by Alfred Lambremont Webre
April 28, 2019

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Density frequency shift is on a Vibrational schedule.

Chronogarchy secret time travel government's role

is to slow down frequency shift.

Chronogarchy pre-identified & groomed US Presidents:

Donald Trump's, Bushes I & II, Clinton's, Obama's

primary function is to

halt and slow Ascension, personal and planetary...



The Ascension Hypothesis

Alfred Lambremont Webre as presented in Warsaw Poland, 'Exposing the Truth Conference'

Although the prevailing meme is that planetary Ascension may possibly take place in a 2025-2030 window of cosmic opportunity, our findings show that planetary Ascension is not on a time schedule.


Density frequency shift is on a Vibrational schedule.

We have found that the primary intentional, conscious, self-adopted role of the Chronogarchy secret time travel government is to slow down planetary Ascension frequency shift.

Our further finding is that Chronogarchy pre-identified US Presidents:

...primary function is to halt and slow Ascension, both personal & planetary.


In a video lecture The Ascension Hypothesis presented at Warsaw's October 29, 2016 Exposing the Truth Conference (far below video), futurist Alfred Lambremont Webre presented his hypothesis that a density shift between 3rd and 4/5th densities may be a cyclical part of Soul development programs in the virtual realities of density consciousness in our universe of time, energy space and matter as it evolves in the Omniverse.

A planetary density shift of Mother Earth may be a reality that is underway from 3rd to 4/5th density as Earth transits through from the Lower 3rd density implode through and into the 4/5th density ascension/inscension.


From a time perspective, a density shift may happen somewhere around the 2025-2030 transit portal, some experts say.


Although, the Chronogarchy secret time travel government has introduced negative and manipulatory interventions into various time lines so as to attempt to slow and retard humanity's and Earth's Ascension and frequency density shift timeline.

Webre's science-based lecture presentation explains the interrelated discoveries of,

  • the Universe (3500BC)

  • the Multiverse (1895)

  • the Omniverse (2014), 3 major cosmological bodies through which humanity understands the cosmos.


Alfred's presentation shows how Earth's coming planetary shift to a 4/5th Love and Unity consciousness-based density is our planet's systemic response to a pathogenic, predatory extraterrestrial (AI) Artificial intelligence which has compromised Earth's 3rd time-space density through a Transhumanist Agenda.

The AI Agenda is terraforming Earth, the biosphere and humanity into AI-entrained robotic reality devoid of divine soul incarnation, which was the original blueprint intent creation of our Universe.

Alfred's lecture shows how Earth's density shift is synchronous with the,

  • "Great Year"

  • "Yugas"

  • "Mayan Calendrics",

...that are cyclical interdimensional portals between 3rd and 4/5th densities opening every 25,920 years cycle around the equinoxes.


This is a systemic way of how higher order universes assist in the regular process of Universe soul development on planets, such as Earth, that have been targeted by 3rd density AI Artificial Intelligence.



Evidence the Chronogarchy and DARPA-CIA Time Travel

...pre-identified and groomed Donald J. Trump as future U.S. President

U.S. Presidents,

...were also pre-identified by the Chronogarchy's secret Presidential time travel pre-identification program, according to Andrew D. Basiago, former U.S. chrononaut and 2016 Presidential candidate.


Andrew D. Basiago reports that specific officers of DARPA's Project Pegasus, such as his late father Raymond F. Basiago, stated that Andrew D. Basiago was pre-identified by DARPA time travel to be a future US President.


However, during the period 2016-19, Andrew D. Basiago lost his eyesight reportedly as a result of DEW directed energy weapons attacks by military intelligence sources that appear to be part of the Chronogarchy in retaliation for Mr. Basiago's public "whistleblowing" Truth Campaign about the secret US government's Quantum Access teleportation and time travel program.

As previously reported, former U.S. chrononaut Andrew D. Basiago, a whistleblower from the secret US time travel program, has described how as a child serving in
Project Pegasus in the early 1970's, he was present at lunches held at La Hacienda restaurant in Old Town Albuquerque, NM that were attended by project principals and future American presidents, including George HW Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush, shortly after they were informed that Project Pegasus had found via quantum access that they would one day serve as President.

Specifically, Mr. Basiago attended a luncheon held for the George Bushes I and II, and one held for Bill Clinton, after they were briefed about their future US Presidencies and still processing the information.

Mr. Basiago, a childhood participant from 1968-72 in DARPA's secret quantum access Tesla-technology time travel Project Pegasus, has also publicly stated that his father Raymond F. Basiago, had stated that both U.S. President Barack H. Obama and himself, Andrew D. Basiago, had been pre-identified by the Presidential time travel program as future U.S. presidents. [1]

Mr. Basiago's father, Raymond F. Basiago, was an official in the CIA Project Pegasus time travel project, including the unit responsible for pre-identifying and briefing future U.S. President via time travel.


Raymond F. Basiago, along with other CIA time travel officials, notified Andy Basiago of his own future destiny as U.S. President (although not of the exact year of a future Basiago presidency).


Mr. Basiago was first told of his future presidency in 1980 during Mars jump room training, not in 1971. In the early 1970s Andy was permitted to sit in on a number of Project Pegasus secret time travel briefings of future Presidents.



Evidence of Donald J. Trump as elected 2016 US President

This reporter asked Andrew D. Basiago,

"Logically, it would seem reasonable that if your father informed you of Bill Clinton's pre-identification as a future U.S. President, he would also have informed you of whether Hillary Clinton had been pre-identified as a future U.S. President by secret time travel."

