by David Icke

23 December 2011
from DavidIcke Website



Electroencephalography (EEG) recordings of neuron activity confirm that the brain is very active during rapid eye movement and yet this is the period when people are most difficult to wake up.


Thus, it is known as ‘paradoxical sleep’...

... We know so little about what happens in the deeper levels of sleep and non-conscious states in general, as in ‘sub-conscious’. Yet I contend that these are the realms of awareness that drive ‘conscious’ human perception and behavior.


These ‘non-conscious’ levels are also where humans are ‘accessed’ by the multidimensional Control System and we should remember that so-called ‘sub-conscious’ and ‘non-conscious’ levels are actually conscious - everything is.


They are just not conscious to what we call the conscious mind, the one that we are aware of during awakened states...

...We operate across multiple levels of reality and we are conscious in all of them. Do we dream in sleep or do we dream when we are ‘awake’? I would say both. It is just that this dream is more vivid and ‘real’ to us at the level of the perception experience known as the conscious mind.


So am I ‘dreaming’ a bird in the sky, or,

  • Is the bird dreaming me?


  • Do these ‘butterflies’ and ‘moths’ exist in the frequency range of my conscious mind, or are they something that I decode in another dimension of reality which ‘bleed’ through in my sleep-state decoding process into this reality for a few seconds before they fade and dissolve as my conscious mind kicks it and locks fully into ‘awaked’ reality?

I have often experienced a loud ‘bang’ at the end of a dream and then another loud bang a second later as I open my eyes in this reality.


I have the feeling of crossing through something when this happens. The human body-mind is a potential interface or gateway between many dimensions of reality and can bring through phenomena from one reality to another.


It is also the case that electromagnetic projections from another reality into the realm of the conscious mind can do the same.