Money out of nothing

Today the initiates and frontmen for the Babylonian Brotherhood control world politics, banking, business, intelligence agencies, police, the military, education and the media. The most important of these, in terms of control, is banking. The creation and manipulation of money.

The Brotherhood financial sting is very simple and spans the period we are documenting from the time of Sumer and Babylon to the present day. It is based on creating money that doesn’t exist and lending it to people and businesses in return for interest. This creates enormous debt for governments, businesses and the general population, and you therefore control them. Vital to this has been to allow bankers to lend money they do not have. It works like this. If you or me have a million pounds, we can lend a million pounds. Very simple.


But if a bank has a million pounds it can lend ten times that and more, and charge interest on it. If even a fraction of the people who theoretically have ‘money’ deposited in the banks went today to remove it, the banks would slam the doors in half an hour because they do not have it. Money in the bank is a myth, another confidence trick. When you go into a bank and ask for a loan, the bank does not print a single new note nor mint a single new coin. It merely types the amount of the loan into your account. From that moment you are paying interest to the bank on what is no more than figures typed on a screen.


However, if you fail to pay back that non-existent loan, the bank can come along and quite legally take your wealth that does exist, your home, land, car, and possessions, to the estimated value of whatever figure was typed onto that screen. More than that, because money is not brought into circulation by governments, but by private banks making loans to customers, the banks control how much money is in circulation. The more loans they choose to make, the more money is in circulation. What is the difference between an economic boom (prosperity) and an economic depression (poverty)? One thing only: the amount of money in circulation. That’s all.


And, through this system, the private banks, controlled by the same people, decide how much money will be in circulation. They can create booms and busts at will. The same with the stock-markets where these guys are moving trillions of dollars a day around the financial and banking markets, so deciding if they go up or down, soar or crash. Stock-market crashes don’t just happen, they are made to happen.

Most of the ‘money’ in circulation is not physical money, cash and coins. It is represented as figures passing from one computer account to another electronically via money transfers, credit cards and cheque books. The more money, electronic or otherwise, that is in circulation, the more economic activity can take place and therefore the more products are bought and sold, the more income people have, and the more jobs are available.


But a constant theme of the reptile-Aryan financial coup has been to create a boom by making lots of loans and then pull the plug. Overpaid economists and economic correspondents, most of whom have no idea what is going on, will tell you that boom and bust is part of some natural ‘economic cycle’. What claptrap. It is systematic manipulation by the Brotherhood to steal the real wealth of the world. During a boom many people get themselves into even more debt. The vibrant economic activity means that businesses borrow more for new technology to increase production to meet demand.


People borrow more to buy a bigger house and a new, more expensive car, because they are so confident about their economic future. Then, at the most opportune moment, the major bankers, coordinated by the secret society networks, raise interest rates to suppress the demand for loans and they begin to call in loans already outstanding. They ensure they make far fewer loans than before. This has the affect of taking units of exchange (money in its various forms) out of circulation. This suppresses demand for products and leads to fewer jobs because there is not enough money in circulation to generate the necessary economic activity. So people and businesses can no longer earn enough to repay their loans and they go bankrupt.


The banks then take over their real wealth, their business, home, land, car and possessions in return for non-repayment of a loan that was never more than figures typed on a screen. This has been going on in cycles over thousands of years, especially the last few centuries, and the real wealth of the world has been sucked out of the population and into the hands of those who control the banking system - the reptilian bloodlines. The same applies to countries. Instead of creating their own interest free money, governments borrow it from the private banking cartel and pay back both the interest and the capital by taxation of the people. Fantastic amounts of the money you pay in taxes go straight to the private banks to pay back loans which the governments could create themselves interest-free!! Why don’t they do it? Because the Brotherhood controls the governments as much as they control the banks.

