January 18, 2007

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We must not allow anyone to push us into a war with Iran.

Wesley Clark told Arianna Huffington about the push for war on Iran,

"How can you talk about bombing a country when you won't even talk to them?" said Clark. "It's outrageous. We're the United States of America; we don't do that."

"When we asked him what made him so sure the Bush administration was headed in this direction, he replied: 'You just have to read what's in the Israeli press. The Jewish community is divided but there is so much pressure being channeled from the New York money people to the office seekers'."

"For Clark, this is the biggest foreign policy issue facing the U.S. "I'm worried about the surge," he said. "But I'm worried about this even more.", Huffington wrote on her blog.

In his article, Eric Alterman warns about the push for President Bush to attack Iran. About Wesley Clark's concern that the attack is being pushed by "New York money people," Alterman writes,

"I agree with Clark, but I agree that he also said what he said badly, though not anti-Semitically."

Alterman warns,

"The Bush administration is clearly attempting to create a pretext to attack Iran ... [this would result in] inciting worldwide terrorist attacks against Americans and their properties around the world, including inside the United States ... this being the Bush administration, you can count on it being done incompetently and dishonestly."

"Criticize the neocons for what they are actually doing - or even use the word "neocon" - and you're an anti-Semite. That means they get to keep doing it even if it means they are acting on behalf of what they believe are Israel's interests... rather than America's."

"We saw during the Lieberman primary that The Weekly Standard actually does care more about what's good for Israel than for America - they said American Jews should behave that way, and so do Newsweek's embarrassingly crazy Rabbi Gelman and Mona Charen and a few others.


If anyone on earth thinks Marty Peretz cares more about the fate of the goyim in America than the heroes in Israel, I've never met him or her ... if you read this excellent New York Times Magazine piece on Abe Foxman, you'll get a small inkling of how the system works."
Who knows the plans and why they were drawn up?

On Bloggingheads, Alterman said,

"Wesley Clark, used probably some incautious language, when he said that New York money men, which many people interpret to mean Jews, were pushing us to war with Iran.


However, Jews, in New York, who have a lot of money, are in fact pushing us to war with Iran. It was a factually true statement. AIPAC is pushing us to war with Iran.


AIPAC is the reason that no Democrats are coming out strongly against war with Iran. AIPAC's funding is extremely wealthy American Jews and AIPAC is pushing for war with Iran.


So, when people go to Democratic politicians and they say,

"listen, I don't want you gettin' out in front and opposing war with Iran, particularly since you have national aspirations," they don't say it in the New York Times."

- Wesley Clark and the anti-Semitism charge






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