Breaking the spell

What I am about to outline is the information the Brotherhood most want to suppress. It is the knowledge that you are in control of your destiny and no-one else is. You always have been and always will be.

Reading this book you may find that strange. After all, have I not detailed how the Brotherhood have controlled the world for thousands of years? Yes, but how have they done that? By manipulating the way humanity thinks and feels. How we think and feel creates our physical experience and if we allow an outside force to manipulate our mind and emotions, we will allow them to control our physical experience, our destiny. But we can change that in an instant if we take back control of our thinking and emotions. Creating our own reality and deciding our own destiny is, at its heart, a very simple process. It can be summed up by “What we give out is what we get back”. It works like this...

Our mind and emotions resonate wavelengths of various frequencies depending on how we are thinking and feeling. This applies not only to our conscious self, but also our subconscious, that cauldron of suppressed thoughts, attitudes and emotions that we would rather not deal with. You can resonate the vibration of anger from that level without actually feeling the emotion consciously at the time.


For instance, an adult who is holding on to suppressed anger about their childhood, will still be broadcasting that frequency, even though they might not be consciously aware of being angry. This will draw to them, by the law of vibrational attraction, other people who are consciously and subconsciously angry. I know, I’ve been there. In the words of a song I heard in the United States: “When you hold anger, guess what comes to you? A lot of very angry people do.”


Our mental and emotional ‘vibes’ of all kinds are broadcast as a series of wave patterns and these draw towards us similar wave patterns in the form of people, places, ways of life and experiences. What we give out, we attract to us.

Within this cocktail of vibrations are our conscious thoughts and feelings and the astrological patterns we take on at birth and/or, some say, conception. When we are born we absorb the energy pattern in the Earth’s field at the time and in the place we enter this world. This pattern depends on where the planets are in their cycles and, therefore, which of their energies are most effecting the Earth.


 Every second the energy field is changing and so when and where we are born matters enormously to the energy field we inherit. We choose where and when we are born to take on the energy pattern most appropriate for our life plan. Look at the endless evidence of how people in certain professions tend to be born in the same period of the year. The Babylonian Brotherhood, particularly through Christianity and ‘science’, has sought to condemn astrology as either evil or ridiculous to encourage people to dismiss it. Once again, Christians have done excellent work for the Brotherhood in this regard, most of them without any idea of the Agenda they were advancing.


This cocktail of interacting vibrations draws towards us a reflection of itself. When we think we are a victim and we are not in control of our lives, we will synchronize with the energies (people, experiences) which resonate to that frequency. We will therefore create a victimized, powerless physical experience. When we believe that the best things in life happen to others, they do, because we are not connecting with the energies that will manifest the best things in life. When you believe you will never have enough money, you won’t. Money is an energy and if you are going to attract that energy, you need to make a vibrational connection with it.


Thinking that you will never attract money, consciously or subconsciously, ensures that you will be out of sync with that energy and you stay poor. The Brotherhood know this and they have created an energy flow which attracts money to them.


Fear of something is always guaranteed to attract what you fear. The energy of fear attracts like energy and so what you fear becomes what you physically experience. Fear of being without money becomes the circumstances in which you are without money. Fear of being alone, rejected or attacked all become that physical experience unless you deal with the source of the energy which manifests these things - YOU.


So its no good blaming anyone else for your life. You have either created it by your own thoughts and feelings or the Brotherhood has done so because you have allowed your thoughts and feelings to be manipulated by religion, the media, politics, doctors, teachers and all the rest. Whichever it is, the one responsible for your life is... YOU.


No getting away from it, I’m afraid, you are stuck with it. But then, this news is just wonderful. It means that if you created the present reality that you don’t like, you can just as easily create a new reality that you do like. You are in control. You have all the answers. You are the centre of your own universe and you can make it whatever you choose. You are simply incredible. Feel it, live it and your world will be transformed.

My book, I Am Me, I Am Free, is all about this need to restore our mental and emotional powers because unless we do so we can never be free. But we need to do more than that. We need to set ourselves free, yes, but just as importantly we need to set each other free. We have been manipulated by the Brotherhood into our personal prisons and the prisoners have been further manipulated into policing each other. Humanity is both the sheep and the sheep dog.


