One of the big lessons from history is that

mankind doesnít learn from history


The history of the Krupp family which is in the llluminati would provide the world with a loud and clear warning for today. The first lesson that could be learned is how a military buildup and military intentions can be totally concealed for decades. Today, the New World Order has brought in hundreds of thousands of foreign troops into the United States, they have brought in thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of guillotines for executions, they have built a network of unused concentration camps across the U.S., they have built crematoriums next to these concentration camps, and yet most Americans appear to believe the lies of President Clinton and others just like they believed the lies of Krupp, and the German Chancellors BEFORE Hitler, and the German military leaders who were all well aware of the secret German buildup that began immediately after W.W. I ended! We are about to go into a New World Order that will be worse than Hitlerís New World Order, but the power behind the scenes is the same -- the Illuminati getting their power from their centuries-old generational satanic practices. One ex-Illuminati thinks that the Krupp family became part of the Illuminati in 1836. The Halbach and Bohlen families had united in marriage prior to the Civil War.

The Halbach family had large holdings of coal around Scranton, PA. I believe the Halbach family was part of the Illuminati, and the Halbach family married into the Krupps in 1906. ft appears that 1836 date can not be far off, because the record shows that the Krupp family began getting all kinds of favors from governments beginning late in the 1830s. Prior to this time period, too many things went the wrong way for the Krupp family for them to had any prominent role in the Illuminati leadership. In the summer of 1838, Alfred Krupp, head of the Krupp Factories left his business and went to Paris and then on to Liverpool. He quit travelling the Midlands of England that winter and lived in Liverpool, England for 5 months with an english family named Lightbody. By the summer of 1839, he was back in Essen, Germany. After that trip to England, the Krupp fortunes began to turn. The Alchemists were occultists who worked with chemicals and metals. The alchemists tie in with the Rosicrucians and the early renaissance researchers into chemistry.

The Krupps because they were involved in metallurgy also have been involved with chemicals. The first Krupp known about was Arndt Krupp who appeared out of no where (it is speculated he came from Holland) and arrived at Essen in 1587 a man of means and became a merchant in the area. His son Anton became one of the military arms dealers of the times. Antonís father-in-law ran a gunsmith trade where he made guns. By about 1650, the Krupps were Essen Germanyís uncrowned kings" (according to the German book Die KRUPPS written by Norbert Muehlen. Frankfurt am Main: 1960, p. 13). They controlled the city government. In 1800, the Krupps went into steel and coal, and producing cannon. During the age of discovery when the New World was being explored the powerful occult oligarchies of Europe set up trading companies to carve up control of the world. The East India Company was one of the more notable of these elite controlled trading companies. These trading companies tie in with the occult worldís leadership and the formation of drug cartels during the age of discovery. The 13 Illuminati families were participants in the narcotics cartel that was set up clear back before the United States became a nation. The roots of the cartels, go back to Knights Templars, the Knights of Malta and some of the Italian oligarchies who had been involved in narcotics trade for centuries.

That drug cartel has continued down through the centuries. I.G. Farben has been a 20th century part of the German element of the cartel. Clear back during colonial days, each of the various secret ruling occult families from England, Germany, France and the Netherlands were given a piece of the narcotics/chemical trade. The full story of the Krupp family would include how they tie in with I.G. Farben and the worldwide chemical monopoly that the Illuminati families have. It is clear that Gustav Krupp was informed of I.G. Farbenís secret research into synthetic nitrates prior to W.W.I, because Gustav told the great German chemist Emil Fischer not to worry about the guncotton problem caused by low nitrate supplies. The Krupps faced a bigger problem during W.W.II in getting enough high grade animal fat for holding the cotton in place for explosives. This was solved by using the fat of people killed in the concentration camps. Since the Illuminatiís Chemical cartel and I.G. Farben and Krupp were involved in the use of human products, the concentration camps were liberated by the Illuminatiís men and the use of human fat, etc. covered up.

