The Fake Second Coming

By Christi Verismo.

Part 16 of 16

The Alien Brotherhood Arrives


Benjamin Creme says that the Masters of Wisdom/Brotherhood of Light during the Externalization process, (as described in the Alice Bailey teachings) will stun us electromagnetically to be pacified when they appear en masse in the sky! 'The Christ' will then appear, though he's been saying that for 20 years.

Creme also promotes the Council of Nine. He does mention holographic images in the sky, as does the Council of Nine in earlier writings. Though over 20 years ago it was "The Christ will appear on everyone's TVs simultaneously". He's graduated to holograms in the sky now, thanks to satellites.

The Maitreya entity holding the 'Office of Christ' will assume the role of World Teacher and bring peace, unity and a wonderful surveillance system (according to Creme) that displaces the need for law enforcement. Would this be the implant Mark of the Beast? Now may be a good time to join any friendly reptoids in the underground bases, until this blows over.

This could be why HAARP is sending electromagnetic waves to change the secretions in our pineal glands, to daze us into an altered state and to go headfirst mentally into the next dimension. We are supposed to feel good about losing our grip on the 'worthless' material world? One wonders if the chemtrails have anything to do with this, they've been said to be altering our DNA, activating the junk DNA to raise the body's vibratory rate.

There are plenty of viruses in the chemtrails including race specific biological warface and AIDS. It has been said that Aryans won't die from having AIDS, only other races.


Will the entity holding the 'Office of the Christ' be using the gridlines to send his energy into everyone's consciousness, like Hitler built a cone of power to take over people's minds? This when the world's gridlines are reset to change our reality/timeline and operating fully.

He would need to do this to keep the 'new reality' in place. Certainly if Lucifer's scientists have been operating their technology on the outer parts of the universe, they may know a thing or two about changing time lines and getting everyone's brainwaves in synch. to respond to a predetermined cycle. The microwave phone towers and GWEN towers already do this to set people's brain rhythms artificially high.

Nuclear and power stations are strategically positioned on gridlines, perhaps to change our reality to make us in a dazed enough state to accept the so called Messiah. Certainly some of the Sinclair and Stewart clan self appointed 'Grail family' members are keen to herald the "Messiah"( for the Age of course!) after all they are the royally self - appointed welcoming committee for the alien host who use deceptive Biblical names.

However, the Nazis did have in mind the King of the World Underground at Agartha so there may some opposition for the role of anti-christ or world ruler.


The book 'Pyramids of Montauk' by Preston Nichols and Peter Moon describes Montauk as a conduit or gateway to the vortex of creation itself. There appears to be two factions at work trying to manipulate the gridlines to being about a desired timeline or state of reality to change our future existence.

We have the Nazis at Montauk, whom William Buehler claims are an abominable prime example of how not to mechanically activate the timelines that unite at Montauk, for all the wrong reasons. Instead, he says that they must be activated only for spiritual reasons by highly motivated people, namely the Sinclair (Templar/Freemason) clan scientists -'Knights of the Grail' which would result in the implementing of a Universal Accord to reenact the old Atlantean timeline continuum, across the Fallen present timeline and back to home port, by reactivating the Atlantean gridline matrix which is the 'proper' one.

Once all the links are activated from strategic places this state of reality, which occurs when certain energies flow through the consciousness of mankind will open time gates of unusual power and intensity supporting the second coming of the 'Christ'. According to Buehler -- Lucifer's fall and the Montauk abominations generated a primary time implosion that had a ripple effect with lessor time implosions mostly generated by the Montauk Project's terrible abominations.

They will fix this and the return back the right time frame, by activating all the right places on the gridline they call the Ranna Time Wave and then the one holding the "Office" of the "Christ" for this 'Age' will manifest. They are shooting for a target figure of 40% human transition/ascension minimum.

This 40% will be sent into the new time continuum, having a unique opportunity for a major evolutionary jump and meanwhile the other 60% go back to a near basic starting point. Many deaths are expected.