The Brotherhood set the religious, political, medical and scientific ‘norms’ by controlling those professions and, therefore, the norms promoted by the mesmerized media. Most people then live their lives within these norms and allow them to programme their sense of possibility, potential and who or what they are. This is the eggshell and if people want to concede their uniqueness and infinite power in this way, fine, go ahead. Couldn’t care less.


But what happens is that those who live in these prisons are not satisfied with that. They insist that everyone else does the same. It’s not enough for them to believe in a religion, they also seek to impose that belief on everyone else or condemn them if they do not accept that religion’s view of life. There would be no religious wars if we respected each others’ right to believe whatever we choose, so long as we don’t impose it on anyone else. I don’t have a problem with people taking part in Satanic ritual if everyone involved is making that choice while in complete control of their own thinking processes.


People want to sacrifice each other and all involved have made a free choice? Go ahead, but please, someone clear up the mess. Eventually they will learn from the experience and evolve to a higher level of understanding. If George Bush, Henry Kissinger, the Windsors and the rest of the gang want to start a self-contained community and run it as a fascist state with everyone willingly taking part, please feel free. They’ll have no challenge from me.


I’m interested when these things are imposed on people through secrecy and manipulation or by physical, mental or pharmaceutical force.


Surely we can summon the maturity to think for ourselves and allow others to do the same? Is that really too much to ask? If it is, we are in serious trouble.

The only way the few can control the world is if the masses help them to do it: and we do. I have spoken to audiences about freedom and had wild applause, but do we understand what the word means? “Yes, freedom, that’s what we want!” Oh really?

  • Then why do many of these same people who wildly applaud the concept of freedom, insist that those who are not Christians are lesser human beings or the Devil incarnate?

  • Why do they insist (the Muslims, Hindus and ‘Jews’, as well) that their children are brought up from birth to believe what they believe, at the expense of other views and information?

The times I have been asked at meetings in America if I am a Christian, as if I become more credible and believable if I am. The very need to ask that question is confirmation that the questioner is in mental servitude to a belief system of Brotherhood creation. And that’s the point. We are imprisoned by what we are manipulated to believe.


The power of belief to entrap a mind is incredible. The Brotherhood do not care what you believe as long as you believe something to the exclusion of other possibilities. I am quite happy to change my views on any or all the information in this book if that is where new information leads me. I am not attached to it because I am only seeking the truth, whatever it is. If it is something different to what I think now, fine. So be it.


Rigid beliefs defend themselves from all comers because the belief becomes the person’s sense of self, their sense of security, and so they would rather cling on to the belief than face the mental and emotional challenge of letting it go. But we are now facing a time of the most phenomenal change in which all beliefs are going to crumble. You can write the future on a blank piece of paper far easier than one that is full of old data. You can plant new flowers on an empty piece of garden far easier than one still consumed by weeds. It is time to clear our minds of belief and be open to all possibility. Only then can we be free to tap into infinity.

What I have detailed in this book is one level of the picture, the one which most directly affects people in human bodies today. But there are other levels to consider also. It is important to realize that two conflicting statements can both be equally true depending on the level from which you observe the same situation. An example is to say on one hand that this world is imperfect and on the other that everything that happens on the Earth is perfection. How can both be true? Well they are.


From the perspective of everyday life, the world is not perfect. We have wars, hunger, disease, unhappiness and pain of all kinds. That’s true. But from the perspective of the evolution of humanity everything is perfect. That’s equally true.


The only way we can evolve is by learning from experience and that means experiencing the consequences of our thoughts and actions. If there were no unpleasant consequences for our actions, how could we possibly learn and evolve to higher levels of understanding? It would be like a child daubing paint all over the walls of your house or throwing stones through your windows. If the child did not face the consequences and see that such behaviour is deeply upsetting for the home owner, what would happen?


