The Fake Second Coming

By Christi Verismo.

Part 15 of 16


In 1973 Hurtak was praying and a great being appeared calling himself Enoch, and he asked him if he was ready to go into 'the Father's midst'. A great field of light was placed upon his body and he sped upwards to the stars and heaven to Arcturus, the major programming centre of the galactic council serving "the Father' on this side of the galaxy- which is under the direction of the Council of Nine, the governing body of the local universe.

"Enoch" took him up to heaven to meet the "Ancient of Days" face to face. He had flowing white hair and a face of overwhelming love and joy. No doubt this entity was very pleased to locate someone with scientific ability to arrange a technological takeover of the planet, by activating the gridlines controlling the consciousness/reality of all, to the exact specifications of the ET scientists.

The timelines of this planet are changed by activating specific gridlines, depending on which route they take. They converge at various places including Montauk, the Pyramid and various power points, flowing in and out of vortexes and back out through the universe.

Hurtak was praised to death and told not to let his seed marry with the fallen spiritual races of earth and 'the time was at hand' for the "Externalization of the Hierarchy". ( An Alice Bailey term), so "his kingdom will come on earth as it is in heaven".


This Ancient of Days, as it were, indiscriminately said ALL religions/spiritual traditions had to unite for this. Hurtak then claimed to have been "Jacob". He claims 'The Office of the Christ" was established to overcome the creations of the 'Ur" which fell out of the Father's grace through a glorious Prince of Light - Lucifer - the Ur , whose creation extended itself to the regions of the outer universe.

The glossary says that the "Priesthood of Ur" will dematerialize/transform the sciences at the end of the present time cycle. He claims there are 12 'Ur" centers throughout the earth using electro-medicine. As the Freemasons are said to be in touch with the same aliens from Sirius as the Theosophists, there may be a connection, especially if the Freemasons follow Lucifer at the 33rd degree initiation.

(Are they too going through timeportals/dimensional doorways in their initiations to meet the King of the World at Agartha? They would be wanting to meet Lucifer no doubt, if he is top dog in Freemasonry!

Hurtak gave a very detailed explanation in his book about how the universe operates and the preparation for the arrival en masse of the "Brotherhood of Light". He very disturbingly forgot to mention any female ever existed. The book has badly drawn pictures of slightly effeminate men with vacant looks on their faces.


Hurtak claims that Jesus is said to have demonstrated the 'Collective Messiahship" . The 'Christ Overself' is the spiritual Garment of Light, one puts on to behold the mysteries of God's kingdom.

We could dismiss this as another channeled book, which has smatterings of the other esoteric works available in 1973 e.g. The Urantia Book, Theosophy and Alice Bailey, but when the Dali Lama calls it the book of the century and writes similar type stuff in his book we have to ask if the Illuminati/Merovingian religious bigwigs are actually following these technological plans to enact the "Second Coming".

There is evidence that the Illuminati are following the plan for the 'Externalization of the Hierarchy', by technologically creating time portals where they will arrive to take over the planet, from reversing matter and anti-matter, and the creation of time-rifts by burning through the physical world with nuclear bombs and HAARP's high frequency radio waves. Hurtak claims his trip up to heaven was a Kabbalistic type of higher consciousness experience.

There is much evidence that the Illuminati/Freemasons/Theosophists are using the Kabbala to bring about the patterns of development they require for the stages of consciousness induced to herald and accept the Messiah. Pine Gap is one such example of a dimensional doorway, where communication with ETs does take place as mentioned in the Fortress Australia articles.


In summary: Hurtak's Keys of Enoch outlines how and where the 'Great White Brotherhood' will 'Externalize' and appear as our 'Masters'. 12 specially created artificial time portals have been created by aliens and human hyperdimensional physicists to enable the chosen few to escape the wrath coming to earth which will kill the masses, which according to him will be through solar flares and diseases.

The chosen ones will escape through the time portals and then act as 'planetary adams' to repopulate other planets. 12 time warp areas have been created as a twin force of matter and anti-matter, creating a mirror like image there to alter our physical reality. One of the time warp areas on Hurtak's map is central Australia. It is not known if he means Ayer's Rock or Pine Gap though.

Though as he has Lop Nor in North China and it has a base connected to Pine Gap it's possible that's the place he means. The others are Britain, Egypt or Israel, Mexico/Central America, 2 in South America, Turkey, Tibet/N.China, Russia by the Arctic and 3 in North America.

The map was too badly drawn to pinpoint exact places.

