by Jim Euclid

29 April, 2012
from Regolish Website

Spanish version


Who has not watched 'Saving Private Ryan' and not felt the horror, once again, of the inhumanity of cruel and pointless war.


But war movies are not just about remembering the horrors of the past - it is also externalizing the immediacy of traumatic events for those who have experienced it. Recall how the greatest number of war films were made immediately after WWII or how a similar swath of 9/11 movies in the years immediately after 'the war on terror'.

Let us remember this when we move into the new galactic cycle post-ascension. Let us not forget the struggles of an indeterminate number of brave men and women who have sacrificed much in the resistance against enslavement by our oppressors. Let us not forget the pain, torture, rape and murder of men, women and children in the name of Draco.


After ascension,

  • We will not be walking through fields of dandelions and singing sweet songs, forgetful of the past.


  • We will be fully conscious beings living a 'new earth.' We will not be numb with joy. Instead we will be fired by truth, compassion and the desire to help others both here on Earth and elsewhere who have experienced what we have experienced.


  • We may well weep as Buddha did, when we awaken post-ascension, seeing that we had been asleep for so long, and in the interim, so much suffering passed unnoticed, so much spiritual depravity left to simmer.


  • We may forgive, and we may forget (as much as is humanly possible), but the next generation must never forget what has been sacrificed for what we have achieved.

We have not fought this war alone.


It has been fought with us by an infinite number of celestial helpers from all walks of universal life. People from other times and dimensions who have entered human bodies to assist the fight. ETs who have fought from on high for us, invisible to common eyes.


They have risked life and limb as they fought beside us and for us in what was truly a spiritual battle for our soul. Had we lost this war, the cost would have been permanent enslavement, and the loss of untold billions of lives. Had we lost, no story would be told, for there would be no one to tell it to.

We must cherish our pain, without it becoming a cross to bear. We must always remember and honor those souls who have shared information to awaken us, who have fought battles we have not the skill to fight, who have entered the fray with demons of such stature that mere mortals would quiver with fear. We have summoned the angels to fight on our behalf.


We have pleaded for God's ear. And through the dark night of our wandering over the last three millennia, God has waited until the upliftment to assist in our liberation.


It is through our own efforts that we have succeeded, but it could not have succeeded without divine intervention. Let us remember the manifold efforts when we celebrate our victory. Let it be a testament to the liberty of humanity who overcome impossible odds in order to liberate ourselves and our loved ones from the yolk of spiritual evil.


We must remind all of the future children where they are in time and space and how they have come to be so lucky of fate that God and man chose to unite against the dark forces and won. We must make a covenant with our children, but not a burden.


Only that we remain ever vigilante against our own weaknesses:

our humanity, innocence, trust and unconditional love.

Let there be guardians forever watchful over us. Let them heed this voice for all time.


We are the victors. We are the children of the spiritual evolution. No more will we go down that dark road. No more will our children be put in harm's way. No more will love play second fiddle to desire.


No more karma, no more suffering.


Only joy, wisdom and contentment for ever more.