The child would go on daubing paint over other houses and smashing more windows. Humanity has given its mind away all these thousands of years and if we are to regain that power to consciously control our own destiny, we have to be kicked in the backside by facing the consequences until, at last, the penny drops and the light goes on. So we have the wars and conflicts and manipulations of all kinds. I don’t hate these reptilians. I want to love them because that is what they need so desperately. Their behaviour can only come from a lack of self-love because only by loving yourself for what you are, can you begin to truly love others for what they are.


So I love you Queen of England, Queen Mother, Prince Charles, Prince Philip, Pindar, Henry Kissinger, George Bush, Edward Heath and all the rest. If these people would only love themselves this nightmare (and their nightmare) would be over. Until they do, their heart connection to their infinite soul (pure love) will remain closed and they will continue to manifest these same attitudes and this behaviour. I would also stress again, before I finish, that when I talk of reptilians I am talking only of those who are seeking to manipulate humanity, not the species as a whole. Many of the reptilian species are trying to help us break the spell and even the manipulating reptilians are possessed by a fifth dimensional force. In the end we’re all One, anyway.

I know that many people who are aware of the Brotherhood and its Agenda feel the only way to respond is by stockpiling weapons and preparing for an armed defence of their liberties. I can’t think of a response more certain to bring about the very fascist state they say they want to avoid. The idea of meeting violence with violence is so obviously contradictory and so utterly devoid of the faintest spark of intelligence, that one wonders how few brain cells must be activated to conjure such a thought. When you meet violence with violence what do you get every time? Twice the violence. Yes, that’s going to make an enormous contribution to peace.


Also, when anyone uses violence against the system, it gives the Brotherhood a public excuse to use its high-tech weaponry to blow away the opposition in the name of the rule of ‘law’. I think we need to be just a touch more subtle than stockpiling weapons, somehow. I have met some of the more extreme Christian patriots in the United States and as I said to one:

“I don’t know which I dislike more, the world controlled by the Brotherhood, or the one you want to replace it with”.

This particular guy talked about freedom and the need to defend it with armed resistance while claiming that black people were genetically inferior to whites and that the Native Americans were only “looking after” the lands of America “until we (the whites) arrived”. He would have got on so well with his hero, the Founding Father Thomas Jefferson.


But here we see the theme again. People like this chap will, I’m sure, end up in armed conflict with the Brotherhood forces at some point. Indeed it is inevitable unless he changes his attitudes, because what will happen is that the two same states of being under different names (the Brotherhood and the extreme Christian Patriots) will attract each other into their lives to play out their drama of mutual violence. They both believe in the use of violence and so they are both in the same frequency range. They may call themselves by different names, but they are not opposites, they are oppo-sames.


The confrontation has to happen for them to evolve and learn that violence solves nothing. Never has, never will. When you hear the Christian Patriots describe their alternative to the Brotherhood Agenda they say they want to have “One nation under God ”. OK, but who’s version of God? The Christian God? The Muslim God? The Hindu God?


The God as visualised by Ethel in New York or Bill in Los Angeles? No, they mean, of course, the Christian God, the vision of God that they believe in. They don’t actually want to replace the Brotherhood Agenda with freedom, but with their own version of dictatorship. Again, because both want to impose their will on others and suppress other lifestyles and beliefs, they are bound to attract each other because they are operating within the same frequency range.


What is true of the extreme Christians is equally true of the extreme Muslims, Hindus, Jews and other religions. To an extent the same was true of the Native Americans when the white Europeans came. The Native American culture contains some tremendous wisdom and has a far greater understanding of the connection of all things. But let’s not go overboard here as so many in the New Age Movement often do with their starry-eyed vision of Native America.


Before the whites came scores of Native American tribes used to war with each other simply because they were in different tribes. There was much slaughter and conflict. Such a macho, war-paint mentality will attract into its life another energy that equally thinks that violence is justified. Whenever you have two groups who think violence is an option they are a vibrational confrontation waiting to happen.

Fortunately many Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews and Native Americans are not extreme and there is an alternative to violence. We can either learn from the hardest and most painful of experience or we can use our intelligence and our love to observe this situation and change our state of being without a gun being fired.