What we call ‘privatisation’ is the selling off of state assets to stave off bankruptcy caused by the bank-created debt. Third World countries are handing over control of their land and resources to the international bankers because they cannot pay back the vast loans made, on purpose, by the banks to ensnare them in this very situation. The world does not have to be in poverty and conflict, it is manipulated to be that way because it serves the Agenda. The Knights Templar used the system I’ve just described when they created the foundations of the modern banking network back in the 12th and 13th centuries and this clearly connected with the Venetian network of the Black Nobility operating at the same time.


The world financial manipulation is today coordinated by ‘central banks’ in each country which appear to be working independently, but are in fact working together to a common end. The Bank of England, chartered by the Black Nobility’s William of Orange, has been the spider at the centre of this web and so, too, since the 1930s, has the Bank of International Settlements in Switzerland. Like the Bank of England, the central banks were chartered by the descendants of the reptilian banking families of Genoa and Venice.


The Rothschilds

One bloodline which came from the reptile-Aryans within the Khazar empire in the Caucasus Mountains are the Rothschilds. Their leading members are reptile full bloods, reptilians knowingly occupying a human physical form. No overview of the financial manipulation is possible without considerable mention of the Rothschild gang. They changed their name from Bauer to Rothschild and, from their base in 18th century Frankfurt, they have been at the heart of the manipulation of the world to this day. I document the Rothschilds at length in And The Truth Shall Set You Free, but I will briefly summarize here because they are so important to the story.


The Rothschild banking dynasty was created by Mayer Amschel Bauer. The reptilian families change their names to hide their origins and their use and creation of titles has been a great help in this. Bauer changed his name to Rothschild which came from the red shield (rotes schild in German) which hung over the door of his house in Frankfurt. Red has been the colour symbolizing revolution since the ancient origins of the Brotherhood, which is why the Russian revolutionaries were called the Reds. On the shield was a hexagram, a Star of David or Seal of Solomon and this same symbol is now on the flag of Israel. People think it is a Jewish symbol because of its name and use, but this is nonsense.


One was found on the floor of a 1,200 year old Muslim mosque which stood on the site of present day Tel Aviv.1 The Jewish writer, O.J. Graham, in his work, The Six Pointed Star, says:

“...the six pointed star made its way from Egyptian Pagan rituals of worship, to the goddess Ashteroth and Moloch... then it progressed through the magic arts, witchcraft, (including Arab magicians, Druids and Satanists)... through the Cabala to Isaac Luria, a Cabalist in the 16th century, to Mayer Amschel Bauer, who changed his name to this symbol, to Zionism, to the Knesset (parliament) of the new State of Israel, to the flag of Israel, and its medical organization, equivalent to the Red Cross.”2

So the very name Rothschild comes from an ancient esoteric symbol connected to Egypt as Moloch (Nimrod) the ‘god’ of sacrifice. The hexagram only became used by the Jewish hierarchy as their symbol with the emergence of the Rothschilds and it has absolutely nothing to do with ‘King David’ as the Jewish leaders well know. It is on the flag of Israel because Israel is not the land of the Jews, it is the land of the Rothschilds and those who dictate to them from even higher up the Brotherhood pyramid. They created Israel and they control it. The red shield used as the emblem of the Salvation Army was inspired by the Rothschilds, by the way.

Frankfurt, the home of the Rothschild dynasty, was where paper money became popular and the new European Central Bank is based there. This bank allows a few unelected bankers to set the interest rates for all the European Union countries using the single European currency. As Mayer Amschel Rothschild is quoted to have said:

“Give me control over a nation’s currency and I don’t care who makes the laws.”3

Mayer Rothschild married Gutele Schnaper, then 16, and they had ten children, five boys and five girls, who were sent out to establish branches of the dynasty in London, Paris, Vienna, Berlin and Naples.


The Rothschild children were married by arrangement to noble families and to each other at cousin level to maintain the reptilian bloodline and keep the power ‘in house’. Mayer’s will specifically insisted on this and also that Rothschild men must always head the business and accounts must be kept strictly secret. The will excluded Rothschild daughters, their husbands and heirs, from the business and all knowledge of it. So just because your name might be Rothschild does not mean you are a Satanist or know what is going on. I am talking about those at the top of this empire and the same applies to all the families I mention.