Hurtak says the higher intelligences will return to:

He claims that Melchizadek (a favorite priesthood for new age channellers and Mormon initiates) has reigned at Stonehenge and Woodhenge. He also claims 12 other energy grids for 'space-time transcription' and 'proto-communication' established by the conversion of each tribe of Israel are the areas of:

It has been said that Hurtak was under the pyramid talking to one of the Egyptian 'gods' using Hebrew.


'Enoch' explained how the Great White Brotherhood govern the 'people of God' in the 12 time warp places which allow the magnetic fields in the meridians of the earth to be activated. These ETs activate the earth's magnetic spectrum and electromagnetic fields.

The new crystalline field of Light Codes will establish itself over the remnant seed who still remain in the flesh, (presumably after the world is zapped when HAARP and all the strategically placed transmitters are turned full blast) but if dead NO PROBLEM, one can still 'resurrect' Hurtak says!

They'll experience the changing of the magnetic patterns of incarnation and recreation. Perhaps the Applewhite ET group were trial run?

The 'chosen ones' will be gathered into the magnetic fields for 'deliverance'. Here the Merkabah spiritual body will be loosed in the 12 geophysical time warps, to spiral directly with the earth into another orbital frequency. He also claims the Bible is just a rehash of older texts. 'God's' alien scientists gave him all the technical data to 'ascend' using bilocation - a remodulation into the same physical form.

Teleportation can be done at Montauk with technology anyway. Apparently after people dematerialized and materialized after the Philadelphia Experiment, they managed to duplicate this using portable briefcase sized dematerialization machines. They could disappear and park in another universe as they wished.


Hurtak goes on to say that the Council of Nine is in control of this "human experiment"! It has been said that God does not play dice, but Hurtak and Pleiadians, that people have channelled, have stated that the hoped for 'ascension' is actually an experiment.

One wonders if they have done this before on other planets, but there are people who believe that they are going in to the next dimension because it is the end of the age and the Mayan calendar says this is the end of the physical world. It has been written in various places that we will be relieved of the Fall of Man syndrome, where we fell into the physical world through some errors in Atlantean times and came off the right timeline, but this ascension will put us back where we belong as divine spiritual beings and with technological help we can get the 'right' timeline back again and all will be perfect again.

Famous last words!

Hurtak claims that biosatellite energy will come down into the earth's field and synchronize with the 12 time warps throughout the planet. Let's hope the Russian jumbo cosmospheres (homemade UFOs) arrive to spoil the Masters of Wisdom's appearance plan with their particle beam weapons!

The 'chosen ones' who understand the visitations of Higher Intelligence will be moved into these safe areas and 'delivered' through an 'Arc of Light' thrown upon the face of the earth and through to the space/time continuum. Presumably Pine Gap will be one of these place with the Bilderbergers there awaiting their beloved Council of Nine.

Dr Richard Boylan claims, the Bilderbergers are in league with the Council of Nine Ets and they control Pine Gap


Hurtak claims that time gates can be measured with high precision. These conscious grids can be modulated and they control the realities of the 3rd and 4th dimensions. The Brotherhood can reprogram and educate the consciousness of man through the pineal area of the 3rd eye using gravity and light waves. It's true that sunlight influences the pineal gland and our consciousness, so they may be able to simulate this.

He says 'we' have to create a spacial network for spacial provisions, so time locks in the mind are thrown open. We have to break through the mechanistic functions of the visual world and see the material world as HOUSING only.

(Has Hurtak been having magic mushrooms? - his former employer Andrija Puharich, who worked for the CIA wrote a book on magic mushrooms, in the 70's in his eternal quest to raise the consciousness artificially. He also pioneered radio wave mind control and had mediums channelling info for him from the Council of Nine).

Hurtak says we must see the reality behind the illusions with our expanding minds. The cycles of natural phenomena become faster or slower as we extend our minds into non physical realms and it will be impossible to observe with our unaided senses.

Our minds will connect with the projected imagery of the messages and guides observing and calculating our spiritual evolution. Would this perhaps be NASA's Blue Beam holographic image of the Messiah sent by satellite? Complete with HAARP voice of 'God' able to use the language of any country it beams into. So in receiving the projected imagery from the Brothers of Light, we can turn from the affairs of the world and arouse feelings of joy, because of our salvation over the material body of form.

The Maitreya newsletters of Benjamin Creme have been saying do not be afraid of death, when the Day of Declaration comes when the Externalization of the Hierarchy and the ET holding the Office of Christ - Maitreya occurs because it is wonderful awakening into another realm of light etc.

Then presumably our physical bodies and the whole physical world isn't valued as much as the next world? Looks like they are all in this together.

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