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Pledge of Allegiance





The Pledge of Allegiance was the origin of Adolf Hitler's "Nazi" salute under the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP - Nazis).

Francis Bellamy & Edward Bellamy touted National Socialism and the police state in the USA decades before their dogma was exported to Germany. They influenced the NSDAP, its dogma, symbols and rituals.


The swastika, although an ancient symbol, was also used to represent "S" letters joined for "socialism" under the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazis), similar to the alphabetical symbolism for the SS Division, the SA, the NSV, and the VW logo (the letters "V" and "W" joined for "Volkswagen").

New discoveries show that swastikas were used as alphabetic symbolism (to represent letters and words) in the United States decades before swastikas became symbols for "socialism" under German National Socialism and under the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

The discoveries are in the growing body of work by the symbologist and cryptologist Dr. Rex Curry (author of "Swastika Secrets"). He has previously shown how socialists in the USA modernized the ancient swastika as overlapping "S" letters for "Socialists" joining together in a utopian "Socialist Society."

The swastika was also used to represent four conjoined "L" letters for "luck, love, life, light."

The American swastika's alphabetic symbolism is shown in a popular 1910 postcard (below image).




The tetragrammaton is the Hebrew word for "God" transliterated consonantally as YHWH and as Yahweh, and as IHUH or IaHUeH and as "Jehovah."

The word "tetragrammaton" derives from "tetra" meaning "four" and "gramma" meaning "letter." The tetragrammaton begins with the Hebrew letter "Yod" (middle) which, if repeated four times as a tetragram, produces the symbol shown in the illustration below.




The Greek letter "gamma" or "G" (left) in its lowercase form resembles the English letter "Y."


The Greek letter "gamma" in its uppercase form is shown in the middle. If repeated four times as a tetragram it produces the symbol shown in the illustration below.


They symbol was called the cross gammadion (Latin: crux gammata, French: croix gammée, as each arm resembles the Greek letter Γ (gamma).

Some people believe that before Nazism it was used as a tetragram or tetragrammaton for "God." It was also a type of cross known as an "armed cross" or "Lauburu" or "crooked cross."

The swastika was an ancient symbol and would historically point left or right and usually was oriented horizontally as if drawn in a square. To the Nazis, the swastika was also a cross in that German socialists did not use the word "swastika" but used the word "Hakenkreuz." (hooked cross).

The Nazi "God" was socialism and they worshipped their flag's symbol with a stiff-arm salute.


Hitler turned all uses of the symbol to point in the S-direction, and he eventually oriented it as if drawn within a diamond to emphasize the overlapping "S" letters for "Socialism" under the National Socialist German Workers' Party, as shown in the research of the historian Dr. Rex Curry (author of "Pledge of Allegiance Secrets").

The illustration also shows a symbol called a "sieg" rune from an ancient German alphabet and it corresponded to the "S" letter. The horrid National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nazis) often used the swastika and other alphabetic symbolism such as the other symbol in the illustration for the "SS" division.


Similar alphabetical symbolism still shows on Volkswagen's VW logo.




It is sad to note that their worship of socialism was borrowed from American socialists, including Edward Bellamy (author of "Looking Backward" in 1888) and Francis Bellamy (author of the "Pledge of Allegiance" in 1892).


The stiff-arm salute in worship of government and flags originated from Francis' Pledge of Allegiance, as shown by Dr. Curry.


Edward's book was an international bestseller translated into every major language (including German) and it launched the Nationalism movement. Francis and Edward were both self-proclaimed nationalists and socialists and they promoted military socialism to create an "industrial army" of work brigades. They wanted government to take over all schools and impose robotic chanting to flags.


When the government granted their wish, government schools imposed segregation by law and taught racism as official policy.


That behavior even outlasted German National Socialism. People were persecuted for refusing to perform robotic chanting to the national flag at the same time in the USA and Germany (to the American flag, and to the German symbol flag).


Laws in the USA still require children to be led in robotic chanting to the flag each day for twelve years of their lives in government schools.


Here is a photograph of the early Pledge of Allegiance.



