by Karl Schwarz

from Rense Website

Hello Erik, Anne,

I have read what was said about the testimony Erik Prince gave before Congress.

Erik, you can hide behind your media mouth pieces but you cannot hide from God. The message cannot get any more simplistic than that.

Before you decide to "tee off" or ignore my email take note that I am a very conservative Republican who thinks your company represents what is worst about America under the current GOP agenda. Even though I am in Europe I am a very well known American and respected for simple words like character, honesty, integrity, honor, etc.

I am well enough known over this world that I am recognized on sight even in Europe by peoples of many lands.

My nation, your nation Erik, is sinking like the Titanic. I submit it is time you start to ask why America is sinking.

You can accept as many shekels or dollars as you want but the fact will never change that you are part of what is wrong. The wrong changes with you; not with anyone else.

It is sort of like being a prostitute. Just because it is legal in some places does not necessarily make it right morally or ethically.

I wonder at times if your company is paid by "dead Iraqi" or by the metric of "number of bullets fired at Iraqis". Either way, I do not think you would survive a discussion with me on how to define a terrorist.

It is not because of our freedoms that the US is hated. It is because of our policies and actions of companies such as Blackwater USA that people around the world are moving on into the future without America at the helm. It is because of what the US thinks it has the freedom to do to others, up to and including murder. That is no moral high ground whatsoever, regardless of what you think a Christian is.

I am the author of the book on the total fallacy of George W. Bush titled "One-Way Ticket to Crawford, Texas."

It virtually sold out and there are very few copies left.

They are so afraid of what I have to say my website recently went to blank page:

I was an announced candidate for president of the United States for 2008 but decided that I do not want to deal with the mess Bush and his friends (like you) have made of this world and the United States. It is my considered opinion that Bush and companies like Blackwater USA have created more enemies for the US than the US can deal with in the coming years.

I will soon announce to the world that I am backing Rep. Ron Paul for President of the United States and very clearly why that is so.

Do not know who I am?

Google "Pop Goes the Bush Mythology Bubble Part VI". That was about your employee, Todd Engstrom and his UNMIK flight from Kosovo to Central Asia to deliver a large amount of cash less then 24 hours after WTC 1 and 2 lay in rubble. As you know, Todd was killed in Iraq by an RPG.

If you cannot find it I will gladly send you a copy of what I wrote. Many of your former employees were highly offended until I provided them with more information that was not in the article and easily verified. They all accepted the truth for what it is.

I guess you are not aware of what is in my book, including the massive corporate frauds that harmed many Americans and were done by close friends of the Bush family.

I have 12 years experience on Wall Street. My office was in Washington, DC for 7 years and I was in RNC headquarters many times a week on policy issues. I walked out on them in 1996 when RNC, to get the Jewish vote and money, cut a deal with the DNC Zionist communists so they could win elections. Those communists now call themselves Neocons and are very hard to discern from true Americans versus those wolves in sheep's clothing. Unfortunately, most Americans are too stupid or too distracted to discern the difference between a Zionist communist and a Neocon, especially when they are one and the same.

It may have never occurred to you that part of "your mission" was designed by communists who walked out on the DNC and over to the RNC. Maybe it never occurred to you that you are serving a communist agenda that is in the fabric of America. It is not Russia, it is not China, it is Neocon America and what has embedded itself into the fabric of the nation that pretends to be the icon of freedom and democracy.

My closest friend in DC prior to his death was William J. "Mr Mac" McManus, the former RNC Treasurer. Were he still alive he would slap George Bush all over the Oval Office for being a total fraud as a conservative and Christian leader.

At his 95th birthday party were just 7 people. My wife and I were two of those 7 people.


I showed RNC in 1993-1994 how to take the House and Senate away from Clinton. There were only 8 people at the Mr. Mac table that election night in DC and my wife and I were two of those 8 people. It was at the Renaissance Hotel, November 1994 if you want to check it out. There were only 156 people allowed into the RNC Finance room and there we were. (Renaissance Hotel - Washington, DC, United States of America)

I was there with RNC Finance to watch it happen after spending a year designing the strategy and putting it into motion.

