"Sons Of Jared" Reborn

from ConspiracyNation Website


(Conspiracy Nation, 3/23/05)


-- Many thanks to a reported organization called "The Sons Of Jared," for pioneering a deeper understanding of the forces which oppress us all. The reported organization, "The Sons Of Jared," reportedly have vowed "implacable war against the descendants of the Watchers" who "as notorious Pharoahs, Kings and Dictators, have throughout history dominated mankind." (qtd. in From the Ashes of Angels by Andrew Collins)

However, a routine search of Internet reveals no contact information for the said organization, "The Sons Of Jared." How can said organization battle the descendants of the Watchers when potential members have no way to join? Indeed, thanks to an alert reader of Conspiracy Nation, it is now called into question whether said organization, "The Sons Of Jared," even exists!

Therefore, prior to a planned formation of an actual "Sons of Jared" organization, in courtesy Conspiracy Nation urgently requests that any member of the purported "The Sons Of Jared" organization contact this editor without delay. (Contact info: e-mail to bigred@shout.net or phone 217-356-4418.)

Under consideration at this time, barring the actual present existence of a "Sons of Jared," is the formation of a born or reborn "Sons of Jared" organization, whose purpose will be spiritual battle against the shape-shifting demon offspring of the Watchers. To that end, the following Ten Rules Of Jared are proposed:

Ten Rules Of Jared
We Believe

1) That there were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the Sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them. That these giants, offspring of the Watchers, upon their physical destruction, yielded up demon spirits which, through shape-shifting disguise, have constantly plagued the good people of this earth.

2) That Enoch, son of Jared, walked with God. In imitation of Enoch and as a foundation of our spiritual battle, we greet each day with a brisk walk whenever possible. When we do this, we are not walking alone, for even when alone, God walks with us.

3) That women are creatures of beauty and a delight to behold. We are ever chivalrous toward women and we follow the Knightly Code.

4) That there are so many laws that it has become impossible to truly know what is "the law." We therefore beg the U.S. Congress to take an inventory of the present laws and to un-write superfluous laws.

5) That all men of whatever faith are welcome in our organization, excepting only Satanists and, depending upon specifics, Atheists. An organization battling evil spiritual forces cannot welcome Satanists who belong with the very forces we oppose! An organization waging spiritual war cannot generally welcome Atheists, who, depending on specifics, do not believe in a spiritual realm.

6) That television is to be avoided since it is harmful, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

7) That certain animals are especially our friends: dogs, cats, horses, and donkeys. In times of trouble, when no others will truly listen, heart-to-heart confessions to these beloved animals can unburden our souls, renew us spiritually, and allow us to reinvigorate our quest: To rid earth once and for all from the evil control of the demon offspring of the Watchers!

8) That women, our better halves, are an inspiration for our quest. We therefore ever-cherish an exalted ideal nearest to our hearts, be she Mother Mary, Terri Schiavo, or a noble Lady viewed from afar.

9) That oil is Luciferian in origin and its demise is a happy day for the people of this earth. (See "Ragnarok vs. Unlimited Oil," http://www.shout.net/~bigred/Ragnarok.html for background.)

10) That above all else, we must ever avoid taking ourselves too seriously.