The Aquarium Rationale

by the V.H. Fra. D:.T:.S:.


"Oh, how I wish you were here.
We're just two lost souls, swimmin' in a fish bowl -- year after year.
Goin' over the same old ground -- and how we've found the same old fears.
Wish you were here."

Eschaton is the Problem. The Aquarium is the Solution

The aquarium preempts the eschaton. We transform the eschaton into a transcendental opportunity. The world will not end because the world has already been saved. The aquarium saves the world by reminding the world, in a novel fashion, that it has already been saved two thousand years ago. The aquarium is the second coming, for all practical purposes. The aquarium walks softly and carries a big eschaton. This second offer of salvation is the offer that the world cannot and will not refuse.

This is a very pragmatic idealism. Reasoned negotiation is our strategy. We prophesy the inevitable. The spiritual revolution will be played out here in cyberspace before anyone has a chance to pick up a rock to throw through a window.

I am the good cop and my buddy Ron, the spook,
is the bad cop. We conspire to place ourselves
between the world and the eschaton. We also place
ourselves between cosmic intelligence
and central intelligence.

In this revolution, I am the good cop and my buddy Ron, the spook, is the bad cop. We conspire to place ourselves between the world and the eschaton. We also place ourselves between cosmic intelligence and central intelligence. To do our jobs we do not have to be or become anything, we merely have to hang out here at the end of the world, thereby being the fulcrum which Archimedes sought.

This is no harder or easier than any other job. We merely demonstrate how all of us are in the right place at the right time, for the final few who do not already know that.

The aquarium does not have to make a splash. The right pebble at the right time in the cyberpond will send out the ripple that people will feel when they need to feel. The whole pond will be the aquarium, a conspiracy without a secret or a boundary.

A Glitch in Time
Brother Daniel (Smith, Dan) chased & haunted by The Eschaton

All of history can be seen as a preparation for our impending close encounter with the eschaton. As the event draws nearer, the preparations become more obvious. Of particular concern in this regard is the likelihood of a strong negative reaction from this world's power structure. This would have been the case if there had not been a preemptive move on the part of the higher powers.

A compelling scenario for this preemption comes in the form of a trojan horse visitation directed particularly at the military- industrial complex of the U.S. Something like this has certainly become an icon of popular culture, and at the end of the day, what may have actually happened will be a moot point, relative to what could have happened or what people believe, or what the authorities come to believe may have happened. Having a literalist frame of mind is useful in the hard sciences, but often not in the soft sciences.

The higher powers look for the meanest dog in town and send it a gift horse in the form of an exotic package that will confound all the kings men as they try to reassemble it. They cannot swallow it, nor can they spit it out. They are left with a funny looking visiting sage who lectures to them at his liesure about the finer points of cosmic etiquette. The junkyard dog learns table manners in the privacy of his own dog house.

Enter, the Aquarium

Note how the Baby Pelican
pokes it's bill into the
Daddy Pelican's throat to
find a meal of "pre-digested"
intell. Just as it hath been
written of old, "Truth, Lord
yet the dogs eat of the
crumbs which fall from
their master's table."

No! Enter, the aviary. Find yourself in the bowels of the cold war machine, in the belly of the beast. I spy? No, Psi Spy. It is cheap and dirty, and the occasional spectacular hit provides a few new kids, the aviary, with an entre up to the window of the dog house. They caught a whiff of the weird and just followed their noses. They are allowed to press their noses against the glass. They see a funny looking guy surrounded by grown men who are crying, but now house broken, nonetheless. The Grown Men, The Kids, and finally El Nino...

It's deja vu all over again. Herod's henchmen have been temporarily neutralized. Along comes the aquarium, tripping through the tulips, and muttering things eschatological. We are not given entre to the privy chamber, but we can mingle with the homeys in the hood and on the Hill.

Anything more, by way of access, would probably violate the prime directive. Salvation comes from within, spontaneously, and the most we can expect is to be allowed to prime that spiritual pump, having been indirectly set up by the aforementioned cosmic glitch. The aquarium is opportunist, looking to be in that certain place at the certain time. Dan's place?

And Where is the Proof?

The proof is in your head and in your heart. That is where it will be when you feel an urge to look for it. We have been looking for truth in all the wrong places, through telescopes and through microscopes. We can only wander so far into the cosmos before we see Friday's footprints leading back to our own souls, thus completing the sojourn of history. That is the apocalypse when the heavens fall and become the new heaven and new earth, ourselves at the helm.

Our lower powers break the illusion of separation becoming one with the higher power. That is what our starry messenger came to tell us. That is what I pass on to you. You want it from the horse's mouth. That is what I and now you are. There is no hurry, we have all the time in the world.