by David Icke

27 May 2011

from DavidIcke Website


Obama is a man of war claiming to stand for peace; a man of lies talking about standing for integrity.


The dream-world is on public display. Boy Bush was a deeply unpleasant character; grossly arrogant in a ‘my daddy is bigger than your daddy’ sort of way; and an empathy-deficient idiot.


But Obama is far beyond that. This man is dark, real dark.


Behind the painted smile lies a cold, calculating, ruthless, narcissistic, psychopath/sociopath with eyes to match.


‘A person whose behavior is antisocial and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.’


‘Inordinate fascination with oneself; excessive self-love; vanity. Erotic gratification derived from admiration of one's own physical or mental attributes, being a normal condition at the infantile level of personality development.’


‘A person afflicted with a personality disorder characterized by a tendency to commit antisocial and sometimes violent acts and a failure to feel guilt for such acts.’

In other words, a lack of empathy with those who suffer the consequences of your actions.


The same as,

  • Blair

  • Cameron

  • Bush

  • Cheney, infinitum.


This is the Illuminati blueprint for their place-people in government. How could it be anything else when empathy would stop you slaughtering the innocent? What use is a conscience to a tyranny?

Obama and Cameron are blueprint ‘leaders’ and the blueprint is Blair. For a decade, former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, perfected the mould which was used to clone this pair of professional liars and hypocrites.


Its basic software program is to constantly smile in public to hide the darkness of your eyes which betray the darkness of your soul; and to speak of peace, justice, integrity and ‘values’ while you bomb vast numbers of people unjustly under the cover of lies and deceit, because you ‘value’ only power and to follow the orders of your hidden masters.

Isn’t that right, Mr Rothschild?

Blair sent British forces to war five times in his first six years in office - more than any other prime minister in history - and yet claimed to stand for peace and integrity, as do Obama and Cameron today, as they currently engage their troops in open wars and many others if you include the dark arts of covert manipulation and, in Obama’s case, the gathering war with Pakistan.


But, of course, in line with the Blair Blueprint, they have to hide what they really are behind carefully-designed fake personas called ‘nice chap, man of the people, one of us, pretty straight kind of guy.’


Obama inspects the British troops:

'Hey, what are you doing here?

You should somewhere killing people.'