Two retired admirals were also at that table that night, one of them the former commander of the SEALS. He accidentally spilled red wine on my wife's beautiful formal wear. WE remember it well.

The oldest living admiral at that time had his photo taken with Jeane Kirkpatrick because I asked her to have her photo taken with America's oldest living admiral. Unlike the chest thumping Americans now, he was a quiet man and an honorable man.

He would have refused an illegal war and illegal orders. He would have told you to take your business plan and stick it.

I saw a poll yesterday that Republicans are exiting the party in droves. Now only 37% of Republicans claim they are Republican for they clearly see that the US is in the wrong. The agenda is wrong, the methods are wrong, the policies are wrong. The exit strategy is no surprise to me. Even the Christian Right is waking up to the fact that backing evil is a sin, blindly or otherwise.

Are you a Christian Erik? I doubt that you truly are. Your company has every appearance of worshipping money more than true Christian values.

You know what they say, cannot serve two masters. You pretend to be a Christian led organization yet follow total evil and in many ways, in my opinion, are the face of that evil and the hated face of America.

Do you people ever think about the "born again Christian" fallacy of what you do? Part of the Ten Commandments is "thou shalt not kill." It was not a suggestion; it was a creed and an order from the highest authority there is.

I know the mother of one of your employees and she is heart broken about what her son has told her about his job and his "mission" in Iraq working for your firm.

Do you ever think that maybe what is wrong are US policies and have been dead wrong since before Erik Prince was born? I have been out of high school as long as you have been alive Erik and around the block many more times than you have been. I know wrong when I see it or smell it.

I interviewed hundreds of soldiers up to the rank of LTC, G2 section of one of the major commanding armies.

I watched as Bush appointed Tom Foley of Connecticut to privatize the Iraqi assets right into the hands of major Bush backers. He also appointed April Hoxie Foley, a former girlfriend from college, to the number two post at the World Bank to arrange cushy financing deals for those Bush friends to take over those Iraqi assets. Before her husband was killed in an accident her husband and Tom Foley were brothers. Keep it all in the family to hide the truth.

Can you imagine that the insurgency is actually an effort to get thieves out of Iraq? That is the most likely scenario.

I believe in staying informed and as a Christian I also believe in the value of the truth as God defines it, not as defined by GOP or DNC politicians that have lied to the world.

  • What would you think Eric if the shoe were on the other foot?

  • What if Iraq invaded North Carolina and suddenly your land, your assets, your cable, telephone, oil, gas, water, sewer, were suddenly handed over to an elite few Iraqis?

  • Would you fight back or just roll over?

They even privatized the Iraq concrete business right into "just the right hands". WorldCom had never had a wireless network but were given the Iraq wireless deal to keep them quiet about the fraud that was WorldCom and who was really behind it in the United States.

I am willing to bet that you do not know there are US casualties in the US that never were in Afghanistan or Iraq but they are casualties just the same. They were just investors in the way of the Bush agenda.

  • Would you be offended if the Iraqis were kicking down the door of your home, maybe even killing some of your loved ones just for kicks or knee jerks?

  • Would you be offended if Iraqis were racing down I-40 or I-85, I-77 or I-75 killing anyone in sight?

  • If you were racing to Durham for a meeting, how would you feel if the Iraqis in North Carolina blew your brains out for driving too fast and appearing to be a non-existent threat?

I was recently asked to evaluate a video (below) that has purportedly been leaked from within one of the Blackwater USA vehicles.


Blackwater Road Massacre




The video displays mercenaries in Baghdad killing other motorists on road.

Note, these are all innocents including full families with children in the cars.

Is this what America stands for?


After viewing it six times it is clear to me that there is a very good chance that Blackwater USA will murder people in cold blood if they dare to drive as fast as your employees do. I can accept that maybe that video is of one of the other "security companies" Bush has handed cushy contracts to, but it does not change the fact that wrong is wrong and will never be right.

I thank my God I am not you, for I will not have to answer to God for what your company has done.

There are many bcc on this email including the media in US and abroad.

Karl Schwarz

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