by Adrian Salbuchi

April 19, 2009

from Rense Website



The Fundamentals

The vast majority of Argentine citizens thoroughly reject and abhor the decades-long destructive action which local politicians have perpetrated against our people and country.


Acting as a veritable "Politicians' Lobby" ­ whether out of ignorance, collaborationism, self-interest or outright treason ­ they have systematically aligned themselves with the New World Order elite private power structures.


Acting together, both have put Argentina on its knees.

The MSRA ­ Movimiento por la Segunda República Argentina ­ (Argentine Second Republic Movement) has developed a comprehensive and integrated proposal for a strong 21st Century Argentina:

a genuine Argentine National Plan geared to save our country, moving away from the ominous and fatal course which the "Politicians' Lobby" have set us on.

The greatest outstanding task confronting the Argentine people today is the need to recover lost national Power.


By this we mean political, economic, financial and media power, among others, necessary if we are to promote our objectives and defend our interests, in the same way as the world's powerful nations promote and defend their objectives and their interests.

To this end, it is essential that the Argentine people not be led amiss arguing and bickering over secondary matters.


Accordingly, we call on public opinion to agree on the urgent need of promoting and achieving a compact set of key objectives which are essential if we are to exercise our sovereign rights and power.

The MSRA thus calls upon all Argentineans to work relentlessly and quickly to achieve these fundamental goals, in order to put Argentina back on its feet again.



The MSRA's Five Key Objectives

1. Restoring a Sovereign Nation-State


Which means fulfilling the three essential and non-transferable functions of:

  • Integration: to promote the Common Good of our people within our national frontiers


  • Planning: to defend the National Interest against external and anti-national forces, foreseeing opportunities (which must be properly seized) and threats (which must be efficiently neutralized or mitigated)


  • Leadership: to design, plan and carry out the Argentine National Plan implicit in the proper development and implementation of the functions of Integration and Planning described above



2. Recovery of a Sovereign National Currency


Which means fulfilling the essential monetary functions of:

  • Measure of Value (Prices)


  • Exchange Instrument (Selling and Buying)


  • Savings Instrument (Stable and usury-free)


  • Credit Instrument (State-promoted plans for urgent reconstruction of our national strategic infrastructure [roads, railways, mining, canals, roads, ports, etc.] and social infrastructure [hospitals, schools, housing, etc.])

National Currency is like a public service; its sole owners are the People.


A Sovereign Nation-State has a monopoly right to issue currency, as well as an obligation of maintaining the proper money supply required by the national economy, keeping a proper balance between two fundamental macro-economic and social priorities:

maximum economic activity with maximum price stability.


3. Renegotiation and Investigation of the Internal and External Public Debt


Knowing full well that this presently represents the New World Order's main instrument of domination over our country.


In this respect, we shall:

  • Honor legitimate debts


  • Investigate dubious debts


  • Reject fraudulent and odious debts

Investigation of Argentina's enormous public debt shall include key issues described in our 2003 Report, "Proposal for a Balanced Long-Term Solution to Argentina's Public Debt Problem" and a thorough investigation into the shady deals, privatizations and outright public frauds perpetrated by the governments of former presidents:

  • Carlos Menem

  • Fernando de la Rúa

  • Eduardo Duhalde

  • economy minister Domingo Cavallo

  • present Kirchner Administration


4. Upholding Republican Institutions


In today's National Emergency:

  • heed, abide by and enforce our Constitution and all legislation and codes of law in force, through a genuinely independent, sovereign and strong Judiciary System

In the medium term:

  • promote constitutional reform

  • improve and streamline our codes of law at the national, provincial and municipal levels



5. Promoting Public Ethics


We hold that "The Common Good is always above all individual interests".


We recognize and enforce the following Values and Priorities in our social organization necessary to uphold the Common Good:

  • Financial interests should be subordinated to the Economy ­ i.e., the world of Money (virtual and abstract values) must be subservient to the Real Economy of work, production, goods and services


  • The Economy should be subordinates to the Body Politic ­ i.e., economic activity can develop freely as long as it does not harm the Common Good nor affect the National Interest


  • The Body Politic should be subordinates to Cultural Values ­ i.e., the Political model promoted by the State shall be identified with, and respect and protect those Cultural values and traditions which are held dear by the Argentine People


  • Cultural Values should be subordinated to Transcendental Values ­ i.e., although we are pluralists on religious matters, we are nevertheless aligned to Christian Tradition, invoking "the protection of God as the source of all Reason and Justice", as declared in the Preamble of the Argentine Constitution



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