by Vince Barrows


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The purpose of the following is to investigate who the ancient people of the Cahokia Mounds civilization were by looking at the archaeological evidence that is now on display in the local museums surrounding Cahokia site including the Mascoutah Historical Museum, the Edwardsville History Museum, and the Madison County History Museum. 

This will include a look at important examples of symbolism in use by the Cahokia Civilization.  A chronological discussion of the history of modern accounts of the Cahokia site will be made.  A review of Native mythology and legends that relate to the suite of symbolic attributes of the monumental earthwork may shed light on its past to the Native Americans. Historical accounts including periods of Spanish, French and United States colonial history will be detailed.

Finally, modern techniques for mound preservation as well as new evidence about Monks Mound will be discussed. Paradigms of Monks Mound chronology will be investigated in order to shed light on the historical methods and criteria that were used to develop the timeframe.

The discussion will include key pieces of information in a chronological order.


  1. Introduction

  2. Lithic Manufacturing Trends

  3. The Company of the Mississippi

  4. Wickliffe Mounds Sun Circle Floor Painting

  5. DNA analysis indicates a connection between the Ohio Hopewell and the Cahokia Elite

  6. Quincy Museum Tablet Reverse restoration

  7. Mary Mathews Falcon

  8. The Ramey/Peet Cahokia tablet

  9. Appendix 1

  10. Appendix 2

  11. Appendix 3: Welch and Richardson reports

  12. Further details of the Discoveries Near Wilmington

  13. Appendix 5: Welch and Richardson Mound Excavations

  14. Annotated Bibliography