by David Icke
06 June 2012

from DavidIcke Website



Thank goodness for Wembley

‘Oh to be in England, now that April’s here’, wrote the poet Robert Browning, but in these ritual-soaked months of 2012 it would be more appropriate to say ‘Oh not to be in London now that June is here’… and July, and August.


It is a summer of mass rituals orchestrated by the bloodline families of the global Control System to fundamentally manipulate the energy field of London and, by its knock-on effect, the rest of Britain and the wider world...

...I have been emphasizing for a long time, as I did two weeks ago in the newsletter about the Olympic flame, that what we focus on - give our attention to - we energetically connect with.


Once that happens, if we are dealing with a manipulative force, our energy can be vampired through that connection.


Information or energetic perception programs can also come the other way and infiltrate the psyche. I suggest that both are happening in London this summer as one of the key locations on the Earth energy (information) grid is being subjected to two enormous mass rituals...

...How outrageous it all is for this focus and finance to be showered on one woman and one family.


Members of Parliament, judges, the military, Intelligence personnel, police officers and even Christian clergy all swear an oath of allegiance to the Queen when they take office - not to the people of the country.


It’s her parliament, her military, her MI5 and MI6, her police, her Church.



The Queen stands on the blood red carpet to address her parliament, her clergy and her judges surrounded by her military and her silly men in silly clothes of red, black and gold.


We don’t even have a national anthem in Britain - we have an anthem to the Queen. The Monarch is purely symbolic? Oh please. She is the symbol of state power and she has literal power behind the scenes. Woe betide anyone who crosses her.


Are you expected to bow or curtsy to a member of the official government? No, but they are to her.


So where does the real power lie?...

... I do everything by intuition and my intuition at the end of last year said hire the Wembley Arena in north London for October 2012 and so we did so despite the financial risks.


It is becoming ever clearer why that was done, coming as it does after the summer that is literally ablaze with mass rituals designed to vampire the peoples’ energy, draw power to the Illuminati global centre in London and encode the energy grid with their Satanic vibration (information).

I hope that as many people as possible will gather at Wembley all day on October 27th and add their heart and energy to the Great Gathering of Consciousness that will dismantle this energetic web that is being constructed before our eyes.


We will definitely have 5,500 seats, but if the interest is there before the end of July it could be 7,500 or even 11,000. It all depends on ticket sales before the end of July when we have to make those decisions.

The Illuminati families think they have the power, but their power is only our power that they steal from us.


The truth is that we have the power to end this nonsense - and we need to use it very soon.

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee 'beacon' (prime Illuminati symbol) near Buckingham Palace. It was lit by the Queen using a crystal diamond to activate the mechanism and it completed the ritual sequence of more than 4,000 beacons that were illuminated across Britain and the world.