Then these confrontations will be avoided because there will no vibrational attraction between the Brotherhood and those who wish to scupper their Agenda. We can do it without confrontation. The reptilian vibrational connection to humanity is through the emotion of fear. They are themselves consumed by fear which is why they behave as they do. If they can manipulate humanity into a state of fear, as they have, they make the vibrational connection which allows them to control the human psyche.


They are also playing at home, you might say, because they are experts on the emotion of fear. This reptilian group are the very expression of it. If we seek to stop the reptilian-Brotherhood with a confrontation on their home ground of fear by using hatred, aggression and violence, then forget it.

Figure 64:

When people are conditioned to close down their consciousness

they delink from their eternal soul and all the love,
wisdom, knowledge and inspiration waiting to be tapped.

It is not that we need to seek enlightenment - we are enlightened.

We just need to remove the barriers of fear which disconnect us

from our own enlightenment outside the ‘egg shell’.

The game is already over. But if we meet this challenge from a frequency range the Brotherhood cannot even conceive of - love - we will transform the world and the reptilian control will be no more. There are many reasons for this.


Firstly, when we open our hearts to love, the heart chakra spins with tremendous speed and power, whipping up the frequency of our incarnate consciousness to the highest vibrational expression of life, pure love. As our soul is pure love, we reconnect with the awesome power of our multidimensional self (see Figure 64). The eggshell explodes.

The fast, short, wavelength of love also activates the ‘antenna’ in our DNA which reconnects us with the cosmos and an open heart chakra tunes into the cosmic pulse from the Earth, the Sun and the centre of the Galaxy, and transmits that changing drumbeat to our brain and every cell in our bodies. This will dramatically transform our minds, emotions and physical form as they synchronize with the quickening vibrations at this time of unbelievable change and evolution.


The subsequent leap in our personal frequencies will lift us out of the vibrational pit of fear and onto levels far beyond the lower fourth dimension. The reptilian control will be over because they will be on a different radio station, if you like, and they will have to face the consequences of their own actions on their road to enlightenment. The choice is ours, fear or love, prison or freedom.

If the reptilians did not exist we would have to invent them because their current state of being represents something that human consciousness had to experience. If that was not so, the reptilians would be manipulating someone else. We would not have attracted them. They have given us a gift in our eternal evolution, a gift of experiencing the consequences of fear and of conceding our infinite power to another force, be it a parent, boss, peer pressure, or, ultimately, the reptilian-Brotherhood.


The evolutionary process is about love, not punishment. It does not punish us for our actions, it gives us the consequences of them, which is very different. Without that we cannot evolve. We are loved along this journey by consciousness levels (other aspects of self) which seek to help us to become more loving and more enlightened, to be masters of ourselves. Our choice is how much of this experience we need before we learn and move on.


Are we going to change now or do we require more wars, hunger, and suffering, before the light bulb flashes? Are we going to walk through the fast-approaching gateway to a whole new state of being? Or are we going to stay where we are and face another cycle of incarnation and reincarnation until another opportunity comes?


The reptilian group I have highlighted are deeply imbalanced because they are disconnected from those levels of self which resonate to the rhythm of love. But they are still part of everything that exists, they are still you and me, an aspect of the glorious whole we call God. So if we hate them, we hate ourselves. If we are violent to them, we are violent to ourselves. And it would be all so self defeating. I say: forgive them for they know not what they do.


By forgive and by love, I don’t mean to walk away and let them get on with it. They are seeking to impose their will and therefore there is a legitimate cause for a challenge to that. But if this Brotherhood control is caused by giving our minds, power and responsibility away, and by insisting that others do the same, it is ourselves we need to address, not only the behaviour of the reptilians. If we take back our power and set ourselves and each other free from imposition of thought, belief and lifestyle, it doesn’t matter what the Brotherhood do.