Most members of these families will be shocked to find what has been going on around them. What we do not want is a witch-hunt against everyone who carries these family names or the reptile race in general. It is those knowingly responsible we need to expose, not the innocent puppets who happen to be in the same family or have the same name.

Mayer Rothschild became banker and manipulator to Prince William IX of Hesse-Hanau, another member of the Black Nobility reptilian bloodline, and they attended Freemason meetings together. According to the book, Jews And Freemasons In Europe (1723-1939), William’s younger brother, Karl, was accepted as the head of German Freemasons and members of the Hesse dynasty were closely involved with an Elite Freemason group called the Strict Observance. This was later called the Beneficent Knights of the Holy City,4 and was known in Germany as The Brethren of John the Baptist (a code for Nimrod).5


The House of Hesse were on Hitler’s side in the Second World War and Prince Philip of Hesse was a messenger between Hitler and Mussolini.6 After they took the British throne William and Rothschild made a fortune hiring Hesse troops to the German Hanoverians. Many of the troops who fought for ‘Britain’ in the American War of Independence were William’s German mercenaries. William was the grandson of the Hanoverian king of England, George II, and is therefore an ancestor of Queen Elizabeth II. By another line, he is also related to her husband, Prince Philip.

Goodness knows how many of the reptilian Hesse bloodline are out there, because William alone is estimated to have fathered at least 70, yes 70, children by various women.7 How did he find the time? But this is another important point. The reptile-Aryan offspring produced through the arranged marriages are the official heirs. But literally thousands are produced unofficially outside of marriage and these are not credited to that bloodline. However, they are carefully documented and the Brotherhood know exactly who these people are.


They want to know which are the reptile bloodlines because they know they will be easiest to ‘plug in’ to the reptilians on the lower fourth dimension. This is one reason for the highly detailed genetic records kept by the Mormons, another Brotherhood operation at its top level. So when people in power appear to have no blood links with these families, the opposite may be true. A number of researchers believe Bill Clinton to be a closet Rockefeller and he is certainly blood-related to the British monarchy, every Scottish monarch, and King Robert I of France. St Germain, now a ‘messiah’ figure to many New Agers, was a friend of William of Hesse-Hanau, and his brother, Karl.


Apparently, Karl wrote that Germain, an alchemist and magician, had been raised by the de Medici (Black Nobility) family in Italy.8 Many New Agers today talk about the Great White Brotherhood of ‘master souls’, including Germain, who are communicating ‘guidance’ to channellers about the coming transformation. This is yet another mind control operation by the Brotherhood to misdirect and imprison the more extreme of the New Age mentality and to stop it getting off its collective arse (and the ceiling) and so making a real difference.

Political unrest caused by Napoleon Bonaparte made William of Hesse-Hanau take flight to Denmark for a while, and during this time Mayer Rothschild’s eldest son, Nathan, another Freemason like most of them, stole £600,000 which should have been used to pay the mercenary soldiers. He took it to London to establish a Rothschild bank there. The fortune he made from this by funding Wellington’s war with Napoleon and other manipulated ‘investments’ formed the foundation of the dynasty. Both Wellington and Napoleon were manipulated and funded by the same people who included Napoleon’s brother, Joseph Bonaparte, a Freemasonic Grand Master. The Rothschilds, even according to some of their own histories, constantly funded both sides in wars.

They engineered these wars through the secret society network and their own intelligence operation which continues today. It is called Mossad which is officially the intelligence agency of Israel, but Israel is Roth-rael and so Mossad is Roth-ad. Anka Muhlstein, the Jewish author of Baron James, The Rise Of The French Rothschilds, says the family intelligence network used Hebrew letters as a code. Hebrew was the sacred language of the Egyptian mystery schools, which is where much Brotherhood knowledge came from, along with the ancient knowledge of Asia and the Far East, which is also connected with the Khazar bloodlines.


