by Das Brain

January 31, 2008

from MoneyAccumulator Website


The Amero Coin - one North American currency Back in the 1980’s when the U.S. and Canada signed the Free Trade Agreement the two countries might have agreed to something else other than trade of goods.

Some people believe that the Progressive Conservative government of Canada, sold Canada down the river to the American’s by agreeing to a unified currency called the Amero.

Under the Amero, Canada, United States and Mexico would use one currency similar to the what the European Union has done with the Euro. Also, under this new “Amero” currency the hope is to have the U.S. Central Bank control this currency and this is where it gets scary.

If you have watched enough documentaries on how the American Government and Central Bank manage their money…. uhmm you would not want them to manage this unified currency for all three countries (Canada, U.S. and Mexico).

The U.S. is currently trillion of dollars in debt, and to have the U.S. manage the currency would be suicide as the American dollar now is near an all time low. No offense, but the U.S. government cannot even manage their own economy right now.

In any case, this new Amero currency, has not been set in stone just yet. First, whoever is the proponent of this idea is, will have to get all three countries to agree and I don’t think it will happen. Or maybe it already has, but all three governments are keeping a tight wrap on the secret.

Watch the video clip on the Amero below:




The Amero - One Currency For Canada, U.S and Mexico






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