- A Man Named Bear, and His Meteorite , by Roy A. Gallant
- Baszkowka, Mt. Tazerzait, and Tjerebon - Chips Off the Same Block?
by Andrzej S. Pilski & Wayne Walton
- Eucrites, Diogenites, and Howardites - All from Vesta?, by Jim Phillips
- The Photography of Meteorites, by Martin G. Horejsi
- The Burnwell, Kentucky Meteorite, by Tim McCoy
- Fullerenes in Meteorites, by Gregory T. Shanos
- Munich '97, by Christian Pinter
- Sudbury '97, by Paul B. Dudley
- My Visit with the Old Woman, by Darryl S. Futrell
- Libyan Desert Glass, by Gerhard Muehle
- Philippine Tektites, by Walter Zeitschel



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February 1998