What "New Age" Really is About


Christian Religion Must Change or Perish


What "New Age" Really is About

This Awareness indicates that there are entities who have spent lifetimes objectively working with such tools as palmistry, astrology, the Tarot, handwriting analyses, and there are many who are extremely good in the use of these tools, and because most entities cannot take the time, do not have interest, or haven't the skill to do as well, or they do not understand how these things can be, they either class them as superstition or fraud or as evil.

This Awareness indicates that in reference to the New Age, it has nothing to do with the trinkets, it has nothing to do with the crystals that are so commonly sold in New Age shops. All those crystals are just tools that entities can focus on during meditations or they may serve as symbolism for healing purposes, just as Christians may use crosses, or other religious icons, but the crystals do not make the Aquarian Age, nor does channeling make the Aquarian Age, nor does the kind of metaphysical grouping and flowering and discussions of New Age mean that these entities are creating the New Age, nor does even the meditations or group meditations create the New Age. They contribute energies to it.

This Awareness indicates that it is the universal vibrations and the movement of planets, the movement of the sun in its sojourn through its orbit, through its orbit around Sirius in the Orion constellation and the variation that it meets in its movement that determines the Earth ages of approximately 2200 years each, and it is this movement into these new vibrations that trigger certain frequency reactions among the planets of the solar system so that the vibrations are altered on Earth and on the other planets in such a manner that it changes the consciousness of individuals on earth. It is this that is causing and bringing about the New Age.


Christian Religion Must Change or Perish

This Awareness indicates that this mapping of frequencies as the sun moves through its twenty six thousand year orbit is that which has been mapped in terms of astrological movements and they have been labeled as ages, and the movements today are those associated with the Age of Aquarius. It is dawning. It is but the beginning. It began early in this century, early in the 20th Century. This Awareness indicates that the Christian religion will undergo great changes in the coming century. It must make adjustments. It must change in order to survive. It must adopts beliefs, understanding which science is discovering.

It cannot survive on the old concepts of 2000 years ago. The scientific view of the universe as being multidimensional, parallel universes, black holes; all of these new discoveries must become part of the Christian religion. It can no longer be thought of as simply a place in the universe in which the son of the Universal Creator came and was crucified, and for being crucified, created the option for the masses to be redeemed, and there is no other option available anywhere, for if that is scenario of the Universal Creator's plan, it would need to be carried out on all of the other inhabited planets in the universe, in the same way, so that Jesus (Christ) would be traveling all over the universe being born of virgins, being crucified on crosses, in order to redeem those planets by setting up religions that compete with other religions on those planets in hopes that some of those would be redeemed, while all the others would be sent to everlasting flames of hell.


Is This the Plan of a Universal Creator?

Is this the plan of a Universal Creator, or does it sound more like the plan of a madman? This Awareness indicates that the Christian religion must look at the story symbolically and understand its esoteric meaning rather than its superficial literal meaning; it is this esoteric interpretation, this esoteric value of the Christian religion that is so important to the New Age groups. This Awareness indicates that such things as UFO's, conspiracies, the meditations, the interest in Far East teachings, the oneness to exploring of crystals and healing techniques, the concern about the environment, the work in terms of human potential movements; all of these things are but reflections of these New Age vibrations, and these reflections themselves are being mistaken for the New Age fads or behavior, and the reality that is pushing and bringing about this new consciousness which promotes and explores these things is unseen by Christian groups.

They see only that which is the result of this new energy, and they see these things and they see the chaos that is also being pushed into the spotlight of consciousness wherein all things are being revealed, even the ugliness of the satanic groups, and because these ugly images are surfacing along with this other paraphernalia, they lump it all together, labeling everything other than their own narrow philosophy as being satanic in nature.

Their thinking is polarized: "You're either with us or against us", "there is no in between"; this like saying "It's either a good day or a bad day. There is no such thing as a ho-hum day". This Awareness indicates that there are degrees, there are shades; things are not dualistic, they are multiple, multi-istic. People are not simply good or bad, they are good and bad. The have their weakness and their strength, their greatness and their weakness. Entities need to learn to accept without so much judgment and discern clearly so that they are tolerant of those things that are essentially harmless and very strict in recognizing those things that are dangerous to the welfare of themselves or others, so that they do not tolerate the extreme error, but that they tolerate differences which, in themselves, are harmless.

This Awareness indicates that many entities will kill each other because of a difference in belief, of something that matters not one whit. They can become so violent and so insistent in being right that they would slay their brother or sister for opposing them on their belief. It is when things do matter, wherein someone is creating a situation that is an extreme threat to the welfare of another, that entities need to know and express the act and act so that they do not tolerate violence, they do not tolerate these violations, but in so doing, it is important not to become that which you yourself oppose, for it is not the Will of this Awareness that entities should take on the qualities that they are seeking to prevent in others.