The swastika symbol was used by the mystical Theosophical Society as part of its symbolism during the time that the Society and Edward Bellamy worked to promote his National Socialism worldwide.


The swastika was used as alphabetical symbolism for socialism, and adopted later by German socialists as their flag symbol.


Tetragrammaton from the movie "Equilibrium"



Gammadion is a cross formed of four capital gammas, or the Greek letter that corresponds to "G," or the Hebrew letter gimel, perhaps meaning camel. There are many types of crosses.


The swastika was a type of cross and it was also called the Hakenkreuz or Hooked Cross.


It was also known as:

  • Crux Gammata

  • Fylfot

  • Suastika

  • Tetraskelion

  • Twisted Cross

  • Cross Cramponned, ~nnée, or ~nny (in heraldry), as each arm resembles a crampon or angle-iron. (Compare Winkelmaßkreuz in German)

  • Cross Gammadion

  • Tetragammadion (Greek: τέτραγαμμάδιον) or just gammadion, as each arm resembles the Greek letter gamma (Γ)

  • Compare:

    • crux gammata in Latin

    • croiz gammée in Old French

    • croix gammée in French

    • cruz gamada or esvástica in Spanish

    • cruz gamada or cruz suástica in Portuguese


This is a symbol used by Madame Helena Blavatsky of the Theosophical Society during the time that she collaborated with the American socialist Edward Bellamy and his Nationalist movement in the USA.

The inner symbol at lower left is "Shin" the twenty-first letter in many Semitic abjads, including Phoenician, Aramaic, Hebrew שׂ, and Arabic šīn ﺵ (in abjadi order, 12th in modern order).

The Phoenician Shin letter gave rise to other letters related to the letter "S," such as the Greek Sigma (Σ), Latin S, and Cyrillic letters Es (С).



In Judaism Shin also stands for S-letter symbolism for the word "Shaddai," a name for God. Because of this, a kohen (priest) forms the letter Shin with his hands as he recites the Priestly Blessing.


In the mid 1960s, actor Leonard Nimoy used a single-handed version of this gesture to create the Vulcan Hand Salute for his character, Mr. Spock, on Star Trek.

In Jewish tradition the letter Shin is inscribed on the Mezuzah, a vessel which houses a scroll of parchment with Biblical text written on it. The text contained in the Mezuzah is the Shema Yisrael prayer, which calls the Israelites to love their God with all their heart. The mezuzah is situated upon all the doorframes in a home. Sometimes the whole word Shaddai is written.

The letter Shin also appears in the game of dreidel/dreydl as S-letter symbolism for "shtel" ("put" meaning to put a coin in the pot).

It is unfortunate that the monstrous National Socialist German Workers Party also used S-letter symbolism in the swastika to represent it dogma of "Socialism" under German National Socialism, a dogma influenced by the work of Edward Bellamy's National Socialist movement and Madame Blavatsky's Theosophical Society in the USA, which also used the swastika symbol.

In addition, German socialists did not call their symbol a "swastika." German socialists called their symbol a Hakenkreuz. The word "Hakenkreuz" means "hooked cross" because it was also a reference to God and religion, as a type of cross.

The two S-letters mad the socialist swastika was a digrammaton, instead of a tetragrammaton.





Cryptologist Dr. Rex Curry

Cryptography, cryptology and symbology are areas of fascinating research.


The research often reveals how government and socialism grow through the use of cryptography, and how individuals preserve libertarianism by using cryptography to counter-act government.

Crypto, from the Greek "kryptos," is an English prefix that means "hidden" or "secret." An early book about cryptography was a Roman work, now lost and known only by references. Many works on cryptography were mystical. At least one work in 1518 was put on the Index (i.e., banned) by the Catholic Church as being about black magic or witchcraft.

Cryptology took its worst turn under the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSGWP) and the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. German National Socialism and all socialism is a virtual cryptonomicon from start to finish. Socialism is a cryptic message in soothing script that conceals coded death warrants for millions of people.


Its mystical and mysterious propaganda still pops up from WWII to befuddle modern readers with conspiratorial ties.