In our modern times two men of Illuminati from the Krupp family stand out, Alfred Krupp von Bohlen und Halsbach (1907-1967) and Charles "Chip" Bohlen (1904-1974). Chip Bohlenís grandfather and Alfred Kruppís great-grandfather were brothers. Alfred Krupp was the most powerful and richest man in the common market or Europe during the 1960s, and Chip Bohlen was one of the most powerful political ligures of the United States serving as the U.S. ambassador to the USSR for many years. New World Order leader and Chipís co-worker George F. Kennen described Chip Bohlen with the following: "No single person was present at more of the high-level diplomatic encounters of the wartime [WW II] and immediate postwar periods than Charles Bohlen." And yet how often are Americans told that while Charles Bohlen was advising Roosevelt to give the Soviets eastern Europe at Yalta in 1943. his relatives Gustav and Alfred Krupp were directing the manufacture of Hitlerís best armaments? Itís a small world at the top.

On Jan. 21. Ď33, Papen told Hugenberg, ĎWeíve hired Hitler." Although Hitler was very much his own person, the people who put him into power knew what they were doing. The Illuminati, as they so otten do, put their people in as Hitlerís advisor and his bodyguard. Dietrich Stepp, Hitlerís personal bodyguard, was in the Illuminati. They have done the same with numerous other people, for instance the surrounded Howard Hughs. Hitler was surrounded by Satanists who took orders from the Illuminati first and Hitler second. If you donít believe that Hitler submitted to the his Illuminati advisors, look at sonic of the changes that he made in Nazi doctrines over the years in his speeches to make sure that the elite of Germany were protected. Hitler backtracked on some of his stands.

Four important Illuminati advisors to Hitler were Rudolf Hess, Martin L. Bormann, Gustav Krupp and Alfred Krupp. Rudolf Hess was hidden by the Illuminati during W.W. II. There is a book out which shows the military medical records of the real Rudolf Hess who was wounded in W.W. I, and the medical records of the fake "Hess" who was imprisoned in Spandau prison after W.W.II. This is why the Naziís on trial at Nuremberg laughed when they saw "Hess" for the first time in custody, they laughed because they knew he wasnít the real Hess. Bormann came from a generational occult family. Bormannís grandfather was Johann Friedrich Bormann (b. 1830) and his father was Theodor Bormann and his mother Louise Grobler. Bormann before joining the Naziís had worked for Hermann von Treuenlels as a foreman on a farm. He was noted for his harshness, brutality and dominating personality. He also gave the orders for thugs to beat up a man named Walter Kadow, who died while being beaten. Bormann served some prison time for his involvement in Kadowís death. Bormann later as Hitlerís no. 2 man used his position to enact some cruel measures on Europeans controlled by the Germans. All the leading Nazis agreed among themselves that Bormann was "Hitlerís Lucifer." Goring stated at Nuremberg, "The decisive influence on the Fuebrer himself during the war, and particularly from 1942 on...was exercised by Herr Bormann. It was a disastrous influence."

Bormann held the highest Nazi rank, Reichleiter, and was Hitlerís shadow everywhere, and yet most Germans didnít know who he was. When Hess disappeared early in W.W.II, Bormann took his position. Gustav Krupp saved the Nazi party in 1932. If it had not been for Gustav Krupp, Hitler would never have come to power. During 1932, the Nazi Party had offended many people and had lost greatly in the elections. Many of their big financial supporters had backed away and it looked like the party was going to shrivel up and die. Dr. Goebbels, of the Nazi Party wrote at this point in 1932, "...We are all very discouraged. particularly in the face of the present danger that the entire party may collapse and all our work be in vain. We are now facing the decisive test." Soon after he wrote, "The financial situation in Berlin is hopeless. Nothing but debts and obligations." At this point. Gustav Krupp threw his momentous influence and big money (100,000,000 German Marks) into saving the Nazi party from their precarious position. Gustav Krupp was perhaps the most powerful industrialist in Germany with perhaps the best steel factories in the world, and the weight of his help pulled the Nazi party up on its feet and to victory that year.

