Under the influence

One of the most powerful weapons in the Brotherhood’s war against humanity over thousands of years has been addictive and mind-altering drugs. In the ancient mystery schools, drugs were widely employed to stimulate other states of consciousness and to manipulate thought and perception.

Opium, from which comes heroin, is the oldest narcotic we know of. References to its use have been found in the Sumerian Tablets going back maybe 6,000 years.1 The Sumerians called it the ‘joy plant’.2 It is also mentioned by the Egyptians and the Greeks in around 1,500 BC and 1,000 BC respectively.


The opium poppy was such a part of Greece that they depicted it on their gold coins.3 Traces of hallucinogenic drugs were found in the grave of a South American Indian dating back 4,500 years and, throughout the ancient world, records of drug use can be found. Haomoa and Soma, the sacred drinks of the Zoroastrians and the Hindus, could well have been the mind-altering Amanita muscari mushroom, some believe.4 The chemicals from this pass into the urine with hardly any loss of strength and the Hindu scriptures refer to a sacred urine drink as a source of enlightenment and insight. Certainly gives new meaning to the phrase “Taking the piss”.


The Aztecs used the hallucinogenic properties of the Psilocybe Mexicana mushroom in their religious rites and they called it “God’s flesh”.5 I mentioned earlier the use of mushrooms by the Hebrew priests which even inspired the design of their headgear. The reptile-Aryan priests of Babylon were highly skilled in their manipulation of the populace through drugs and this has continued in the secret society networks they spawned.


The Rosicrucians expanded the use of mind-altering drugs and the Assassins possibly got their very name from the way they employed drugs to mind control their killers. More than anything, drugs have been used by the Brotherhood throughout history to destroy societies so they can be easily taken over. This is precisely what is happening on a world scale today. But this policy is not new.

Only the scale has changed.

Most famously opium was the weapon used by the ‘British’ (the London-based Babylonian Brotherhood) in the Opium Wars against China in 1840 and 1858.

Chinese efforts to stop the flow of opium into their country were thwarted by the might of the British Empire. Queen Victoria’s Foreign Secretary and Prime Minister during the Opium Wars was Lord Palmerston, the Grand Patriarch or Master of Grand Orient Freemasonry, and a member of the Committee of 300. The Palmerstons were in fact the Temple family and their title goes back to 1723 when Henry Temple became Baron Temple of Mount Temple, County Sligo, Ireland and Viscount Palmerston of Palmerston, County Dublin, an Irish peer. Temple originates from Templar.


This title was passed onto his grandson, also named Henry, who was a member of the British House of Commons for 40 years and it was he who owned a painting by the artist, David Teniers, called St Anthony And St Paul, with its mass of sacred geometry, which has been connected by researchers to the coded manuscripts and mysteries of Rennes-le-Chateau. Temple was living at the time at Broadlands in Romsey, Hampshire, later the home of Lord Louis Mountbatten.


The Mountbatten family also bought the Teniers painting. It was the second Lord Palmerston’s son, Henry John Temple, who became the legendary Prime Minister, Foreign Secretary, and drug runner for the British Crown in China. He married into the English aristocracy through the sister of Lord Melbourne, the Prime Minister at the start of Queen Victoria’s reign, and went on to lead the Liberal Party, also known as the Venetian Party, overseeing the British forces in the Crimean War and the Opium Wars against China.


He entered the House of Commons for the first time as the member of Parliament for Newport on the Isle of Wight, a name which recurs far more often than you would expect for a small island off the south coast of England. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert had Osborne House built on the island, and this is where she spent much of her time after Albert’s death. Lord Mountbatten would later be governor of the island. The Isle of Wight is a significant centre for Satanism as well as being a most beautiful place to visit. Another Brotherhood city is Edinburgh in Scotland, just down the road from the Sinclair’s Rosslyn Chapel.


Palmerston spent three years in Edinburgh lodging with the Whig Party philosopher, Professor Dugald Stewart, and Edinburgh University was a common connection between the members of the Lunar Society and Charles Darwin. The Brotherhood chosen one, Tony Blair, the British Prime Minister elected on May 1st 1997, was brought up in Edinburgh and went to Fettes, a private school there. His father was a lecturer at Edinburgh University.

The vehicle for the opium trade from India to China and elsewhere, was the East India Company, a group of Scottish merchants and Freemasons who were aligned with the Knights of St John of Jerusalem (Malta) and the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits. Some researchers believe that the company’s real masters were the banking families of northern Italy, the Black Nobility, but by then they were centered in London, anyway.


The strategy used by the British in China has become a blueprint for invasion-by-drug-addiction ever since. They sponsored a mass addiction to opium until Chinese society and vitality was torn asunder. The British Government used a network of terrorism and organized crime, like the Triads, the Hong Society, and the Assassins to carry out the trade on their behalf.

