by David Icke

23 July 2010

from DavidIcke Website


All that she told me in theme and much detail I have heard throughout the world from those who have been victims of the same global network. This is the ‘blueprint’ that I talk about.

What the Down’s Syndrome girl, Holly Greig, has described happening to her in a Satanic ring in Aberdeen, Scotland, is what ‘B’ and a long stream of others have recounted to me.

In fact, ‘B’ says that ‘the Group’ based around Whitchurch-on-Thames near Reading had major connections to the North Sea oil industry and traveled often to Aberdeen.

She is convinced that her ‘Group’ was connected to the establishment pedophile ring in Aberdeen that abused Hollie for a decade.

‘B’ says that she also took part as a child in rituals at Rosslyn Chapel near Edinburgh in Scotland, once home to the Knights Templar St Clair/Sinclair family, and made famous by the books,

I have stressed constantly that the insider cabal understand far more about the nature of reality than the public are allowed to know through constant suppression of information.


They know that this ‘physical’ reality is holographic and they know, in league with their non-human masters, how to manipulate that knowledge for their own ends. The ‘blueprint’, as I call it, works the same at all levels, from global to local community, because the Control System is holographic.


Every part of a hologram is a smaller version of the whole, as I have long detailed in my books, and so every part of the Control System hologram is a smaller version of the whole - the global ‘blueprint’.

A scene from a ritual in Stanley Kubrick’s final film, 'Eyes Wide Shut'

Its themes are accurate, but extremely mild compared with what really goes on.