USS Yancey (AKA-93)

Central Group
Capt. J.E. Cohn, USN

2 DEC 46

Departed Port Hueneme, California.

9 DEC 46

Crossed the Equator at 135° 10' W.

30 DEC 46

Rendezvoused with the Central Group of ships at Scott Island and refueled from USS Canisteo.

31 DEC 46

Began transit through the pack ice with the Central Group.

14 JAN 47

Broke into the open waters of the Ross Sea.

15 JAN 47

Arrived at the Bay of Whales.

18 JAN 47

Moored at Bay of Whales and commenced off-loading of supplies for Little America.

6 FEB 47

Departed Bay of Whales with Central Group.

13 FEB 47

Departed Scott Island for New Zealand.

22 FEB 47

Arrived at Port Chalmers, N.Z.

5 MAR 47

Departed Port Chalmers for Pago Pago, Samoa.

11 MAR 47

Arrived Pago Pago, Samoa.

27 MAR 47

Departed Pago Pago, Samoa with YTL-153 in tow.

14 APR 47

Arrived Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

2 MAY 47

Arrived at Port Hueneme, California.

Covers from Yancey are usually identified by a return address of a crewmember (figure 1), or rubber stamp (figure 1a) or the ship's straight line handstamp (figure 2) because of her post office having been closed as of September 1946.

Most of the one-line cachets will be found in the vicinity of the postage stamp. During her stay at the Bay of Whales, mail was canceled aboard the other ships of the Central Group (figures 3, 4).

Enroute north, some mail bearing the Highjump cachet was deposited at Dunedin, New Zealand (figure 5), Pago Pago, Samoa (figures 6, 7) and at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (figures 8, 9).

Only the corner card shown as figure 1a is known.


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