by Pepe Escobar
21 September 2016

from SputnikNews Website

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Perplexed global public opinion

holds its breath at the (circus)

best American "democracy"

is able to conjure.


The first cage match this coming Monday (26 September) between a Queen of War profiting from a mighty (Clinton) Cash Machine and a billionaire uber-narcissist adored by a "basket of deplorables".

This is a circus quite fitting for a self-described "indispensable nation" where "evil" has been propelled - seriously - to the status of philosophical category.

For the basket of deplorables, and even beyond their circle, the temptation is immense to equate voting for Donald Trump with raising a finger against the establishment.

Ultra-savvy at playing mainstream media for invaluable free publicity, elevating Outrageousness to an art form and being impervious to irony and derision, Trump has been a master at tapping wave after wave of anger against the new liberal elite - including a nomenklatura of crypto-intellectual Ivy league-educated "experts" who could not give a damn about understanding the (real world) consequences of United States Government (USG) policies.


The anger is manifested by declassified blue collars, the unemployed, the functionally illiterate, white trash. Whatever you call them, they are the excluded form the Neoliberal Banquet, not only economically but also culturally.


But this being Trump, a master of self-promotion, the battle is more like Ego against The Establishment.


And it gets juicier when we learn from powerful, discreet New York-based interests - supporters of Trump's platform - about who's really winning:

"The Trump campaign is hardly spending any money at all and holding all over.


They may use their money in the last month after the debates if Hillary recovers for those debates from what appears to be an attack of Parkinson's.


He has a shot though no matter who wins I predict,

  • there will be peace with Russia

  • the oil price will rise

  • imports from Asia of military parts will be repatriated

  • rigging of currencies is over

  • there will be offsetting measures to stop the flood of immigrants and products under mis-valued currencies

The masters do not lose."

The "masters" are of course the Masters of the Universe who really run the USG.


And here's the clincher on how's in control:

"Both sides are controlled and that explains everything.


Lenin said that the way to defeat our opponents is to take over their leadership of the opponent. Look at the Moral Majority which Jerry Falwell disbanded when it became too powerful. Look at Ross Perot who exited when he started making a real dent. Both were taken care of and Ross made money out of it."


"Their internal lingo for it is the concept of 'dynamic silence'. This is a technique by the masters to block out all news coverage of let's say a Nazi so that he could gain no following.


That they could have done to Trump if he were not theirs. Who could have complained? He was just an apolitical real estate operator that no one was interested in."


"So what do we have in the end? An entertaining gladiatorial contest that they control both sides of and the winner gets all the money - as with the Clinton Foundation.


And the public is no wiser..."




The 24/7 Circus Maximus


There are subtle gradations to this scenario.


Rothschild interests are not supporting Trump, according to these well-connected sources, because Trump has not been anointed by the club and is thus unreliable.


They recall, for instance, how,

"Greenspan was so incompetent that Wall Street leaders had to give him trades so he could make money before they put him as the head of Federal Reserve.


Then he was so out of it that they had to direct his every move as he had no comprehension what they do."

"They", of course, meaning Rothschild interests.


On the Cold War 2.0 front, things are even hazier. Since 2010, when Obama was ordered to keep the US nuclear first-strike strategy, Russia and China know where this is heading.


It's no wonder Trump is being relentlessly attacked as Putin's own Trojan Horse - because he's against Cold War 2.0 and the demonization of Russia.

But the Pentagon's strident Ash Carter, soon out of a job, is one thing.


Another thing entirely is what the Masters of the Universe really want, according to these Trump-supporting sources:

"Hillary would be following Trump's guidelines should she win, as the US military will explain to her that she has no other options based on Russian military superiority in submarines, and defensive and offensive missiles.


Trump's policies are wise."

There's even a P.R. move that could literally devastate the already wobbly Hillary campaign:

"Hillary's reckless threats against Russia, risking nuclear war, could bring back the Lyndon Johnson TV ads against Goldwater by Donald Trump, where we had a little child in a meadow picking flowers while a nuclear bomb goes off.


It was an ad of genius and destroyed Goldwater. The first strike nuclear attack policy and the reckless provocations combine to form an excellent Johnson style ad.


This time Trump can use it against the Democrats, who have created almost all the wars in the last 125 years."

The daisy cutter ad is here.





A Force for Farce?

Even considering that virtually the whole US establishment - from the Beltway nomenklatura to Wall Street - is arrayed against him, the jury is still out on whether Trump is a real threat to their interests.

Because Trump could also be the perfect Trojan Horse. Evidence relies for instance on his appointment of perfect insiders Larry Kudlow and Steven Moore as his senior economic advisors.


That's the Trump as a Force for Farce scenario. So "dynamic silence" seems to be the rule.


Here's how dynamic silence works;

"If you oppose those above the President, the news media blacks you out and the masses do not hear anything, so how can they be stirred up?


Donald is an insider and he represents the military industrial complex including the CIA, DIA, etc. They will deny it, of course, so they have deniability and he can say he is against the establishment when he is an insider."


"That is the first line of defense.


If you manage to outsmart them, then they characterize you as a nut. That is the second line of defense. Now, if you persist in making them uncomfortable, then you end up as William Colby, Vince Forster or Jack Kennedy.


Richard Nixon was ousted and he went quietly so that, to quote Tricky Dick, 'I am not going to end up as Jack' as he went out the back door of the White House."


"The key here is Donald is receiving more publicity than Hillary, and by attacking him for being an America Firster his polls have risen dramatically. The public loves it so the Masters of the Universe are helping him.


The military industries have to be repatriated as we no longer control the seas and this will require either currency adjustments or tariffs.


Hence, Donald's correct calls for an end to currency rigging which had as part of their purpose the building up of Germany and Japan at the sacrifice of our industries. Absurd that we did that but that is how it was.


That is ending now with Donald and the emergency situation of lack of control of the Pacific Ocean for the component transportation by sea for our military production. Japan and Germany will be cut loose."


"Brzezinski said that if any opponent leaps ahead of the United States militarily, the US ceases to be a global power. That is the case and the military knows it.


And Trump knows it or he would not have said that much. They need a crash program to catch up.


That costs big money. It will probably require force and base reductions and an increase in technological expenditure in a massive way. That is what the Russians did.


They can obtain this from massively reducing the welfare transfers on illegal immigrants.


That is what Donald is committed to."

If this analysis is correct, it ties in with Trump's push to organize an immediate rapprochement with Russia in case he's elected, so the US industrial-military-surveillance complex can catch up and at least try to remedy the danger of losing the next war Hillary and her own neocon bag of deplorables are so bullish on.

As we approach the first cage match, the jury is still out on whether the Queen of War may lose the election because millennials absolutely detest her, because the "basket of deplorables" absolutely detests her, or both.

But one thing seems to be certain in the whole Les Deplorables saga - at least for those Masters of the Universe-connected sources - who the real winner will be.


So let's give them the last word, for now:

"It will be very difficult for Hillary to beat Trump in a debate as he is quick on his feet and will take no prisoners.


Let me say this. If Hillary were to win, and we don't think she will, she will do what she is told and follow the same policies as Trump would."