July 24, 2009

from HBO Website

When the military says, 'We don't want this,' and Congress is trying to shove this down their throats, that's a sad statement of the political system that we have right now.

Anthony Woods

When the government is keeping programs alive just for make-work, for jobs, isn't that more socialism than what healthcare would ever be?

Bill Maher

In the original draft of [President Eisenhower's] speech, it was "military-industrial-congressional complex." And the "congressional" part was taken out because the president felt that he'd had excellent relations with a Democratic Congress and didn't want to get into name-calling on his way out.

Susan Eisenhower

Until we start to see some of that corruption actually prosecuted and some of those people start going to jail - the military-industrial complex is going to keep jamming weapon systems at the Pentagon, force-feeding them, that the country doesn't need and that the country doesn't want.

John Heilemann


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