"Object Based Education"

Promotes NWO in the Schools


This Awareness indicates in the new school educational system that is promoted in the United States and in other countries, there is that reference or educational method which is called "Object Based Education." It simply means focusing on the end result of an educational program. It is basically the same as the Communist doctrine: "The end justifies the means." The Object Based Education tries to educate the masses to be good servants, to be good slaves on their jobs, but one of the things that is part of the program is to find certain entities who appear to have leadership qualities or be extra-intelligent and set these entities apart from the masses, and put them in special schools where they are taught that they are the elite, that they are more highly intelligent than the other people, and to give them a sense of contempt for other people, while seeing themselves ass being super-important.

This Awareness indicates there have been reports from parents whose children went to these elite schools who find that when their children return, they are almost impossible to live with, and they become extremely frustrates at the programming their children have received. One mother reported that it took two years to get her child back to normal, to where they would just be a normal person, because the school had programmed the entity into such high conceit and arrogance that the parents could not stand being around that child.

This Awareness indicates that these programming techniques of the Object based Education create for the ordinary person just enough intelligence to follow orders on the job. They do not want them to read any kind of philosophical or great artistic work. Anything that would educate them or give them higher values is shunned. All they want is enough education so that the entity can follow orders, will obey the orders and will be a good worker. This Awareness indicates that is the purpose of the object Based education system which has been and is being implements throughout the United States today; the schools being now set up so that this is the purpose of these schools.

This Awareness indicates that these "elite" people are more or less behind this, and their purpose is to create two classes:

They do not want entities to be intellectual leaders, so if an entity has a strong intellect and is a leader, they take them out of the masses and put them into the elite group and educate them to be one of the master rather than one of the slaves.


Parents Must Now Teach Their Children History and Values

In other words, the world is being turned into a master/slave society. That will be the outcome of the New World Order (Global Governance. If you understand this, than you can understand the reasons why the children are not learning to read well in the schools, are not learning the things that you learned when you were in school, or are not being taught things such as the American history, as you were taught, and the value system that you were taught as a child.

This Awareness indicates as this becomes more and more common, parents will realize that they must teach their children values at home, teach their children the history that they themselves learned, and they may also need to teach the children to read and write so that their children can in fact do more than just read a few simple pictures and a few words to follow directions for some job duty.


History is Being Rewritten at This Time
(Revelations of Awareness Newsletter 95-10)

This Awareness indicates that you are living in a time of historical significance. It is a very momentous time. It is a time when things can erupt suddenly, when things can change gradually, but the significance of the change that is coming will not be forgotten in history.

This Awareness indicates that it is extremely noteworthy in terms of history of this nation. Already there are those who are trying to rewrite the history of this nation, whereby the great heroes of the past are deleted from the history and instead of speaking of the Founding Fathers: Washington, Jefferson, and so forth, the histories will be focusing on activities such as woman's rights to vote, the social changes that give more equality, the Gay Rights laws that liberate them, or changes for social programs that have developed such as the war on poverty, and in terms of present times, how the Republicans moved to cut off Welfare.

These are the kind of events that will make up the new history, so that the New World Order has its way, it will be seen as a kind of a class struggle, rather than a significant conflict between the powers of oppression and the people throwing off the yoke of oppression.

Great causes, such as the need for freedom, will not be included in the history books. The Constitution will not be given significance, nor the Declaration of Independence, but such things as the social programs that allow entities to have freedom of expression, such as the removal of censorship in the arts and in general expressions, so that for example, the arts can be a vehicle for more vulgar expressions; these are the things that will be seen as good historical changes that will be included in the future history books.

This Awareness indicates that it is simply a matter of changing the focus so that entities forget about, and give little significance to the idea of people fighting for freedom, or for rights, human rights, and instead whereby everyone is seen as gaining some kind of social rights to be similar to each other so that entities are melded into a common type rather than individualistic.

This Awareness indicates this rewritten history is a major part of the New World Order agenda, and it has already begun in quiet circles.


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