The Rothschild communications network was faster than any government system and one of the famous examples of Rothschild double-dealing was when they spread a rumour that Wellington had lost to Napoleon in the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. This caused a crash on the London stockmarket and the Rothschilds secretly bought up stock at knockdown prices. When the news arrived that in fact Wellington had won, the stocks rose in price again and the Rothschilds had increased their wealth by an incredible amount. When, like the Rothschilds, you control the media, the politicians, and the stock-market, making money is child’s play and so is starting wars.


Every working day, the world price of gold is still set at the London offices of N.M. Rothschild and the stock-markets across the world are controlled by the Babylonian Brotherhood through banking and financial families like the Rothschilds. If there is a banking and stock-market crash in the Far East, it is because it suits the reptilian Agenda. Another of their cycles is to encourage people to invest in the stock-market until the quoted companies are massively overvalued.


The Brotherhood then crash the markets (having sold their stocks just before) and while most people lose their money, the Brotherhood buy up vast amounts of stock at bargain prices. The stock-market goes up, so does the value of the newly acquired companies, and the Brotherhood wealth and control takes another leap forward. It’s all manipulation to achieve the reptilian goal of total global control.

Creating wars is a wonderful way to make vast fortunes and destroy the status quo. You lend money to both sides to fund the war and then you lend them even more to rebuild their devastated countries. They get in debt (control) to you and you increase your wealth (power). Such control and power allows you to build a new society in the image of your agenda, when the war you have created and funded has destroyed the old structure.


The so-called Protocols of the Elders of Zion were discovered in the last century and tell in incredible detail the events and methods of manipulation we have seen manifest in the 20th century. These documents were very much the creation of the Rothschilds and the reptilian-Aryans. But they are not really the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, they are, in truth, the Protocols of SION, the Sun, and the Priory of Sion. So much disinformation and aggression has been hurled at the Protocols and anyone who has mentioned them - including me - because the Brotherhood are desperate to discredit their contents. It is far too close to home.


Hitler used the Protocols in part to justify the oppression of Jews, but he was given the Protocols by a Rothschild agent of Khazar decent called Alfred Rosenberg. I don’t accept that the Protocols are ‘Jewish’ in the way people have come to understand that term. They are the work of the reptile-Aryans and made to appear ‘Jewish’ so that we lose the plot. See .. And The Truth Shall Set You Free for more details of this and The Robot’s Rebellion for the contents of the Protocols.

The Rothschild’s became one of the pivotal families in the Brotherhood’s financial and political Agenda and they went on to direct events throughout Europe before expanding into the Americas, South Africa and eventually the world. They had the crown heads of Europe in debt to them and this included the Black Nobility reptilian dynasty, the Habsburgs, who ruled the Holy Roman Empire for 600 years. The Rothschilds also took control of the Bank of England. If there was a war, the Rothschilds were behind the scenes, creating the conflict and funding both sides.

The Rothschild leaders are not Jewish, they are reptilians who have sent countless Jews to their deaths to further their sickening ambitions. They have been close associates of the House of Windsor and they controlled people like Edward VII, the Grand Master of English Freemasonry. Edward was the son of Queen Victoria and the German Freemason, Prince Albert.


The Mountbattens (formerly the German Battenbergs) are blood relatives of the Rothschilds and Lord Louis Mountbatten arranged the marriage of Queen Elizabeth II to his grandson, Prince Philip, two equal strands of the reptilian Black Nobility. Mountbatten was also the mentor of Prince Charles. When victims of Satanic ritual abuse tell me that the late Lord Mountbattan was among their abusers, it fits the picture completely. That’s the background he came from. The Rothschilds and the Bauers (also Bowers) are steeped in Satanism and both the Rothschilds and the Windsor-Mountbattens are reptilian, Anunnaki bloodlines.


The Bauers, particularly a man called Richard Bauer, were leading alchemists and esoteric magicians in Germany in the Middle Ages.9 Karl Marx, the Brotherhood frontman for the creation of Communism, was a student of a Bruno Bauer at Berlin University and this Bauer was the only Bible scholar on record who openly wrote that the New Testament was a synthesis of ideas between Seneca and Josephus (Piso).10 He said that Jesus was the creation of the writer of Mark’s Gospel.11 Yet more evidence that the bloodlines of the Brotherhood have known the truth all along.