These secret societies which ruthlessly eliminate anyone, especially their own, who do not carry out orders, are merely threads in the same global network that connects with the Freemasons. They are, again, different masks on the same face. The drug trade was (and is) organized by the Far East lodges of Freemasonry.


The Grand Lodge of England (current Grand Master, the Queen’s cousin, the Duke of Kent) established lodges in China at Amoy, Canton, Foochow, Swatow, Chefoo, Chinkiang, Hankow, Newchang, Tongshan,Wei-Hai-Wei, two at Tientsin, three in Shanghai, and five in Hong Kong.6


When the Chinese rulers acted to stop the supply of opium, the British used their military and naval might to defeat them. And the ‘peace’ treaty after the conflict then gave the British a guaranteed right to increase the flow of opium; to be paid compensation for the opium the Chinese rulers had confiscated; and to have sovereignty over strategic ports and offshore islands and this is how Hong Kong came under British rule.


It was used as the centre for Far East drug trafficking and that is still its role today after it has been returned to China. Most of the gold and money transactions on the Hong Kong financial markets are the payoffs and money laundering of the drug trade.

The Treaty of Nanking of 1842 gave Britain control over Hong Kong, plus about £15 million in silver. It was written by the Freemason and Colonial Minister, Edward Bulwer-Lytton (Comm 300), whose writings were to so inspire Hitler, the Nazis, and mystics like Madame Blavatsky. Bulwer-Lytton wrote of the Vril power (serpent power) in the blood of the ‘underground supermen’. Bulwer-Lytton’s son was the Viceroy of India at the height of the opium trade between India and China, a period ‘camouflaged’ by Rudyard Kipling’s writings about the British Raj (British drug runners).


In the book The Opium Clippers, Basil Lubbock names the owners of the British vessels engaged in the opium trade through the East India Company; Jardine Matheson (the Scottish Keswick family, many of whom are Satanists), Dent and Co; Pybus Bros; Russell and Co; Cama Bros; Duchess of Atholl; the Earl of Balcarras; King George IV (formerly the Prince Regent); the Marquis of Camden; and Lady Melville. It was Lady Melville’s ancestor, George, who welcomed William of Orange to the throne and was made Lord Privy Seal as a reward.


The Keswicks and Jardine Matheson have been members of the Committee of 300. Other Anglo-American families involved in the drug trade were the Sutherlands, Barings, and Lehmans, cousins of the Rothschilds. The Sutherlands, one of the biggest cotton and opium traders in the American south, were cousins of the Mathesons, and the Barings banking family founded the Peninsular and Orient Steam Navigation Company (the famous British ferry company P & 0) to transport opium.

The British reptilian bloodline families worked with their other American relatives to expand the drug trade, as they still do today. The bloodline Russell family made its enormous wealth from the opium trade in the nineteenth century through the drug syndicate known as Russell and Company. Its business was to take opium from Turkey and transport it illegally to China. Their only rivals were the Perkins syndicate, based in Boston, which had intermarried with other families of the British genetic lines who had been involved in the slave trade.


The Russells eventually bought out the Perkins and became the centre of the US opium racket in league with other reptilian families like Coolidge and Delano (Comm 300), both of which produced Presidents of the United States. The head of Russell and Co in Canton while all this drug racketeering was going on was Warren Delano Jr, the grandfather of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt who comes from an aristocratic French bloodline. In 1986, a history of the drug trade in America, printed in US News And World Report, said that:

“Delano equated the opium trade with the liquor business - both profitable and both cornerstones of the family business.” 7

How appropriate that Franklin Delano Roosevelt should be genetically related to George Bush who still maintains the tradition of running drugs on an enormous scale.


Other Russell partners were:

  • John Cleve Green, who used some of his opium fortune to finance Princeton University

  • Abiel Abbott Low, who used his opium money to finance the construction of Columbia University

  • Joseph Coolidge, who’s son formed the drug running operation called the United Fruit Company

  • His grandson, Archibald Cary Coolidge, was a founding executive officer of the Council on Foreign Relations

The Russells with the Tafts formed the Skull and Bones Society and the black flag with the white skull and cross bones was the corporate flag flown on all Russell Trust Company ships.


It was also a flag flown on ships in the Knights Templar fleet. Another American connection to the opium trade was the Freemason, John Jacob Astor, the founder of the Astor dynasty who became a stockholder in the British East India Company.8


Philadelphia and Boston, the headquarters of the Northern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, were (and are) other centers for the drug trade. A descendant of Astor, Waldorf Astor of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York, was a high degree Freemason who became chairman of the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London after the Second World War.9 The RIIA is extensively involved in coordinating the global drug trade (see the book, Dope Inc., in the bibliography).

