by David Icke

27 October 2011

from DavidIcke Website


I am seeing the mentality of what is called the political 'Left’ - which includes the core of the ‘Greens’ - much in evidence in these protests. This mentality thinks it is informed and streetwise about global events when its myopia makes it a manipulator’s party trick.

It sees the world in black and white when the world is multi-colored. It sees an ‘us’ and ‘them’ on either side of an easily definable line based on background, income bracket and voting preference.


Filmmaker Michael Moore is a classic, or at least that is the persona he promotes. Democrats good (or better) and Republicans bad; The Left is good, the Right is bad.

The fact that all these different political ‘sides’ are directed by the same force to give the illusion of ‘choice’ is beyond them to comprehend, not least because they don’t want to comprehend it. To do so would shatter their black and white world view of Left vs. Right and that is the comfort zone they don’t want to surrender. But they must to take this forward.

Michael Moore and so many others of his ilk - including many of those in the Wall Street-type protests - will have enthusiastically supported Barack Obama in 2008 when he was the most obvious fraud you could ever imagine.

If they are continuing with that same black and white ‘us and them’ naivety today - and some are because I have seen them - then they may as well go home. The system will have them for breakfast, dinner and tea.

The Left mentality cannot see the global conspiracy because it can only see the us and them.


To accept the existence of a Hidden Hand they would have to accept that,

the Left is being manipulated by the same force that manipulates the Right and the Centre.

Many can’t handle that and so it is dismissed by reflex action.