by Stephen Lendman

March 20, 2015

from SJLendman Website




Venezuelan democracy is real. It's the hemisphere's best. It shames America's sham system.


It threatens no other country. It doesn't bully, harass, invade or terror-bomb them. It fosters good relations with all nations. Its Constitution mandates governance of, by and for everyone equitably. Its policies are polar opposite US imperial lawlessness.


On Wednesday, President Nicholas Maduro initiated an international campaign challenging Obama outrageously calling Venezuela a threat to US national security.


It deserves universal support.


He wrote an open letter to Americans affirming Venezuela threatens no one.

"(O)ur people believe in peace and respect for all nations," he said. "In two centuries of independence," Venezuela never attacked another country.

It threatens none now.

"We are a peaceful people," Maduro stressed.


"Our people live in a region of peace, free of weapons of mass destruction, and in freedom to practice all religions." 


"We uphold respect for international law and the sovereignty of all people of the world."

Obama outrageously declaring Venezuela a threat to US national security flies in the face of fundamental,

"principles of sovereignty and self-determination under international law," said Maduro.

All 33 Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) oppose his action.


So do all 12 Union of South American Nations (UNASUR).


Free people everywhere reject US imperial lawlessness.

"President Obama, without any authority to interfere in our internal affairs, unilaterally issued a set of sanctions against Venezuelan officials with potentially far-reaching implications, interfering in our constitutional order and our justice system," said Maduro.


"We believe that our world must be based on the rules of international law, without interference in the internal affairs of other countries." 


"We are convinced that the relationship of respect between all the nations is the only path for strengthening peace and coexistence, as well as for ensuring a more just world."

Throughout his tenure, Obama did what his supporters thought impossible.


He exceeded the worst of his predecessors. He wages out-of-control war on humanity at home and abroad.


He threatens nuclear war on Russia.

"Never before (did a US president try) to govern Venezuelans by decree," said Maduro.


"It is a tyrannical and imperial order, and it pushes us back into the darkest days of the relationship between the United States and Latin America and the Caribbean."

Millions of Venezuelans won't tolerate him interfering in their lives.


Nor should free people anywhere.

Cease "hostile actions against Venezuelan people and democracy," Maduro demanded.

Rescind executive order authority outrageously declaring Venezuela a US national security threat.

Retract "libelous and defamatory statements and actions against the honorable Venezuelan officials who have just obeyed our laws and our constitution," Maduro added.

He quoted Simon Bolivar saying,

"(t)he freedom of the New World is the hope of the universe."


"(O)ur freedom is a right we shall never give up because the future of humanity lies in our country," Maduro stressed.


Venezuela represents "hope. Independence or nothing."

On Thursday, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez addressed an Organization of American States (OAS) extraordinary session. She blasted Obama's imperial arrogance.


She noted his outrageous executive order and lawless sanctions.

"History has shown that (these type actions) tend to precede military interventions," she said.

She repeated her earlier warning of a possible Cuba-style economic blockade.

"I emphasize that we are talking about historic facts," she said. "We aren’t imagining this, and we're saying that history has repeatedly shown this, and this is a real threat."

"It's not just about (sanctioning) certain officials" or issuing dictatorial diktats.

Venezuelan officials are targeted for defending national sovereignty and democratic rights, she explained.

"Our task is to preserve our sovereignty," she stressed. "How can Venezuela be considered a threat to the world's most powerful county," she asked?


"(O)ur army has never left our borders to conquer other territories. Our diplomacy has always been peaceful."

Deputy US OAS representative Michael J. Fitzpatrick lied claiming Obama's diktat was taken out of context.


America isn't,

"preparing military action against Venezuela…(It's) not look(ing) to overthrown (its) government… nor affect (its) economy," he claimed.

Facts contradict him:

  • Bush and Obama went all-out to destabilize Venezuela politically and economically.

  • Two coup plots failed. Disruptive efforts continue. Washington supports Venezuelan fascists.

  • It want tyranny replacing model hemispheric democracy. It wants Bolivarian social justice ended. 

  • It wants Venezuela recolonized. It wants it returned to US client state status. 

  • It wants its vast oil reserves plundered for profit. It wants its people ruthlessly exploited.  It wants all rights Venezuelans enjoy ended.

  • It wants what they won't tolerate. America is humanity's greatest threat.

Anti-imperial activists of the world unite. Challenging US ruthlessness is more important than ever.


Survival depends on it.





A Final Comment


On Thursday, Venezuelan National Assembly President Diosdado Cabello warned about fascist elements desperate to regain parliamentary control.


US-manipulated disruptive efforts to oust Maduro could follow, he said.


Much like what happened in Honduras in June 2009 and Paraguay in June 2012. Cabello urged Venezuelans to unite against dark forces threatening them - to defend against anti-democratic internal elements and US imperial intentions.


Preserving Bolivarianism requires nationwide solidarity against what Bolivar called the imperial curse,

"plagu(ing) Latin America with misery in the name of liberty."

Maduro continues what Chavez began. Bolivarian social justice is too precious to lose. It's hardwired and institutionalized.


Venezuelans won't tolerate returning to their ugly past. Nor should they!