After the second Opium War which ended in 1860, the British merchant banks and trading companies established the Hong Kong and Shanghai Corporation as the central bank of the Far East drug industry. According to all research I have read about the drug network, the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, with its global connections, continues to be a financial centre for the drug industry to this day.10


The Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank now calls itself HSBC Holdings since China regained Hong Kong and HSBC owns one of the four British clearing banks, the Midland.


This had a long advertising campaign calling itself the “listening bank” and the “bank that likes to say yes”. I don’t remember it mentioning the number of times its owners have said “yes” to laundering the profits of the drug industry which is destroying the lives of so many.

The Nugan Hand Bank (based in Sydney, Australia) was another CIA/Mossad operation run by Francis Nugan and Michael Hand, a Green Beret and a colonel in the US Army assigned to the CIA.


Hand was in frequent contact with George Bush after his election to Vice-President of the United States, according to CIA operative, Trenton Parker.11


Look at some principle officers of Nugan Hand Bank:

  • Admiral F. Yates, president, the chief of staff for strategic planning of US forces in Asia and the Pacific during the Vietnam War

  • General Edwin E Black, president of the Hawaii branch, the commander of US troops in Thailand during the Vietnam conflict

  • George Farris, operative with the Washington and Hong Kong branches of Nugan Hand, and a military intelligence specialist

  • Bernie Houghton, the Saudi Arabian representative, a US Naval Intelligence undercover agent

  • Thomas Clines, of Nugan Hand in London, a director of training in the CIA’s clandestine service who was involved in the Iran-Contra affair and operated with Michael Hand and Theodore Shackley during Vietnam

  • Dale Holmgreen, of the Taiwan office, flight service manager in Vietnam for Civil Air Transport, which later became the infamous CIA airline, Air America

  • Walter McDonald, head of the Annapolis, Maryland, branch, the former deputy director of CIA economic research

  • General Roy Mannor, the Philippines branch, the chief of staff for the US Pacific Command and the US government liaison with President Ferdinand Marcos

  • William Colby, Nugan Hand’s lawyer, a former director of the CIA.12

Just the kind of people you would expect to be running a bank, eh?


This was another drug operation. A director of Nugan Hand, Donald Beazley, was also chairman of City National Bank of Miami, which handled funds for the Mossad-front, the Anti-Defamation League.13

An Australian Government investigation revealed that millions of dollars in Nugan Hand records were unaccounted for and that it was serving as a money laundering operation for drug traffickers. These profits were being used by the CIA to finance gun smuggling and illegal covert operations around the world. There was also evidence that the CIA was using the bank to pay for political campaigns against politicians in many countries, including Australia, to ensure the voters supported the CIA choice. Yes, this is still the ‘free’ world we are talking about.


Banks with household names across the planet are vehicles for laundering drug money by passing it from account to account until its origins are lost in the web of transactions.


The gold and diamond industry, dominated by the Rothschilds and the Oppenheimers, through companies like De Beers, are also used to wash drug money. The money buys gold and diamonds from those companies and they are then sold to produce ‘clean’ money.


The network of interconnecting Anglo-American families in the Brotherhood web of manipulation, which has been responsible for the engineering of wars and for economic depression through the generations, is also behind the world illegal drugs market. Some of the most famous names, merchant banks, and companies in the world, are making the bulk of their fortunes directly or indirectly from the drug addiction of the young. They are the same families and organizations who were responsible for the slave trade from Africa and the ‘coolie’ trade out of China.


The term ‘being shanghaied’ comes from the kidnapping of Chinese people for shipment to the United States to be used as servants. Alcohol prohibition was a means to create the massive network of organized crime in the United States. The structure thus produced was perfect, as intended, for drug trafficking once prohibition was over.


The main groups campaigning for prohibition and an end to the ‘evils of drink’, groups like the Women’s Christian Temperance Union and its Anti-Saloon League, were financed by the Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, and Warburgs, via the Rockefeller Foundation, the Russell Sage Foundation, and similar tax-exempt foundations. Prohibition was another con by the Brotherhood used for longer term motives. Incidentally, it also made a fortune for Joseph Kennedy, the father of JFK.

Professor Alfred McCoy’s 1972 classic, The Politics Of Heroin In South East Asia, and his 1991 update, The Politics Of Heroin - CIA Complicity In The Global Drug Trade, tell of how CIA helicopters in Vietnam were carrying drugs from the fields to distribution points, when the American public thought they were there to fight Communism.


He describes how a Pepsi Cola bottling plant was used for this trade and how the media suppressed this information. 58,000 Americans and goodness knows how many Vietnamese were killed in that conflict and nothing sums up more powerfully the lack of respect this mindset has for human life, than the way the CIA smuggled drugs into America in plastic bags hidden in the body cavities of dead soldiers being returned home from Vietnam for burial.