Stan Deyo also says that Pine Gap may be an electric power broadcast facility. The Australian Department of Transport lists Pine Gap as a restricted area for space research with a no fly zone of 5 nautical miles radius. In 1899 Dr Nikola Tesla invented a process of sending wireless currents through the globe, by transmitting energy in the form of standing waves in the earth's crust and upper atmosphere.

He could transmit almost unlimited amounts of energy to any place on the globe. Stan continues saying that US has a very low-frequency transmitter at the South Pole which is similar to Tesla's process, except that it can be tuned to a frequency of 7 Hz. Super harmonics of this frequency have been used by both the U.S. Navy in Northwest Cape in Australia and at Pine Gap.

The Northwest cape transmitter's antipode is in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle and Pine Gap's antipode is very near the Tropic of Capricorn in the centre of the Atlantic Ocean's great dividing range. Tesla's observation was that sending a ball of electric fluid around the planet results in splash rings meeting at the antipode of the initial thrust, then instead of meeting head on, they produce a wavefront which spirals back to the source like a spinning smoke ring of energy.

Stan says this returning wavefront only partially interacts with the next oncoming wave from the source. Certainly if one wanted to activate particular gridlines they would need to put transmitters at strategic locations to make sure the energy met and ran in the direction they wanted. Omega Towers.


Keith Basterfield wrote that (possibly 1988) in Adelaide a man reported that he was in 2 way communications with aliens via an implant in his ear. He revealed that he'd undergone 2 apparent out-of-body experiences where he was sucked out of his body, while he was onboard a UFO.

Bill Chalker also writes that in 1992 a woman called him to say that her 22 year old husband "Greg" had seen 2 strange looking men standing in her NSW front yard about 8.45 pm. They were wearing long dark coats like rain coats. They suddenly disappeared. They were 'Men in Black' and watching him. At age 5 he had MIB imaginary friends, who looked like friendly normal human beings.

They appeared e.g. in his room at night, in the park to play or at a pool. Later in the late 70's they gave Greg something like a hand held computer device, that showed moving colored scenes, like a TV. When he was about 12 he started having the experience of finding himself in a strange room, onboard a craft a number of times. Normal looking humans escorted him, yet he didn't know how he got there or returned home.

Then things changed MIB would approach him and ask him to come somewhere and he would be driven to a bush setting and enter a craft on the ground. He would be taken on rides and shown things. At about 14 he sensed little aliens on board, apart from humans. It seemed he was being groomed for some sort of 'service'.

The craft then started going to secret bases. He'd had their trust but realized he'd made a mistake and wanted out. he became aware of others participating in these 'cultivated relationships'. He claims abductions were going on at secret bases and people being subjected to cruel procedures in the bases.

The beings were ultimately cruel and ruthless. He began to fear for his own safety and he thought he was being evolved into a "men in black" type role.


Greg's first visit to Pine Gap underground facility onboard a UFO showed what was ahead as an image on a computer screen, not through windows. The screens would automatically switch off and a thing took over and guided them through the actual opening. It was a big opening that split in to 2 pieces which slid open.

Like traveling through a tube for about 15 to 30 seconds before coming to the base itself. The actual complex had ships there almost the height of telegraph poles. The roofing system was much higher. At the base there were men working on repairs, laboratories, glass houses, food storage areas and other facilities. The MIB presence stepped up. On Christmas day in 1992 Greg and his wife saw 3 men in the adjacent paddock.

They disappeared suddenly. On Dec 28 Greg had gone into the backyard and as he returned his wife saw what seemed to be a flash and explosion which knocked Greg off his feet and left behind a burning hole. He thought they were intimidating him into compliance and submission. Greg intended not to continue with the alien liaison relationship, but Bill has not heard from them since 1993. There was no evidence to prove this, only Greg's word.


Australia is now doing preparatory military exercises called Tandem Thrust for an emergency threat in league with neighboring countries. This involves planning for MAJOR disaster which involves martial law, by a seeming threat from outer space. 27,000 US and Australian troops have done joint military exercises in 2001.

William Hamilton says a cover-up was initiated soon after the Roswell NM UFO crash and it became a matter of national security to find out who the aliens were, why they were here and how their technology worked. It involved secret organizations within the US government, MJ-12, PI-40, MAJI, Delta, the Jason Scholars, Naval Intelligence, Air Force Office of Special Investigation, the Defense Investigative Service, the CIA, NSA and more.

