The Fake Second Coming

By Christi Verismo.

Part 7 of 16

Alien Alliances


It has been claimed now that the end to the cold war has come about so the Russians and Americans can 'team up' to fight the menace from space. Al Bielek has said that the US now has their own particle beam weapons, putting out 1 x 10 to the 25th power joules - more power than a hydrogen bomb. These are fired into space to shoot down UFO's. Americans, when systems were operational, were shooting down 5-7 a week.

The Russians are now doing the same with their particle beam weapons, filling football fields 50 feet thick with crashed ships. Al claims they were shooting down 30 a week and this included any spaceships within 250 miles above Russia, and known hostile ships even further out. They also shoot down 'friendly' Pleiadian ships.

The "One who knows" claims that Soviets have worked for years perfecting laser weapons and now have one capable of shooting 1000 miles, without the beam spreading more than 5 feet. James van Zeeland writes that weapons now are even more deadly - EM transmissions come from ground based antenna. There's an older version of similar Tx/Rx site near Exmouth, Western Australia and one on the South Pole, too. Scalar wave EM transmissions are very different to particle beam.

Particle beams are directed energy weapons where masses, photons, or particles travel through space to contact the target. In scalar EM weapons, the electromagnetic field energy is turned into gravitational field energy and back again. The exchange can be localized to specific areas, making it possible to focus the effects through space-time itself; the weapon need not travel to its target; energy simply bursts out of "hyperspace" at the target location.

The basic method uses two ground sites to transmit waves that create the effect where they intersect and interfere. It has many applications; metal softening, Anti-ICBM / Bomber / cruise missile systems and energy bombs. Scalar EM weapons can be used to induce biological effects such as heart seizure, emotional upset, disease, and even introjection of thoughts, emotions, and ideas. More information here, and in Bright Skies by Harry Mason - article on testing Tesla invented weaponry in Australia.


"The One Who Knows" claims that various factions such as the CIA, KGB, the Nazis, Communists, FBI etc. are fighting each other, yet working towards the same goal, because British and European royalty, and aristocrats (together - the Bilderbergers) make all the global decisions and policies for the world to unite into one world government.

This is covered excellently in Dr. John Coleman's Conspirator's Hierarchy - The Story of the Committee of 300. From other sources it is written that the Bilderbergers have an alien alliance as does UN and the Freemasons. There is a common belief system that is followed from Freemasonry, to the Nazis, various newage groups and think tanks and UN in that they follow Theosophical teachings and Alice Bailey, formerly of the Theosophical Society.

In particular they follow the belief that this age will pass away and a new race will be created which will supersede all others. This is supposedly the 6th Aryan race. Alice Bailey has further influenced her followers into believing that the world will 'ascend' into a higher frequency and that a 'new group of world servers' will be left to herald the new age to obey the 'Masters of Wisdom' who will be arriving from elsewhere in the universe.

All other inferior races won't be necessary any more. Werner von Braun stated in 1959 that he was entering into closer contact with ETs. The German space pioneer Herman Oberth said they couldn't take credit for their record advancement in certain scientific fields, that people from other worlds helped.


In the book The Ultimate Deception by Commander X it tells of how USA started creating their own spaceships from back engineering the UFO that crashed at Roswell in 1947. There have been many other crashes also around the globe including many in China, with Germany receiving theirs in 1939.

Americans sent their crashed UFOs to Wright Patterson Airforce Base at Dayton, Ohio. Some of the lethal death weapons developed came from alien technology. President Eisenhower met with aliens on 20 Feb. 1954 at Edwards Airforce Base. ( )? This was reported by Lord Clancarty a British member of parliament, who was told this by a former top US test pilot, one of 6 people at the visitation.

He'd been called in as technical advisor. These aliens spoke English, looked a little like humans, but misshapen and wanted an education program about themselves for USA and eventually the earth. They showed him their ability to make themselves invisible and demonstrated their spacecraft. The invisibility, but knowing they were there, caused Eisenhower a lot of discomfort and he said the world wasn't ready yet for them.

Dr. Richard Boylan was told by a former-NSA informant about an ET base on earth, sanctioned by officials since 1954. In May 1954 after meeting with the ETs Eisenhower along with CIA director, Walter Bedell Smith, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, David Rockefeller and other top world financiers, later Secretary of State Dean Rusk, later-British Minister of Defense Denis Healy and other Western power leaders convened as the Bilderberg Group.

A Western collective management of the world order. One of the first items discussed was ET contact. They collaborated with the Council for Foreign Relations (CFR). Both these groups decided to enter into an arrangement with the ETs whom were given an island in French Polynesia as a base.


Dr Boylan's informant said that these ETs, the diplomatic corps, will be introduced to earthlings, saying that they are from the Pleiades, who by the way have been here since the beginning of time. These ET scientists consultants assisted American scientists in developing the computer chip, fiber optics, lasers, gene-splicing therapy, cloning, nightvision equipment, super-tenacity fibers, aerospace ceramics, Stealth technology, particle beam devices and gravity-control flight.

NSC's Dr. Michael Wolf as part of US govt. duties shared living quarters with aliens while doing research at underground laboratories. He said the grays worked underground and he also worked with human appearing aliens dubbed Semitics from Altair 4 and 5 and Nordics from the Pleiades. UFO crashes first occurred in 1941, 1946, Roswell and 2 other crashes in 1947.

William Cooper said people who work at these bases don't come forward because they sign a contract agreeing to the erasure of their memory, with hypnotics, hypnotic drugs and suggestion after you leave that you don't remember what you did that day. And that after the whole job and their contract over they do a chemical erasure of their entire memory of the thing.


