29 October 2011

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The Easter Island Statue Project (EISP) is a private research program and archive created by Jo Anne Van Tilburg, Principle Investigator and EISP founder and director, with Cristián Arévalo Pakarati, Rapa Nui artist and co-director of EISP.


The profound and immediate need for conservation actions on the moai became apparent over the course of more than 20 years of subjective observation and field experience acquired by us during our island-wide archaeological survey, which was conducted in association with our Chilean and Rapa Nui colleagues.

  • The Easter Island Statue Project office,

    is located at 225 Arizona Avenue, Studio 500, Santa Monica, CA, 90401.


  • The EISP field office,

    is located at the Mana Gallery, Petero Atamu s/n, Hanga Roa, Easter Island (Rapa Nui), Chile.


Wild stuff...

so did they bury them complete with petroglyphs...

(who would see them if they are buried?)

or was it covered by something else that happened?