CIA operative, Gunthar Russbacher, has told how some bodies were gutted and filled with drugs for shipment back to the States.14 The bodies carried secret codes which allowed those carrying the drugs to be identified on arrival at West Coast Air Bases, particularly the Travis Airforce Base in California. The drugs were then removed and made available to the young people of America.

Heroin is a derivative of the opium poppy which also produces morphine, a name inspired by the Greek god of dreams, Morpheus. It was at the Bayer laboratories in Germany in 1898 that heroin was created by adding ingredients to the morphine molecule. Bayer would later be part of the I. G. Farben pharmaceutical cartel at the heart of Hitler’s war machine.


Heroin is the most addictive of all opiate drugs, but it was marketed by Bayer as:

“An heroic drug, without the addictive potential of morphine”.

The name heroin comes from ‘heroic’ and its creators were indeed heroes to the Brotherhood, given the potential it had to cause untold strife and misery. Today the Far East heroin trade is still organized by the Freemasons through their interconnected agents, the Triads. These are the Mafia of the Far East and increasingly the Western World also, as in Vancouver, Canada. Just to give you another example of the way the game is played.


The Chinese ruler before the Communist Revolution was Chiang Kai Shek, a member of an earlier form of the Triads. The ‘Communist’ leader who toppled him from power was Mao Tse Tung, a Grand Orient Freemason!15


He allowed the British lease of Hong Kong to continue (of course, he did, he was a Brotherhood placeman) and the drug-business-as-usual continued. By 1983, the Communist Chinese had nine million acres of poppy plantations and this is the foundation of the Chinese economy, just as it is for the Western economy.16


Without the drug trade, the world economy would collapse, so dependent has it become on the income and investments produced by the destruction of human life. The Triads organize the production of heroin in the so-called Golden Triangle. They are paid by the British Brotherhood bankers of Hong Kong in gold bullion and some of this is paid by the Triads to buy raw opium from the farmers. So the annual cycle goes on expanding. The cocaine trade out of South America is run by the same people through their agencies like the CIA.


Cocaine comes from the coca leaf and, until 1903, it was used in the drink, Coca Cola, hence its name. I detail the CIA’s role in the cocaine networks and how they set up the Colombian drug cartels in .. And The Truth Shall Set You Free. Also in that book you will find the background to the extensive involvement of George Bush and Bill Clinton in these operations.

The drug trade is not only about making vast amounts of money, although that is important to fund the Agenda into place, it is also designed to break down societies and stop young people manifesting their true worth and potential. When people are hooked on drugs they are not going to be a problem to the Brotherhood’s grand design.

Violence and crime always follows the drug trade as drug dealers battle for supremacy and addicts mug and steal to finance their habit. This offers the Brotherhood a wonderful opportunity to offer the ‘solution’ to this ‘problem’ -more power to the police and further erosion of basic freedoms. I saw an opinion poll in the Los Angeles Times a few years ago in which something like 84% of those questioned said they would give up basic freedoms if they thought it would win the war on drugs. Problem-reaction-solution.


What those people urgently need to know is that the drugs are being distributed by those fronting the drug war, who are offering the ‘solutions’ at the same time. Much of the ‘anti-drug’ network is deeply corrupt and used as a vehicle for distributing drugs without detection. George Bush has fronted more wars on drugs than any other American politician and yet he is one of North America’s premier drug barons.


A reporter on the San Jose Mercury News exposed the CIA’s involvement in putting crack cocaine into the black community of Los Angeles. This was during the period Bush was in the White House and both the journalist and the paper were hit by a tidal wave of ridicule and abuse from the establishment papers like the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times as the Brotherhood tried to crush the story.


Even the running of drugs comes down to bloodlines, by the way. A friend has a contact who was offered the job of being a drug courier by a US government agency. He refused, but asked why they had approached him. “We know what your bloodline is,” came the reply. One of the codes, he found out, was to have your hand cut across the palm. If you are ever caught, you show the authorities your hand and they let you go.

The anti-drug agencies are controlled by the drug cartels and when you hear of ‘big drug busts’, it is usually the Brotherhood eliminating the competition and giving the impression of action. The drug pushers are difficult to find? Then how come a youngster straight off the bus in a new city can find them in an hour? If you are taking hard drugs, or thinking of doing so, remember this: You are not being a ‘rebel’ or ‘dropping out’, you are committing mental, emotional, spiritual and eventually physical, suicide, and you are doing exactly what the people who control this world want you to do.


The choice is yours, but understand the game before you start. There is only one winner when you get into drugs. And it’s never you.



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