Al Bielek, physicist and Philadelphia Experiment survivor, said that for the Eisenhower treaty in 1954 with the aliens as part of non-interference, radar used had to change from 435 MHz as they said it knocks out their navigation systems, hence the crashes. This is apparently the frequency for the universe and is used to create time/space tunnels.

Radar now goes from 8-10 GHz, ten times the frequency, to make no interference to spaceships. Al also said that Roosevelt had already met with 2 groups of aliens in 1934 during the depression and had elected to work with the blue grays. They arranged to swap technology in exchange for allowing people to be abducted. He'd already met with Pleiadians, but they wouldn't give him weapon technology so they went over to the Germans.

Nikola Tesla is said to have developed anti-gravity technology early this century, and claims to have spoken daily with ETs. The world's most advanced mathematician Ramanujan says he was in contact with a "goddess" and also the physicist Walter Russell with a "cosmic messenger".


In The Ultimate Deception by Commander X , Frank Stranges, a man who was friends with one of 3 Venusians dealing with the Pentagon, has this to say of the meeting:

During this meeting of Pres. Eisenhower with the aliens in 1954 3 UFO's landed on the runway. The President had with him several members of the joint chiefs of staff, several members of the National Security Council, a representative from Rockefeller's office and a representative from the Rothschilds.

They viewed a UFO about 30 feet in diameter. The UFO dematerialized in front of their eyes. They have pictures of this and apparently the UFO is still at Edwards Airforce Base in Ca. They say it was the direct cause of Pres. Eisenhower's first heart attack. To this day nobody has been able to crack into the UFO, lasers didn't even warm up on the surface. Every President has been to see this spaceship.

One of the Venusians at the Pentagon called Val Thor, apparently still on earth and not even aged, looks exactly like a human. This story is covered in the Ultimate Deception where there is a photo of Val Thor. Nordic aliens from the Pleiades and other places also look exactly like us, and claim that the Scandinavians are their descendants. It has been said that the Nazis down in Antarctica are in league with renegade Pleiadians.

Hitler has also said to have been in touch with Pleiadians. Al Bielek also writes this.


In the book Extra Terrestrial Friends and Foes by George C Andrews it tells of Hitler's alien alliance. George says, in his opinion, that in the ceremonial black magic practiced by the elite core of the Nazis, the Black Order ( now the innermost core of the CIA, that was created from former Nazis that came to USA), contact was established with the grays.

The Bavarian serpent worship Illuminati also established contact with reptoids is covered in Cult of the Serpent by Branton. Aliens were giving technology to both sides of the war. Al Bielek says that with the deal with aliens and Pres. Eisenhower in 1954 for technology, 75 underground bases were created for the grays, with construction starting in 1959. (apparently Rand Corporation did the work.)

The grays returned in one ship and many smaller shuttles at Edwards Airforce Base. He claims there are now over 1 million grays on earth today. After the Philadelphia Experiment on 12 Aug. 1943 created a rift in time to Aug 12 1983 by opening a vortex between the 2 dates, large spaceships have been able to enter our world, using time travel to get here. It was set up by the aliens, he says, and they started to arrive in even greater numbers after the time rift.

Big ships would park in orbit and they literally started invading earth en masse.


Continuing with The Ultimate Deception - The first "official" communication between the intelligence officers of the US govt.. and the occupants of 3 alien saucers took place on April 30 1964 at Holloman Airforce base in New Mexico. Once again secret deals were made to exchange technology for allowing aliens to abduct humans and to ignore cattle mutilations.

Aliens are still working together with US scientists in underground bases on anti-grav technology and genetically engineering hybrids. This is being done at Pine Gap also. However it has been found that abductees were not 'just' being medically examined but implanted with transmitting devices. John Lear is an ace pilot, whose father built the Lear Aircraft company.

He claims that aliens have seized control of underground faculties on military bases in Nevada and New Mexico. The aliens are putting together a Frankenstein army, part alien and part human. (They first impregnate abducted women, for about 6 or so weeks, then the woman is then re-abducted and the fetus removed to grow in a tank. )

John Lear says that the military has tried to fight back but has been repeatedly overpowered and some 65 CIA agents were shot to death by the grays in one battle.


Branton writes that alien vehicles are being tested at the alien physical technology center at S-4 at the Nevada Test Site and are being replicated at Kirkland AFB & Sandia Laboratories. He states also that McDonnell-Douglas, Lockheed and Northrup Corps. are now involved with the replication of alien hardware for the Military-Industrial establishment.

Tim Swartz has covered a lot of this information in this in his 2 books Evil Agenda of the Secret Government - Exposing Project Paperclip and the Underground UFO Bases of Hitler's Elite Scientific Corps and in Secret Black Projects of the NWO: Anti-Gravity UFOs, Black Helicopters and Mysterious Flying Triangles.

From other sources it is stated that former Nazi scientists began work on the hypersonic aircraft called Aurora at Area 51 in Nevada, where they back-engineered crashed UFOs. Aurora aircraft can fly at 8,000 miles an hour, more than 6 times the speed of sound and have been traced coming from Pine Gap in Australia, and flying past southern California to Area 51 at night, leaving behind sonic quakes.

These Aurora aircraft have also been seen landing at night at RAF Machrihanish, Scotland to refuel. They then go over the North Pole back to Area 51. They also stop at an atoll in the Pacific. The speed makes it invulnerable to missiles. They refuel with liquid methane in mid-air. The craft is triangular with a diamond shaped set of 4 lights. The Aurora research has moved to Pine Gap and it has been also said that a new area for Area 51 has been located in Utah.

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