This Awareness indicates that it is very easy for entities to become fearful, wherein one begins to point the finger and say; "You are a new Age person! You are of the devil!" It is easy for entities to become fearful at being classified in such a manner. It is important that entities clarify, that they make friends, that they explain, that they communicate, so that these misconceptions can be reconciled and clarified. It is better that this communication occur between opposing entities than that they simply flush away without speaking or become angry at being accused, or hurl back similar accusations. This Awareness indicates it is also important that entities carefully distance themselves from any appearance of Satanism, for these entities are drawing themselves the wrath of the people, and that wrath can very easily spill over onto others who may be nearby, or of similar appearance.

A Time of Great Turbulence is Coming

This Awareness indicates there is coming a time of great turbulence in regards to this issue of Satanism and its effect on entities in this nation and in other nations where it so prevalent. It is not limited by any means to this United States. It is very commonly associated with the drug scene. This Awareness indicates that it is important that entities begin to distance themselves from this, for these Satanists themselves can not only be dangerous to be around, they can also be dangerous as associates. This Awareness indicates it is disturbing to understand the extent and realism of this concept and its teachings, but it is also important that entities realize the reality of it.

It is important to realize also that this Awareness has put put forth a binding on the myth of Satan, to diffuse this energy, that this binding action as that which has grown considerable. There have been numerous exposť's in regard to satanic situation, people involved in Satanism, and information being expressed regarding Satanism, and gradually, it is coming to the light of consciousness for humans to witness and diffuse.

This Awareness has put a binding on this concept and myth of Satan, for it is not a reality in terms of a personality; it is a creation of thought with an abstract essence that operates as a kind of a mythical being which stimulates entities when they seek stimulation from their imagined god, and they can perpetuate this imagined being as a form of a stimulation for as long as they desire, but this Awareness has put a binding on this myth, this mythical being, and has confined this being to that of a golden ball, wrapped the entity, the imaginary entity, and restrained the entity so that it cannot have further expansion of power or serve those who feed the energy of this myth.

This Awareness indicates that It has provided that this energy be removed from the Earth plane and that it is in the process of being removed. This Awareness indicates that there will be further exposing of these groups and entities during the coming months and coming years. This Awareness suggests that by the year 1995, entities will have a great understanding of things which they have not heretofore imagined, and the place will then become much safer for everyone.

This Awareness indicates there is much that will be exposed during the coming year alone, not only in regard to Satanism but also in regard to much of the power that has been misused by officials and authorities in governments and this too is part of the spin-off of satanic rituals that have affected entities in high places.
(Revelations of Awareness 89-10 Issue 347 with Interpreter Paul Shockley)


Greed and Eternal Unfulfillment

This Awareness indicates there is also that consideration that many entities have which is associated with greed. There is something about greed that feeds on itself. The more people have, the more they want. What they are truly seeking is not more stuff: they are seeking that feeling of fulfillment. They want to be fulfilled. They want fulfillment, so they no longer have hunger or desire.

They want everything they desire. They want to fill there appetite, to have nothing more to want. This Awareness indicates that many entities speak of the Eternal Fulfillment. This Awareness advocates that entities accept the Eternal Unfulfillment; that in being eternally unfulfilled, and accepting that position in life, you will always have something to draw you from one moment to the next.

If any moment is totally fulfilled, there will be no need and no follow-up for another moment. The feeling of unfulfillment leads you to the next moment, and each moment has its complete energy that is necessary for that moment, but it also has a vacuum, something that is not fulfilled in that moment, and that vacuum is what leads you to the next moment.

This Awareness indicates that as you move from moment to moment to moment, unfulfilled, if you can accept the fact that there will be no fulfillment, and enjoy the half-full moment, you can have great joy in life from each of those moments that are half-full, indulging completely in the half-full moment, and moving on to the next and the next and the next, never lamenting or never being frustrated because no moment is totally full.

Why should it be full? Why not go from half-full moments to half-full moments, eternally, with great joy, for these half-full moments keep you going and give you eternal life. This Awareness indicates that the entity who seeks fulfillment becomes more greedy, and the entity is always unhappy because he cannot feel fulfilled. But by accepting unfulfillment and recognizing that the little amount you got from this moment was good, and you can get a little more in the next moment, it helps you to look forward with greater anticipation and enjoying each moment for what it offers.

This Awareness indicates that this enjoyment of each moment for what it offers allows an entity to move from moment to moment, having an enjoyable life.

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