February 25, 2013

from DarkerNet Website






Blackwater mercenaries are currently overseeing the police in Greece as rumors of a coup abound.


We understand the situation is extremely tense and that the mercenaries are there mainly to protect the Government and parliament should trouble break out either in the form of a revolution or counter-revolution.


Already, a destabilization plot involving the far-right and police has been uncovered. 



Over the last 12 months or more Greece has seen wave after wave of mass demonstrations, riots, battles between police and protesters, armed attacks on Government premises, attacks by fascists (i.e. Golden Dawn) on migrants, as well as, of course, the complete collapse of the economy.


The Government has been beset by scandals (e.g. secret bank accounts in Switzerland) and journalists have been arrested. Most people now exist day by day via co-operatives; workers are taking over the factories.


As we have said, there is a revolution taking place - a messy revolution.


And it’s going to get messier, for the situation in Greece has now entered a critical phase - here is a summary (with further details below):

  • Strategy of tension has already commenced

  • Government is under siege and is protected by mercenaries

  • Military coup is now talked of openly

  • Insider warns that revolution (or counter-revolution) is imminent




Strategy of tension


A few days ago we reported on a plot by the police in collusion with the far-right to instigate a massacre of police, which would then be blamed on anarchists - presumably this would then be used as an excuse to introduce martial law or a state of emergency.


The plot may have been foiled (23 persons were arrested) by Blackwater working in conjunction with police officers who are loyal to the Government. Blackwater are expected to continue monitoring police operations generally, to identify those officers who may be involved in other, similar plots.


Note… the term strategy of tension came about in Italy in the 1970s and 1980s when bombings of civilian were committed by neofascist organizations such as Ordine Nuovo, Avanguardia Nazionale or Fronte Nazionale).





Mercenaries protecting Government under siege


The Greek Government signed a contract with Academi (the new name for Blackwater) in November last year, though this was a secret agreement and you will not find details about it on the Academi website.


News of the contract leaked out end of January when the Greek ambassador to Canada, Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos, let slip about it in an interview, which was then published in a blog (see highlighted sentence in red). The contract with Academi was confirmed a few days later via the Greek military news site Defencenet.


Blackwater/Academi are infamous as the company that ran mercenary operations during the last Iraq War and were engaged in unnecessary fire fights in urban areas, taking civilian lives. They currently have a forward ops base in Afghanistan.


We understand their principal role in Greece is two-fold. One is to oversee police operations. They have been contracted to do this because the Government are aware that the police have been comprehensively infiltrated by members of the fascist Golden Dawn and so cannot trust the police to stay loyal.


Their other role is to act as a neutral force to provide full protection to the Government against assault from any quarter.


In effect, the Greek Government is under siege.





Coup possibility


Recently the Government secured an agreement from the army that under no circumstances would they resort to a coup (as happened in 1967, leading to the junta of 1967-1974).


Whether this agreement will be honored remains to be seen.


As Greece is now part of the European Community a coup will be unlikely, but in the event of heightened tension martial law could be declared with curfews etc.





Warning of revolution/counter-revolution


According to Ambassador Chrysanthopoulos in his interview,

“At a certain moment, quite soon, there will be an explosion of social unrest. It will be very unpleasant.”

He then referred to fifteen armed incidents in the previous ten days, including the firebombing of the offices of the governing parties and the homes of pro-government journalists, the machine-gunning of the headquarters of the prime minister’s conservative New Democracy party, and a bomb explosion at a shopping mall belonging to the country’s second wealthiest citizen.


Chrysanthopoulos predicts the trouble will begin when new tax bills arrive (soon)