by David Icke

24 June 2011
from DavidIcke Website


This is not by accident and neither was Fukushima.

Giant security cameras and sensors were installed inside Reactor 3 and elsewhere on the Fukushima site about a year before the disaster by the Israeli company, Magna BSP.


This specializes in producing ‘virtual security fences’ for military and civilian use that include an ‘electro-optical radar system’ and ‘stereoscopic vision sensors’. The cameras weighed more than a thousand pounds and were of a size and shape very similar to a gun-type nuclear weapon.


Magna BSP is located in Dimona in Israel - the home of the massive Israeli nuclear weapons program.

Israel is the elephant in the living room time and time again.

  • Israeli ‘security’ company, ICTS-International, formed by Israeli intelligence agents, was responsible for ‘security’ at 9/11 airports

  • at Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport where ‘shoe bomber’, Richard Reid, boarded his plane

  • at Amsterdam Schiphol where ‘underpants bomber’, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, was allowed onto his plane apparently without a passport

As a result, we have a police state, horrendous airport ‘security’ and full body radiation scanners (promoted by Michael Chertoff, son of a Mossad agent and co-writer of the freedom-busting Patriot Act).

Every surveillance and military company in Israel is controlled by Mossad - Israel military intelligence and global enforcer of the Rothschild Illuminati agenda. This includes Magna BSP.


This is one of the cameras and sensors (below images) that were installed inside the stricken reactors at Fukushima and alongside is the design of a gun-type nuclear device.