Control from the centre will be impossible because you cannot centralize control of diversity, only uniformity. Three things will transform life on Earth and remove the reptilian control of the human psyche:

1 - We let go of our fear of what other people think of us and we express our uniqueness of view and lifestyle, even (no, especially) if it differs from the ‘norm’. At this point we cease to be a sheep following the flock.
2 - We allow everyone else to do the same without fear of being ridiculed or condemned for the crime of being different. When we do this we cease to be the sheep dog for the rest of the flock, pressuring them to conform to what we believe is right.
3 - No-one seeks to impose what they believe on anyone else, so always respecting free will and free choice.

There is no way the Brotherhood Agenda can survive such changes in attitude. People ask me what they should do in response to my information, but I never answer that question. The only person who knows what is best for you, is you. The trick is to clear the channel to your higher dimensions so you can connect with the highest level of your wisdom, love and inspiration to guide you to do what is most appropriate for you.


We don’t need to sit around in smoke filled rooms or start new political parties. We need to remove the egg shell of low vibrational emotion - fear -and the law of vibrational attraction will connect us with all the people and organizations we need to transform the planet. When we get ourselves right, the world must come right because we are the world and the world is us. What we call society is the sum total of human thinking and feeling.

It is a reflection of our attitudes. When we change them, we change society. We are only a change of mind away from real freedom, the freedom to express our God-given uniqueness and celebrate the diversity of gifts, perceptions and inspiration that exist within the collective human psyche.


The creative force is within us all and desperate to express itself. It is the suppression of this energy which leads to so much pent-up frustration and therefore violence and depression. Imagine you are a gifted artist or dancer, but peer pressure, parent pressure and the demands of the system insist that you work in a bank or sit next to a factory machine all day. Or you want to express your creativity and make a contribution to the world, but the Brotherhood manipulation of the financial system means that you can’t find a job.


That all-powerful creative force within you cannot be suppressed, so it comes out in an imbalanced way, impregnated with the vibration of anger, despair or frustration, and so we have violence and the demand for drugs and alcohol to shut off the emotional pain. If we respected the value of all creativity and sought ways of allowing it to be expressed, these things would not happen on the scale that they do. Instead we demand that such creativity must ‘pay for itself’ or contribute to the economy - the Brotherhood’s economy.


We know the price of everything and the value of nothing. If, however, we could open our hearts to a greater vision of possibility, we would unleash the creative force in everyone and allow it to express its uniqueness. What a world of incredible diversity and inspiration we would then experience. A world guided by the flow of the creative force and not by the profit demands of the Brotherhood bankers.

I talked at the start of the book about thinking the unthinkable. The information here has challenged you to do that. To consider the evidence that reptilians on another dimension of existence have manipulated humanity for thousands of years. To consider that far from being ordinary and powerless, you are extraordinary and all powerful. Both are unthinkable for most people given the current level of conditioning. But they are not unfeelable.


There is such a difference. You think with your intellect and that is so vulnerable to programming through the eyes and ears by the daily diet of lies, suppression and misrepresentation in the media and by all those Brotherhood clones to which it offers a platform. But when we feel, we are tapping into our heart centre, our intuition, that connection with the cosmos. How often has what you think and what you instinctively feel been in conflict? What transformed my life more than anything was the moment I decided to follow my intuition whenever it was at odds with my intellect.


Every time I have done this, my intuition has turned out to be correct. It can be challenging and painful sometimes because your intuition, which is unbounded by the need to follow ‘norms’, often stands out against convention. But it will always lead you to do what is best for you and your eternal journey of evolution through experience. For most people when they instinctively feel to do something, the chatterbox mind begins to list all the reasons why they should not do it.

“You can’t do that, what will the neighbours say, or your family, the people at work, and the guys down the bar?”...

“You can’t do that, you’ve got a mortgage, a car, a family, and the life insurance policies to pay for.”...

“You can’t, you can’t, you can’t.”

But you can, you can, you CAN.


There is nothing wrong with the intellect. It keeps you grounded, stores and processes this-world information, and it has an important part to play. It is when it becomes our controlling force and sole decision-maker that we find ourselves in the prison of the mind. The intellect is there to make physical the guidance and inspiration of the intuition, not to dictate the odds. Don’t work for your mind, make your mind work for you.