When Krupp made his big financial contribution, Hitler assigned Bormann to keep track of all the money. From then on, Hitlerís personal finances and some of the partyís finances were totally controlled and oversaw by Martin Bormann, a member of the Illuminati. I say Gustav Krupp was "perhaps the most powerful industrialist"--only because I donít know anyone who knows how big Gustav Krupp was financially. Gustav Krupp was the sole owner, that is the sole proprietor of all his companies--there were no shareholders. Gustav Krupp owned a vast array of corporations and companies and properties all over the world. No one knows how much he owned, but he owned enough that his son who was the sole inheritor of all the Krupp fortune was able to have his factories totally destroyed by the allies in W.W. II, and then quickly rebuild by using money derived from foreign (non-German) holdings all over the world.

But was Hitler the person who led Germany to rearm and enter into W.W.II? Gustav Krupp began secretly rearming Germany immediately after W.W.I, in preparation for the next world war. The documentation that Krupp began planning and secretly rebuilding German armaments in preparation for W.W. II IMMEDIATELY AFTER W.W. I IS INCONTROVERTIBLE. I suggest that doubters read William Manchesterís massive book The Arms of KRUPP. 1587-1968. The German government cooperated. Agreements were reached with the Soviets soon after W.W.l ended to help the Germans secretly get around the strict requirements of the Versailles Treaty which greatly restricted Germany in many ways to prevent it from becoming a military power. On May 11, 1921, German Chancellor Wirth, the leader of the German government signed the Versailles Treaty pledging disarmament. At the very same time he was fully cooperating with the Krupps and the military to rearm Germany secretly.

Wirth was very adept at intrigue, and be and Krupp carried out international intrigue all over the world to pull off their secret military buildup. Today, the Illuminati are doing the very same thing. (More about this shortly.) When Hitler came to power, Gustav Krupp billed the Nazi government 300 Million for having secretly built up the German war machine during the 1920s, and the Naziís paid it to Krupp. Later in 1943, during W.W. II when Gustav and Bertha wanted to hand their entire empire over to their first son Alfred, Alfred personally went to Hitlerís secret underground hideout in East Prussia to get Hitler to personally make an exception to the German law that forbid passing everything in an inheritance to only one child. Hitler greeted Alfred with a great welcome and then let him talk to Martin Bormann. Remember, Bormann, a very brutal man, was part of the Illuminati. Alfred and Bormaun talked, and then Bormann directed Hans Lammers, the Nazi constitutional oracle to secretly proclaim:

"The firm of Fried. Krupp, a family enterprise for 132 years, deserves the highest recognition for its incomparable performances in boosting the military power of Germany. Therefore, it is my wish that the enterprise be preserved as a family property."

At the Nuremberg trials, Gustav was one of the Nazis at the top of the list of criminals to be tried, and Alfred was mistakingly not put on it until later. Gustav was declared unfit healthwise for trial, and Alfred was given very lenient treatment. Other Nazis put on trial were sentenced to death with less evidence and less crimes than Alfred. When the war ended, old man Gustav was at Bluembach Castle which is located at a remote site in the Austrian Alps. The American officer who captured the castle was Chip Bohlenís brother-in-law Col. Charles W. Thayer (in other words a relative to Gustav Krupp), who made sure the American troops did not loot the castle. This is a very strange coincidence, that of the millions of allied troops, a relative of the Krupps is the one to capture Gustav Kruppís castle. Col. Thayer knew what Bluenbach Castle was all about before he took off with his men to find it. The four-storied ivy covered castle has a pink granite driveway, and a beautiful and luxurious interior. Even if a visitor gets to the main gate which is remote enough, there is still a long trip to the castle. One of the snow-covered mountains surrounding the postcard perfect castle has the legendary cave of Barbarosa, who is said to be asleep waiting to be woken by black ravens to come back to life and save Germany. The Illuminatiís controlled media portrayed Gustavís son Alfred as a victim of the Nuremberg trials, even though mountains of documents prove that he was more of a war criminal than Adolf Hitler.