Andrew D. Basiago responded,

"Alfred, as for Hillary Clinton, I have no data. I think it is reasonable to infer that were she a future President there would have been pre-ID of her tied up in pre-ID of WJC [William J. Clinton] as POTUS.

"As for [Donald J.] Trump, I have a vague memory that my father took special note of Trump during an appearance by him on The Phil Donahue Show and might have even commented that he was a future US President," Mr. Basiago concluded.

Andrew D. Basiago also added,

"My reliable memory that my father identified Newt Gingrich as a future national leader, President or Vice President."

No witness to any briefing of Donald J. Trump by representatives of the DARPA-CIA secret time travel program has come forward publicly as Mr. Basiago has in the case of other pre-identified U.S. Presidents, including George HW Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama.

Asked whether his statements are hearsay, Andrew D. Basiago responded,

"My statement is not hearsay offered to prove the truth of the matter asserted that Trump will win the election.


Rather, it is direct evidence showing that my father made the verbal act placing Trump among the individuals identified as future Presidents via the CIA's quantum access capability."



Donald Trump in quantum access cultural references

That Donald J. Trump may have been pre-identified by secret US time travel is strengthened by the fact that Donald Trump does appear pre-identified in a number of cultural references that could plausibly have employed time travel data leaked from the secret DARPA-CIA time travel pre-identification program for purposes of social manipulation.

Back to the Future Movie

For example, predictions shown in the film Back to the Future II predictions continue to come true as Chicago Cubs win the World Series and Donald Trump rises to power. [2]

Illuminati cards

Election prophesy: Donald Trump's assassination predicted by Illuminati card game.


A card game believed to have predicted 9/11 and Princess Di's death may have now foreseen the assassination of US presidential candidate Donald Trump. [3]

Donald J. Trump's role as a Chronogarchy time travel pre-identified and groomed US President is often conflated with the synchronicity of Trump's uncle Prof. John Trump's relation to an FBI request that he inspect the papers of Nikola Tesla, whose science is said to the basis for several time-travel quantum access devices used in Project Pegasus.

According to an article in magazine, "John Trump Was Asked to Inspect Nikola Tesla's Papers After the Inventor's Death": [4]

"The New Yorker describes John Trump as a 'brilliant scientist' who 'was at M.I.T. for decades' and who helped develop X-ray machines that helped extend the lives of cancer patients.

'Trump was involved in radar research for the Allies in the Second World War, and in 1943 the FBI had enough faith in his technical ability and his discretion to call him in when Nikola Tesla died in his room at the New Yorker Hotel, in Manhattan, raising the question of whether enemy agents might have had a chance to learn some of his secrets before the body was found,' wrote the New Yorker, in a passage driving a lot of the conspiracy theories.

"There was fear, the New Yorker reports, that Tesla was developing a 'death ray.'


In a report, the magazine notes, Professor Trump doused speculation that Tesla was working on something big. Tesla is well-known for his interests in time travel, and therein, a conspiracy theory was born.


According to, Tesla was an engineer and inventor who invented a coil still used in modern radio technology and briefly worked with Thomas Edison.

Donald Trump Has Spoken Highly of His Uncle, Who Developed Radar Equipment During WWII

"John Trump was a professor and the younger brother of Trump's father, Fred, according to The New Yorker, which quotes Donald Trump as saying of his uncle,

'My uncle used to tell me about nuclear before nuclear was nuclear,' referring, the magazine theorizes, to the hydrogen bomb.

The Boston Globe notes that Donald Trump,

'was born one year after the first nuclear bomb was dropped on Hiroshima in 1945.'

Trump praised his uncle on the campaign trail but also used his intelligence as proof of his own intellect.

'I had an uncle went to MIT who is a top professor. Dr. John Trump. A genius,' Trump told CNN. 'It's in my blood. I'm smart. Great marks. Like really smart.'

"The New York Times obituary reported that John Trump turned his talents toward helping his country win World War II.

'In World War II Dr. Trump was influential in the development of radar and short-wave radar equipment.


He was appointed director of the British branch of the M.I.T. Radiation Lab in 1944,' the Times reported.


After the war, 'Dr. Trump, while still on the faculty at M.I.T., became associated with the Department of Radiology at the Lahey Clinic in Boston and later became chairman of its board. Under his direction rotational radiation therapy was developed.'

'[John] Trump was the author of 80 scientific publications, according to the Times, and received many prominent awards during his lifetime. He was survived by three children.'

Professor Trump's Nikola Tesla Tie Has Sparked Bizarre Conspiracy Theories on the Internet

"Conspiracy theorists on Reddit and 4Chan have spun a bizarre theory:

That the Trumps somehow had a time travel machine, and they got it from Trump's uncle, John, who got it from Nikola Tesla.

Trump really did have an uncle named John, and John Trump really did have a connection to Nikola Tesla, but that's where that one ends.

"The theories derive from John Trump's review of the Tesla documents but also because of three strangely prescient books written by an 1800s era author named Ingersoll Lockwood:

Some feel the books foretold the rise of President Trump and argue online that Lockwood received a visit from a time traveling Barron Trump - yes, they really argue that.


The books do have eerie coincidences to modern times.


Lockwood wrote three books before 1900 and two feature a protagonist named Baron Trump (who visits Russia and receives tutelage from a powerful man named Don) and the third is titled '1900 or The Last President'."











End Notes

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