So it’s not what you think about the information in this book that matters, it is what you feel about it. Some of the content will challenge your intellect to breaking point, but your intuition will have no such problem. To that level of you, it either feels right, or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, walk away. I am not trying to ‘convert’ anyone to a belief. I could not care less what you think or feel about me and my work. But I care passionately about your right to hear what is currently being denied to you.


How you react to it is none of my business, let alone my concern. You are, however, going to see unfolding before your eyes in your every day experience, the Agenda I have described. You will never watch a news bulletin, read a paper, or hear a political or economic announcement, in the same way again. You will also see the weather changes advancing and staggering geological events as the transformation of the Earth’s energy fields continues apace.


You will feel the gathering vibrations in your heart and your mind. Your rapidly changing perception of life and yourself will open you to unimaginable possibility and potential. Thinking the unthinkable will become a way of life for those who grasp this opportunity to reconnect with all that exists. There are many who will consider this book negative, but they have misunderstood what is happening here.


This information is rising to the surface after thousands of years at the same time that more and more people are waking up to who they really are. The same vibrational changes are responsible for both. There is a healing going on and for the healing to start the cause of the disease has to be addressed. The rising frequency is bringing to the surface all that has remained hidden, collectively and individually, to allow the healing to begin. This is why people who have opened up to the changing cosmic rhythm have found that all hell breaks loose in their lives at first.

  • relationships break up

  • jobs are lost

  • family and people they considered friends walk away

There are many different experiences that people have.


With me it was massive public ridicule because I never do anything by halves. You can think you have made a monumental mistake at the time, but quite the opposite is happening. We create our own reality and control our own destiny and the way we do that is overwhelmingly through our intent. So often people have said to me that nothing ever happens in their lives and nothing ever seems to work.


But when I ask them what they really want to do they reply: “I don’t know, really” Well if that is their state of being, their physical experience will reflect “I don’t know really”, and nothing of significance will happen. If, instead, you focus your intent on a specific goal, what you need to do to achieve it will always come towards you as one vibrational pattern attracts reflections of itself in people, experiences and opportunities.


This is where the journey ends for most people. When they are faced with what they need to do to achieve their goal, they suddenly think that perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea after all! And that’s the question.


You say you want something? OK, but how badly?

  • Just a little bit? Fine, then don’t waste your time.

  • With every fiber of your being? Well, go for it because the world is yours.

I have seen countless people say they want to transform themselves and their lives and tune into the new vibration. But when the challenges have come, which are necessary to make that happen, they want out immediately and go back to life as before.

Yet these challenges set us free. The reason we face personal and emotional mayhem when we start this journey is because of the need to clean out our emotional cesspit of suppressed and unprocessed emotional debris that we have pushed deep into our subconscious because we don’t want to deal with it.


If we don’t clear the emotional grunge of this and other physical lifetimes,

  • we can’t reconnect with our multidimensional self

  • we can’t be free of the reptilian manipulation and control from the lower fourth dimension

So when we say we intend to transform, that intent draws to us the people and experiences necessary to bring that suppressed emotion to the surface where we can see it and deal with it. The same is happening collectively as the information presented in this book comes into the light of public attention, so we can see it, address it and heal it. Much of the New Age is in denial of this collective cesspit because it doesn’t want to face its own personal cesspit.


It would rather sit around a candle and kid itself it is enlightened while, in fact, it is an emotional wreck with a crystal in its hand. The information in this book is part of the healing of Planet Earth and the human consciousness as the veil lifts on all that has remained hidden and denied.

Hey, this is a wonderful time we’re living through here. We are tuning to the cosmic dance, the wind of change, the rhythm of reconnection with all that is, has been, or ever will be. You have come to make a difference, for yourself and for the world. You have the opportunity to do that now, now, now. Clasp it and let’s end this nonsense. A few can only control billions because the billions let it happen. We don’t have to. And we can change it just by being ourselves, allowing other people to be themselves, and enjoying the gift of life.


This is not a time to fear and it’s not a time to hide. It is a time to sing and a time to dance.

Take your partners, please. Let’s go!


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