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"Nothing can be created if its reflection does not pre-exist in the Grailscope,
the means by which programmed revelations are beamed through the mind."
Stan Hall

A mirror matrix empirically distilled by Stan Hall to visualize the common Essence and evolutionary Forms of diverse interdisciplinary phenomena: also offered as a means of harmonizing Creationist Intelligent Design Theory with the Theory of Evolution through its detectable Unified Field of Optical Relativity.

Applied for 30 years to the Tayos Metal Library enigma to calculate its location and historical justification.


Optical Relativity

Electromagnetic Reflections and Revelations indicated below connect Vertically and Horizontally


Optical Relativity



Line of Illumination



Dimensional Progression


Electromagnetic Field                        Electrochemical Field


Programmed Images




Dynamic Equilibrium












Subjective Con.

Objective Con.








Functional Relativity


















Grailscope Theory


How Optical Correspondences inter-reflect to produce the Unified Field of Optical Relativity

I developed the ‘Grailscope’ model from personal realization that nothing is created, only revealed; that every thought and object pre-exists, as sure as a sculpture pre-exists in the stone and a painting pre-exists in the landscape. The world of analogies, allegories, metaphors, parables, similes and symbols all demonstrate the functionality of a pre-programmed universe of reflections, realizations and revelations.

The Grailscope realization followed a unique experience in Edinburgh in 1962. Entering my living room I saw in the top, left corner, by the window, a small, intense light. I stood transfixed in astonishment as it began to fill the room with a brilliant, hazy luminosity. Someone called from downstairs, and the light, as if startled by the noise, quickly receded.


A hand touched my arm and the last sparkle vanished. I could explain nothing except to say that ‘something strange’ had happened, and - caramba! - there were tears in my eyes. Without doubt I was somehow a changed person. Not until now have I had the courage to mention the phenomenon, nor the following revelations that it produced.

Looking back on the event, it seemed the light had not come from an external source. Rather had impulses and inter-reflections of energies been manifesting inside me. Apparently, something had illuminated my body and soul. Thoughts were clearer and, soon afterwards, there were revealed into my thought processes three universal Laws – Optical Relativity, Illumination, and Dimensional Progression – comprising a Unified Field (or Soul) of the Cosmos, where countless billions of spiritual dimensions dynamically balanced its physical scale – disclosing an original ‘marriage in heaven’.


Could it be possible these three 'Grailscope' laws, conjoined with the laws of electromagnetism, relativity and gravitation, might reveal the structure of the Unified Field - the Holy Grail of science!

Revelation - as opposed to Creation – discloses how the essence of energy generates pre-programmed, optically relative, evolutionary forms. For example, how cave-dwellers evolved into communities, villages, cities, nations and groups of nations, paralleled by conscious awareness of pre-programmed impulses of Light, Love and Life; also, how this awareness evolved through one-dimensional needs of food and shelter, two-dimensional geometric expressions, three-dimensional effects, to the fourth and fifth-dimensional realizations of the present era – all this a mere spark among billions of illuminating, evolutionary dimensions humanity is destined to experience in an immeasurable future!

The Universe is a composition of lenses and mirrors! Ideas and products are reflections of principles that are channeled through human beings. Here an artist or architect produces outlines, middle tones and details, there a company has its policy, management and technical departments. In every field of human endeavour ‘essence’ is identical, ‘form’ is different. The essence may originate billions of dimensions beyond our present understanding, yet those most privileged and most humble are equally programmed with a capacity to realize its existence!

New generations will witness, in parallel with technological progress, new revelations from the three Master Laws – true renaissances, in art, science and altruism – pulling nations, like the strings of a harp, into greater harmony, advancing knowledge and spirituality free of dogmas and historical distortions.


New ideas need new generations!


Meanwhile, I invite adventurous souls to consider these Master Laws and put them to the test.

Law of Dimensional Progression

Spiritual and physical evolution are co-equal and co-determinate. The spiritual force in the Cosmos precisely matches its physical size.


Every soul, or mutatis mutandis, is born in communion with the Unified Soul and programmed in accordance with the Law of Dimensional Progression.


Within this law, ‘Godness’, or ‘Goodness’, exists one dimension beyond intellectual comprehension and is co-dependant on achieving ‘at-one-ment’, or empathy, with Humanity to reach higher dimensional realizations, these governed by a second Master Law - the Law of Illumination!

Law of Illumination

The Law of Illumination operates in parallel with the Law of Dimensional Progression and results from a combination of Light, Love and Life, these being energies identical in essence but different in form. The essence is electromagnetic, the forms electrochemical.


The three energies inter-reflect throughout Goodness, Beauty and Wisdom, none of which are subject to evolutionary change. Both Master Laws - of Illumination and Dimensional Progression - function in the physical and spiritual worlds, and are governed by a third Master Law – The Law of Optical Relativity!

Law of Optical Relativity

The Law of Optical Relativity controls how Light, Love and Life reflect revelations by way of the Subconscious mind to the Subjective Consciousness and finally to the Objective Consciousness, the latter three responding, respectively, to the formative agencies of Frequency, Rhythm and Density.

Grailscope Model applied to location of the Tayos Treasure

My application of the Grailscope model to calculating a location of maximum probability for the Tayos Treasure, also to widen the base of historical backup, involved cross-referencing data from mytho-history, astronomy, history, geography, geology and field exploration, together with an objective assessment of information from three key Tayos protagonists over 30 years. By a rigorous process of eliminative deduction I call 'empirical distillation', all disfunctional information was discarded until the most probable latitude and longitude co-ordinates emerged.

I was the catalyzer/revealer - not the creator/leader - of the British-Ecuadorian expedition of 1976. The expedition had no leader other than the spirit of responsibility of its participants.

For the separate and personal investigation of the legendary treasure, I developed the Grailscope model to catalyze - not to create - a location of maximum probability. The following is an example of how Grailscope thinking functions by progressive elimination of data.

First: Establish credibility of data similar to how Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev predicted missing elements in the Periodic Table of atomic weights. From his 8-point hypothesis, we need only consider numbers 1, 7 and 8, which are:

1. The elements, if arranged according to their atomic weights, exhibit an apparent periodicity of properties.

7. The atomic weight of an element may sometimes be amended by a knowledge of those of its contiguous elements.

8. Certain characteristic properties of elements can be foretold from their atomic weights

Second: In the above statements, substitute the words 'items of data' for 'elements' and 'level of credibility' for 'atomic weights'. The similarity to, and optically relative nature of, the Grailscope will become obvious when applied to the Tayos enigma as follows:

1. Select, distil, and group data from multidisciplinary fields of investigation into a tiered column of imaginary mirrors.

2. Mentally focus on each mirror, intuitively overlapping them until related data coincide and improbable data diminish.

3. Continue the process until the mirrors collectively reveal a 'window of maximum probability'.

Stan Hall