The Fake Second Coming

By Christi Verismo.

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A book written by a German American, Reinhold Schmidt, claims that the author was taken up in a UFO on several occasions. The crew spoke German and he was taken to the South Pole. The Americans forced him into silence. The UFO matched at least 2 German designs.

The crew leader claimed he was from Saturn. It could be that Germans along with the Nordic nations are descendants of Nordic ETs, as contactees have said that Pleiadians have confirmed this. There was also a story of a German woman who was getting abducted and the ETs spoke German, and they claimed that they had a space station outside our solar system and were the German gods as mentioned in German legends.

Hitler, Haushoffer and Hess were all interested in the ancient mysteries of the Nordic world. Blond blue eyed giants are spoken of in Nordic, Incan, Aztec and North American legends. Perhaps the Germans did originate from Agartha as the Nazis believed and before that from another planetary system.

The Nordic Pleiadians are said to be blood type A - and apparently Hitler was attempting to eliminate all blood types except type A which is genetically Nordic.


According to the book The Messianic Legacy, Heinrich Himmler spoke of geomancy 'earth magic' and leylines and fancied Wewelsburg as an occult power centre like Stonehenge. It was described as the midpoint of the world. Articles in the Nazi associated research bureau were on these subjects. Runic inscriptions were on the uniform emblems - 2 jagged lightning flashes of the storm god Thor (or Donar/Odin/Wotan).

Festivals of the Sun, of the year, of growth, of harvest and solstices were celebrated to revive ancient German paganism. They made a 20th century version of the old Sol Invictus cult. The swastika was known as the Hammer of Thor and to symbolize the ruler of the winds and rain. The Demonic Connection by Toyne Newton says the swastika is associated with the Celts, Buddhism and Japanese.

As many as 1000 Tibetans in Nazi uniform were found as ritual suicides in Berlin, April 1945. Hitler was searching for occult power and its connection with the underground lost world of Agarti in central Asia. The left hand swastika as chosen by Hitler, was associated with Kali of India and the sun of the underground in its nightly course west to east.

Karl Haushofer, the Nazi general believed the German people originated in central Asia and went to Japan and became initiated into a secret Buddhist society. He said it was the destiny of the German people to rule Europe and Asia, the homeland of the Aryans. He learned of a race of supermen beneath the Himalayas, Agarthi, with its capital Shamballa.

He'd read Lord Bulwer Lytton's book Vril and the Coming Race. (Approx. mid 19 cent) The people of Agharti had used vril power to become supermen and to control nature. Haushofer hoped to reawaken slumbering superhuman powers with vrilpower. They brought back Tibetan lamas with high occult powers.


Trevor Ravenscroft in the Spear of Destiny wrote that Agharti was regarded as a 'Luciferic' headquarters, concerned with astral projection and thought control. Nazi emissaries made contact with their governing orders, but only the Luciferic party of Tibetans were willing to support Nazism, along with 7 members of the Green Dragon Soc. of Japan.

These were employed to teach occultism to the Nazi elite. A cone of searchlights were placed over Hitler and the masses, making emotion travel upwards to be directed to Hitler and then directed back to the crowd. This is called a 'cone of power' by witches.

In the book The Lost World of Agharti - The Mystery of Vril Power by Alac Maclellan, there is a map of a huge worldwide underground tunnel that stretches from Tibet, Mongolia, Alaska, Vancouver, Mid West USA, Mexico, Equador, Brazil, the Atlantic where Atlantis was, to Ghana, Chad, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan and back to Tibet and called the Agharti tunnel system.


Satellites, planes and the space shuttle can do remote sensing using radar imaging, radio waves, infrared and thermal infrared to see underground. It is believed HAARP does this too. Multispectral scanners are also used and even ice is penetrated.

A tethered blimp attached to a jeep will also allow underground viewing. One can probably guess that this is a reason, the insects, frogs and birds are becoming extinct as X Rays do cause cancer. It has been used in Antarctica, Greenland, Mt. Ararat, Eastern Sahara, Egypt, Guatemala tunnels and for Mayan causeways. Microwave radar has been used to penetrate Saharan sand.

It can use 500 MHz. NASA (started by Nazi scientists) uses this radar. Paul White wrote the declassification of ground penetrating radar has revealed a complex and labyrinthine underground system in various parts of the world. Dr. James Hurtak was involved in using this to find a 15,000 year old subterranean complex under the pyramid at Giza, a legacy of Atlantis. It's rumored he encountered 'Thoth' down there.

There were massive chambers the size of our largest cathedrals. Paul White writes that hi-tech Flood survivors of the previous civilization arose "after the dust settled" to become the gods of ancient Sumer, Egypt and India. Tunnels under the Mayan pyramids extend 800 km across the country.


Alec Maclellan wrote that Hitler said the amazing force of Vril power, the people of Agharti used in possession would make certain his dream of a Thousand Year Reich. German scientist and soldiers were sent on one fruitless search after another in search of the lost world. What is Vril power? Bulwer Lytton wrote it is electricity, except that it comprehends in its manifold branches other forces of nature, such as magnetism and galvanism.

The Aghartians can influence the weather through Vril conductors and exercise influence over minds and bodies, animal and vegetable. It can be used for expanding the consciousness of the mind and destroy like a flash of lightning. Again it can replenish, invigorate life, heal and preserve. The underground people used it to re-establish the due equilibrium of the natural power of the body to cure itself.

It can also cut through solid rock from a rod and be destructive against enemies. Vril was seen as an enormous reservoir of universal power, some parts of which can be concentrated in the human body. Helena Blavatsky claimed that Vril was used by the Atlanteans and Indians, which may explain why cities in India were reduced to ashes by the ancients in their flying machines from ancient Indian texts.

One wonders if particle beam weapons compare, with more power than a hydrogen bomb can generate.


'One who knows' writes that in 1970 the Russians destroyed a UFO base on the China/Soviet/Mongolian frontier with ground to air missiles. There were hundreds of UFOs. They had destroyed a secret UFO base of immense proportions consisting of many miles of subterranean tunnels and dozens of pyramid like structures in the northern area of Mongolia.

A supersonic Soviet jet bomber had previously disappeared and almost 200 planes were searching. However they were confronted by 25 huge UFOs so high up they couldn't get near them. Admiral Byrd's diary of when he want to Antarctica in 1946, tells of an entrance to the hollow earth at the poles.

It has also been said that Byrd's plane was landed artificially and that he was greeted by an ET who spoke German and that he came from the "Aryanni". If the earth is hollow, perhaps it leads to Agartha. One wonders if after the Nazis built their flying disks they went to Agartha to find the 'King of the World' as they had already tried to go by foot previously.

Perhaps the Tibetan Initiates could go through a dimensional doorway to reach this Sanat Kumara as written by Richard Leviton.

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