The mysterious propaganda led to a recent discovery in cryptology: the swastika is a cryptogram. Although the swastika was an ancient symbol, the cryptologist Dr. Rex Curry discovered that it was also used sometimes by German National Socialists to represent "S" letters for their "socialism."


The head of the NSGWP altered his own signature to use the same stylized "S" letter for "socialist," and he turned his symbol 45 degrees to the horizontal and oriented it to always point clockwise. He used similar alphabetic symbolism for his SS Division and similar alphabetic symbolism still shows on Volkswagens.

Curry has cult status among cryptology fans thanks to his work deciphering the swastika, which completely redefined conventional notions of symbology. It earned him the name "Crypto Curry."


His libertarian work explains how rebels beat the government and socialists, and are saving privacy in the digital age.

The swastika remains an undeciphered cryptogram for most people because it is still protected by cryptic speech. Most people call the symbol as a swastika, even though that is not what it was called by the people who used it as a cryptogram. German National Socialists called it a Hakenkreuz.

Most people do not know that a cross was worshiped as the notorious symbol of the NSGWP. Hakenkreuz means "hooked cross." With a 45 degree turn of his Hakenkreuz, the leader of German National Socialists combined the cross with collectivism, merged church and state, meshed religion and socialism, and mandated the worship of government.

Socialism retains undeciphered cryptography because it is still protected by cryptic speech. Most people exclusively use the common shorthand term for the National Socialist German Workers' Party, a cryptogram, and they do not know what the abbreviation abbreviates. German National Socialists did not use the common shorthand term. Party members called themselves socialists.

In 1939, the National Socialist German Workers' Party and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics joined as allies to invade Poland, under a pact to divide up Europe.


The dogma of socialism led to the most secretive governments in history and to the worst murders in the socialist Wholecaust (of which the Holocaust was a part):

  • 65 million slaughtered under the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

  • 49 million under the Peoples Republic of China

  • 21 million under the National Socialist German Workers Party

They showed that socialists are nuclear bombs. Socialism is nuclear war.

The deadly dogma also infiltrated the USA. It caused the Great Socialist Depression (from the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act 1930 etc) that persisted and even lasted through U.S. involvement in WWII.


The use of numbers to represent people began in the USA in 1935, as the USA followed the path of German National Socialists at the height of their power. The numbers are used to tax and track everyone for life. The federal government was growing massively and attempting to nationalize the economy in many ways.


The pledge of allegiance to the USA's flag had its early straight-arm salute and, in another amazing discovery, Professor Curry has shown that it was the origin of the salute of the NSGWP. The pledge was created by Francis Bellamy, an advocate of nationalization and a self-proclaimed national socialist in the USA. Government was taking over schools and imposing segregation by law and teaching racism as official policy.


Laws required daily robotic chanting of the pledge upon the ring of a government bell, like Pavlov's lapdogs of the state. They still do.

Cryptography served greatly in the fight against socialism before and through WWII. After German Socialism and Soviet Socialism were put into their final crypts, their deadly dogma continued to haunted the living, and cryptologists continued to fight it.

After German socialism, the USA's government schools continued segregation and racism, stopping in the 1960's. The USA also continued its National numbering and its robotic pledge, with no stopping. Today, the USA numbers babies, and government schools demand the numbers for enrollment, and the numbers track homes, workplaces, incomes, finances, and more, for life. To echo the paranoiac tone of government spokespersons, there are laws that still result in the daily pledge in schools, a bizarre ritual shunned by every other country.

In recent times, the term crypto-socialist has been used to describe both democrat-socialists and republican-socialists, because the current government is outspending the previous government by more than double and growing (in social spending ALONE).

Crypto-socialism and the USA's growing police state have inspired the opposing philosophy of crypto-anarchism. Crypto-anarchism is a philosophy that expounds the use of strong public-key cryptography by individuals to personally protect privacy and individual freedom. Crypto-anarchists utilize the "underground economy" to defeat government socialism and to remain anonymous or pseudonymous.


The work research collides with top-secret conspiracies that have links to World War II.


Swastika tetragrammaton


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