The Rothschilds were involved in the Tugenbund League (also the Virtue League) which was formed in 1786 as a ‘sex society’. Its members, and their wives and daughters, would meet at the home of a woman called Henrietta Herz and take part in sexual activity and rituals. Among them were two daughters of Moses Mendelssohn, a Rothschild agent behind the manipulation of the French Revolution; the Marquis de Mirabeau, the Freemason also intimately involved in the revolution; and Frederick von Gentz, who would become a very influential Rothschild agent.12


In 1807, there followed the second Tugenbund League, again involving the Rothschilds. It was formed by Baron von Stein and expanded rapidly to include most leading politicians in Germany and many of the top military leaders and professors of literature and science. William of Hesse-Cassal was a member and the official role of this second Tugenbund League was to remove the Napoleonic occupation of Germany.13 It was close to other Masonic groups like the Black Knights, the Knights of the Queen of Prussia and the Concordists.


These were offshoots of the ancient Teutonic Knights structure in Germany and the predecessors of the Thule Society, the Edelweiss Society, and Vril Society, which were to be the architects of the Nazi Party. It is the same face with different masks and the Rothschilds have been behind most of them - including the Nazis. All these groups interlock if you dig deep enough.

This apparently complex (but ultimately simple) network of banking, business, politics, media, and secret societies, controls the world on behalf of the Brotherhood operational headquarters in London. The control of money and banking via the Rothschilds and others are crucial to this. One of the Brotherhood’s most important coups was the creation in 1913 of the Federal Reserve, the so-called ‘central bank’ of the United States.


It is neither federal nor has any reserve. It is a cartel of private banks owned by the 20 founding families, mostly European, which today decides the interest rates for the United States and lends non-existent money (figures on a screen) to the US Government on which the taxpayers have to pay interest. This is what we call the ‘American Deficit’ - it is fresh air. The Federal Government of the United States does not own a single share in the Federal Reserve and American citizens cannot purchase them.


Profits exceed $150 billion a year and the Federal Reserve has not once in all its history published audited accounts. This income is assured because:

1. the Brotherhood control the US Government (the Virginia Company under another name) which continues to borrow ‘money’ from the ‘Fed’

2. they also control the privately-owned Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the illegal terrorist organization which collects the taxation from the people

3. it controls the media to ensure that people never find out about 1 and 2

The Brotherhood had long desired a privately-owned ‘central bank’ in America to complete their control of the economy. When the leading Freemason, George Washington, became the first president he appointed a Brotherhood yes-man called Alexander Hamilton as his Secretary of the Treasury. Hamilton introduced the Bank of the United States, a privately owned central bank which began to lend money to the new US Government so creating control by debt from the very start.


Look at what happened when the Black Nobility introduced the Bank of England, and the scenario is exactly the same. The Bank of the United States caused so much poverty, bankruptcy and rebellion, that it was eventually closed down, but soon after that came its replacement, the Federal Reserve. The Rothschild’s main banking operation in America in the early part of this century was Kuhn, Loeb and Company in New York which was headed by Jacob Schiff.


The Schiff family lived in the same house in Frankfurt as the Rothschilds at the time of the founder, Mayer Amschel Rothschild. In 1902, the Rothschilds sent their agents, Paul and Felix Warburg, to America to engineer the creation of the Federal Reserve. Their brother, Max Warburg, stayed behind to run the family banking business which had been started in Venice under their previous name, the Abraham del Banco family. When they arrived in the States, Paul Warburg married Nina Loeb, of Kuhn, Loeb and Company, and Felix married Frieda Schiff, daughter of Jacob Schiff.


Another wonderful example of arranged marriages to suit the demands of the bloodlines and the Agenda. Both brothers became partners in Kuhn, Loeb and Company and Paul was put on an annual salary of some half a million dollars in the opening years of this century. That’s the sort of money we are talking about when we discuss the financial power of this group. Imagine what it must be today.

