by David Icke

03 February 2012
from DavidIcke Website


I am not saying that this is the way for everyone. We are all different, or should be.


What I am saying is that a ‘good education’ (programming) is not essential or the be-all and end-all of everything.


You can educate - truly educate - yourself on your terms and not the system’s. I was well into my 30s before I really got started in educating myself and I was entering my 40s before this went into overdrive. It is never too late to start and with the Internet the information is there for everyone across a vast tapestry of subjects.

Self-education also gives you the power to focus on what you want to learn rather than what the system insists that you must.


I mean, how many people have ever used algebra since they left the education sausage machine? X + Y = bollocksπ (pi constant), it always seemed to me.

Young people have their minds filled with so much useless tosh that they will never use and can always learn later if necessary and that’s even without the deluge of alleged ‘facts and information’ that turn out to be disinformation, diversion and downright lies.


I see authorities, politicians and parents discussing school budgets, teacher ratios, class sizes and all this stuff, but hardly, if ever, what children and students are actually taught.


That is just left to the system to decide and dictate.

I make all these points because of the way that college and university have become a ‘must do’ for so many young people and their parents today.


Here we are an expression of All Possibility and yet the mind-numbing process of Little School, Big School, pass exams and go to university is the only possibility for so many.