by Robin de Ruiter

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Extracted from

"Worldwide Evil and Misery".

This book was written many years ago, banned in France and now finally also available in English.

Co-author of this book is

Fritz Springmeier.

Ediciones Paulinas Mexico has published the book in Spanish in three volumes:

EL Anticristo 1, 2 y 3

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“If you want to raise the ultimate kind of power within Satanism you sacrifice someone. In the highest levels of Satanism they believe the best way to raise your energy is by murdering something, either an animal or a person. With a human being there’s an enormous amount of energy released.”

Bill Schnoebelen

The most powerful Illuminati bloodlines lead the Satanic Hierarchy and are part of Satan’s Kingdom. Each of these bloodlines have demonic princes, just like the “man and demon” Prince of Persia in the Bible.


The following overview has been composed by former Illuminati members.


Male Part
Royal Ipsimus
Council of the Grand Druids
Higher Masters
Pentacle Servants Regular Witchcraft Circle
(Under the leadership of a Priest)
Female Part
Queen of Darkness
Grande Mother of Darkness (13 degrees)
Sisters of the Light (9 degrees)
Matriarch Regular Witchcraft Circle
(Under the leadership of a Priestess) 1


1 A witchcraft circle is part of the lowest level of organized Satanism (comparable to a unit of the army) and consists of thirteen witches with a priest or priestess as “officer”.


Within organized Satanism, at the highest level of the Illuminati structure, at the top of the pyramid and above the “Royal Ipsimus”, we find The Great White Brotherhood.

Courtesy of Fritz Springmeier


Few people are aware of the existence of this organization because The Great White Lodge of The Great White Brotherhood is not a visible organization. Its members do not gather for meetings nor do they have a temple of their own. The structures within The Great White Brotherhood are actually very simple. Satan is the Deputy Grandmaster of the Great White Lodge, with other spiritual members being demons.


Both Satan and his demons are in constant telepathic contact with the few visible (human) leaders of the Brotherhood. Introduction to The Great White Brotherhood takes place through a Cosmic Initiation.

Potential candidates are recruited in different ways. Members of the Brotherhood meet a certain person who they believe has the personality that makes him or her suitable for the lifestyle within the Brotherhood. The new victim is not addressed directly. First, the candidacy of this new member is discussed with the Grandmaster of the highest Degree who will have him tailed.2


2 The Grandmaster of the high Degree is called the “Master of the Chair”. He possesses the highest degree of power.


A thorough background check is carried out, with all the habits, preferences, strengths and weaknesses of the candidate meticulously mapped out.

When sufficient information concerning the life of a potential new member has been collected, and when it is determined that he is easily influenced, the Masters will order a detailed plan to be drawn up to bring the potential candidate into contact with the Brotherhood.


This sophisticated approach usually works perfectly. The Brotherhood takes the initiative, and all the prospective new members have to do is take the bait. Often, they have no idea that a fine net is being spun around them.

The first real contact takes place in such a way as to ensure that the meeting makes an overwhelming impression on the new candidate. When the Brotherhood decides to add a new member to its organization, the action has to succeed. A person informed of the existence of the Brotherhood that decides not to become a member usually places his life in danger.


People who have been marked as untrustworthy almost certainly risk losing their lives.


In this regard, the Brotherhood’s motto is:

“It is better to have a reliable member end the life of a hazy suspect than to be exposed by an unreliable member.”

Executions ordered by the Brotherhood will only be carried out when there is a guarantee that the act will not be discovered.

When the candidate has been dazzled by the Brotherhood and has declared a willingness to be initiated into the teachings of the Brotherhood, there is no going back. At least six Masters and one of the higher Masters are present at the acceptance ceremony.


The light is dimmed, candles and oil lamps are lit, and incense is burned. The leading Master pronounces the oath, repeating it six times while looking into the eyes of those present. It is important to look into each other’s eyes when pronouncing the oath. Like with the Rosicrucian Brotherhood, the Freemasons and other occult societies, the candidate is connected to a demon through hypnosis during the ceremony.3


3 With Satanic rituals, initiations and ritual murders, hypnosis and witchcraft are used.


The text of the oath is as follows:

“I swear on my life and my soul never to reveal that which fate lets me encounter on this night. Should I, my friend, break this holy oath, I hereby officially grant permission to annul my life and my soul.”

After that, all seven who are present pronounce the oath six times. They do so solemnly and with great emphasis. During the “test,” which comes next, a phenomenon called the transfiguration occurs. The demon literally takes possession of the spirit of the newcomer. In addition to dreams and astral projections, a kind of fata morgana can also transmit visions.

Before the test takes place, the candidate is told that he has been chosen by providence to possess special powers.


These powers will be transmitted to him through another human being. The way this is done is secret and the candidate has to swear never to reveal that secret. After the candidate once again swears on his life never to reveal the knowledge he will receive, the Grandmaster and the other Masters present tell him about rituals from the Incas and the Celtic Druids. He is not told how these rituals were carried out in practice; he is only told that they exist and that they involve natural processes.


The candidate is told which priests were authorized to transmit which powers, and that these secret techniques are only passed on to a handful of the chosen. For thousands of years these practices have been carried out in secret, and it has to stay that way for all eternity. The Incas were masters in transmitting special powers, and the candidate is told that he is about to experience how they did it.

One of the most powerful Grandmasters within the Illuminati (Hohen Meister von Stuhl), in his book 334 Pro Mille Lies, writes the following about his first test and initiation:

“Present in the room were a woman, five Masters and a Grandmaster. Before the test commenced, one of them suggested we eat something first.


The woman asked those present what kind of pizza they wanted, and she ordered them by telephone from a pizzeria nearby. When she had put down the telephone, she left the house. At the time, I had no idea what this behavior meant. After a while the woman returned, bringing a young man who carried a pile of boxes from which the delicious smell of pizza emanated. We were all very hungry. The Grandmaster asked the pizza delivery boy to sit down while he fetched the money. The boy was offered a large glass of soda, which he emptied in just a few big gulps.


The pizzas were put on plates and cut. The young man fell into a deep sleep. I was very worried. Had they poisoned him? The Grandmaster assured me that the pizza delivery boy had only been sedated. He suggested we eat first, and we ate our pizzas.


After we finished, we cleaned up.


Then we put on white, nightgown-like robes and brought the pizza delivery boy to the basement. The Masters tied him to a metal rack that was placed in the center of the basement room. They attached leather cuffs to his wrists and tied him so tightly that he appeared to be crucified to the metal rack. By then he had regained consciousness.


We sat in a circle around him. The Grandmaster told me the pizza delivery boy belonged to me and that I could withdraw as much energy from him as I wanted. He then handed me a large knife and made an inviting gesture towards the restrained boy. I understood.” 4

4 Anonymous, 334‰ Lüge: Die Offenbarung des Hohen Meister von Stuhl, Frankfurt 2002, 75.


Next, the anonymous author describes how he murdered the pizza delivery boy in a gruesome way. The torture and bloodshed, which are described in detail, are absolutely unfit for reading.



A Grandmaster of the Chair can never occupy an official position, nor will he ever be able to manage a multinational company. The reason for this is that visible leaders have to leave their position from time to time, when they are demanded to do so by a majority of the population.


In other words, the visible leaders of this world come and go, whereas the invisible leaders controlling them are always the same.

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