The Brotherhood network ensured that the ‘Democrat’ and Rosicrucian, Woodrow Wilson, won the presidency in 1909 and his minder was a leading Brotherhood member called ‘Colonel’ Mandel House. Wilson described him as “my second personality”, “my alter ego” , and said: “his thoughts and mine are one”. Never has a President said a truer word. As is now well documented by researchers, the Elite bankers from the Rockefeller-Morgan-Rothschild-Harriman cartels met secretly at Jekyl Island in Georgia to discuss tactics and the nature of the bill they wished to be passed to establish the bank they so badly desired.


Jekyl Island, it appears, was owned by the Payseurs and every member of the group was a Payseur trustee. Their political spokesman was Senator Nelson Aldrich, the grandfather of Nelson Rockefeller, the four times governor of New York and vice-president of the United States after Gerald Ford replaced Richard Nixon in the wake of Watergate in 1974.


Aldrich’s daughter, Abby, was married to John D. Rockefeller Jr. When the Federal Reserve Bill was going before Congress the bankers who had written the bill vehemently opposed it in public. The bankers were very unpopular by this time and they wanted to give the impression that the bill was bad for them, so increasing the public support for it to be passed. This sort of manipulation goes on all the time and no matter what anyone is saying about an event in public, we need to keep asking the question “Who benefits from this happening?” and “Who benefits from me believing what I am being told?”

They pushed the bill through just before Christmas 1913 when many Congressmen were already at home with their families for the holiday. Now they could control American interest rates and make a fortune lending the government money that doesn’t exist and charging interest on it.


To complete the cycle, however, they needed to ensure an endless supply of funds for the government and so they introduced a Federal Income Tax Bill, also in 1913. To do this they needed an amendment, the 16th, to the American Constitution, and that required the consent of at least 36 states. Only two states agreed, but Filander Knox, the Secretary of State, simply announced that the required majority had been achieved and the bill was introduced.


To this day the enforced payment of federal income tax is illegal and yet the Brotherhood’s Internal Revenue Service goes on doing that in the United States every day. Some may say that calling it a terrorist operation is too extreme, but to terrorize someone you don’t have to use a gun or a bomb. You can do it by threatening to destroy their livelihood and evict them from their home to pay you tax that is illegal. Incidentally, note the year of these two events, the Federal Reserve and the Federal Income Tax - 1913.


Numbers and years matter to these people because of the Sun and astrological cycles and so it would all have been timed to happen in 1913. Look at the obsession the Brotherhood groups throughout history have had with the number 13. When the Rockefellers set up their Council of State Governments to control the American state legislatures, they based the organization in a building numbered 1313. For the same reason, a great deal happened in 1933 because 33 is a major esoteric number which represents a vibrational frequency.

The Internal Revenue Service which collects taxation in America is also a private company, though the public believe it is part of their government. In 1863 the Bureau of Internal Revenue was formed to collect taxation, but in 1933, that year again, came the start of another coup on the American people. Three members of the Prescott Bush circle, Helen and Clifton Barton and Hector Echeverria, formed the Internal Revenue Tax and Audit Service, registered in Delaware, America’s flag of convenience state, where few questions are asked. Prescott Bush was the father of George Bush.


In 1936, this organization changed its name to the Internal Revenue Service and ran as a private company. In 1953, the original Bureau of Internal Revenue was disbanded, leaving the private Internal Revenue Service to collect all the taxes, illegal taxes most of them, too. This is controlled by the same people who own the Federal Reserve and the Virginia Company and it is bleeding America dry. The Internal Revenue Service was, appropriately, created by American Nazis who were funding Adolph Hitler under the coordination of Prescott Bush, George’s father.

The black magicians of the Babylonian Brotherhood have weaved their web of deceit from the ancient world to the present day, but because they wear smart suits in public and save their long robes and Satanic masks for their private rituals, most people find it almost impossible to comprehend the truth of what is going on before their eyes.


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