It also involved think tanks such as RAND, the Ford Foundation, the Aspen Institute, Brookings Institute and corporations such as Bechtel, GE, ITT, Amoco, Northrup, Lockheed and many others. It involved secret societies, the Illuminati, Freemasons, Knights of Malta, etc.. The whole of this conspiracy forms an INTERLOCKING NEXUS.

The goal is said to be a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT dictatorship.

Branton writes that according to some, is that perhaps SOME groups within the secret government have allegedly - in the face of 'superior alien technology' - 'surrendered' to a malevolent alien race and have become their 'agents' on earth.


Dulce Wars

Underground Alien Bases and the Battle for Planet Earth

Cosmic Conflict and The DA'ATH Wars

by Branton

Branton writes that the 33rd (Illuminized) degree of Scottish Rite Masonry has its headquarters within this "Temple" allegedly built over ancient tunnels that tied-in with the SIRIUS empire. Sirius has been identified with the "Men In Black" allegedly allied with certain Masonic-Wiccan groups, largely controlled by the Reptilians.


Val Valerian comments:

(synopsis) the Hubble is being used for surveillance of deep space in terms of detecting approaching alien species.  Far out in space, in the general direction of Sirius, 'a monstrous cloud of vessels is moving through space.' All information has been subjected to computer analysis. The indications are that this is a space flotilla that will intercept Earth shortly after the turn of the century. (Sirius, being 8.7 light years distant from earth. This flotilla would be traveling just under the speed of light - Branton)

They are up to 500 miles long, assumed to be military in nature, and therefore likely hostile. If this space fleet from Sirius does in fact have some connection with the pact between the "Men In Black" and the "Serpent Race", then there may be a connection between this invasion force and MIB - Reptilians working here on earth, especially in the underground bases, whose job might be to sabotage things on our end so that resistance will be minimal when the fleet finally arrives.

The Dulce, New Mexico Base may be the headquarters of this type of "serpent cult" activity.

SAUROID EXTRATERRESTRIAL CONVERGENCES - ..include ..ALPHA DRACONIS (an alleged major "Reptoid" stronghold); EPSILON BOOTES (another alleged Sauroid- Reptoid center of activity).. and ZETA 1 - ZETA 2 RETICULI alleged Reptoid-Saurian Gray center or convergence with some "possible" human-MIB or synthetic "MIB" activity)... within MOUNT ARCHULETA ...

New Mexico (deep levels of which are allegedly utilized by several different types of Sauroid Reptilians..etc ).. and ...PINE GAP ..(which holds a base similar to the one at Dulce, New Mexico, with deep-level control by saurian-gray and other Reptoid beings, as well as implanted-controlled human worker-slaves tied-in with the Illuminati's "Club Of Rome".).

..... another apparent convergence of deep subterranean Reptilian activity seems to be.. the 4-corners states, Nevada and southern California.....Reptilian and 'joint' laboratories largely controlled by saurian infiltrators-invaders such as the saurian grays, chameleons, naga-reptoids or lizards... This area seems to be the major area in the world for human - sauroid conflicts, human and animal mutilations, serpent cult activity and genetic experimentation involving so-called "hybrids" - some with human soul-matrix's--"humans"--and some without human soul-matrix's--"sauroids")...

There are three more "areas" (of) convergences of "joint" human - saurian INTERACTION, or "Serpent Cult" activity involving human and reptilian "cult members"...The Club of ROME - Illuminati - Knights of Malta and the human-reptilian bases they jointly control, such as the 'joint' base beneath Pine Gap... the Babylonian or Jesuit-Masonic serpent cult, or "Club Of Rome"/ "Illuminati", is largely based in Rome and apparently has present associations with "joint" human-reptilian serpent cults beyond and beneath the earth, namely connections with the "MIB" cult within the "NOD" complex beneath Washington D.C. and the "Sirius" colony.

This excerpt was from File no 4 of the CRIM RAM files by Branton.

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