not here to help you, but they'll let you have a little freedom as long as you conform.

But they don't teach you how to help each other, because if you could you might grow big and expand and get free and they'll lost control too. This was one Scientology view of the New World Order - become free using your E- meter and overcome alien mind control.

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