The massive trial documents of the Nuremberg trial of Alfred Krupp were never printed in Germany, and even today the truth about Krupp is unknown. History was rewritten by the controlled presses to make Alfred Krupp out to be the victim of Nazism, rather that to tell the truth about how he ran the Krupp empire beginning in 1943, and was actively involved in the rape & pillage of many nations, and actively involved in the torture of countless slave laborers who came from nations all over the world (anybody the Nazis found to arrest.) The slaves who worked for Krupp were not even slaves. Hitler had made a law that slaves were to be fed so much per day according to how hard the work was that they had to do. Kruppís slaves were starved to death while being forced to do hard labor. There was an acute shortage of slaves to work and drastic needs for tanks, ships, artillery, subs and other Krupp produced weapons, so there was no logical reason for Kruppís personal factory guards to starve and beat slaves to death on a regular manner. The horrendous abuse that the slaves received actually often prevented the Krupp factories from being successful in their production goals. Slaves are generally fed and taken care of so they can work, but Kruppís slaves were not even given the basics that a slave gets--they were less than slaves, or as one slave who worked for Krupp said that as Kruppís slaves they didnít even have the status of "slave" but were like pieces of sandpaper to be used and discarded.

Kruppís slaves were the worst treated in Germany and frequently failed to achieve the production that was wanted due to the total dehumanization and horrible abuse systematically heaped upon them. Slaves were tortured in the basement of Kruppís Hauptverwaltungsgebaude (the executive corporation office building in Essen). Unimpeachable witnesses declared that some of the most revolting torture of slaves occurred within earshot of Alfred Krupps office. The secretaries who worked with Krupp could hear the screams of people being tortured, and there is no doubt if they could hear them, Alfred could too, but he always ignored the screams with a stone-like face, as he did later in Satanic rituals. One Illuminati survivor remembers Alfredís distinctive face. Later John J. McCloy, head of the Council of Foreign Relations, and a member of the Illuminati, was given the job of High Commissioner over Occupied Germany. He overturned the Nuremberg Trial decisions, stepping out of line with legalities and freed Alfred Krupp from prison and exonerated him of "war guilt". The trial of Alfred Kruppís W.W.II war crimes had taken 5 years, and took 330,000 pages of court transcripts. All that work was swept aside by John J. McCloy--a generational satanist himself like Alfred. Alfred had 37 of the best lawyers who had given more than a good fight for Alfred. They pulled every trick in the book for their client--including murdering witnesses, suppressing evidence etc. (The establishment newspapers in Europe and the U.S. portrayed Alfred as having not been allowed adequate legal help! Nothing could be further from the truth--he was the best defended Nuremberg criminal.)

Yet, the evidence against Krupp was overwhelming and the 5 Nuremberg judges had sentenced him to prison. The judges also sentenced that all his possessions be taken from him. This was more than fair considering all the pillage and looting Krupp had personally directed throughout Europe. The British and American governments never carried out the Judges orders to take Alfredís property away, and after serving awhile (having a vacation from his work load) in prison, the Illuminati set him free from prison. Alfred was made out to be martyr in the press--they claimed he was the only Nazi who had property confiscated (which was a lie by the press), so that it looked like heíd been singled out for special victimization by the Nuremberg court. While looking to the public like a victim for loosing his property--none of it was ever taken away!

Today, the intrigue of the Illuminati to secretly prepare for their takeover is monumental in proportions. However, it is following many of the tried and tested tactics of the Krupps. Before W.W.I, the Krupps created a Dutch company in Hague with the English name Blessing and Company. Blessing & Co. was used only every now and then by the Krupps. After W.W.I, it was sold with all its assets to the Hollandsche Industrie en Handel Maatschappij (another Dutch front), and then its name was changed to Siderius A.G. It was then used as a holding company for 3 Dutch shipyards, their names being Piet Smit in Rotterdam, Maschinen en Apparaten Fabrik in Utrecht, and Ingenieur-Kantoor voor Scheepsbouw in the Hague. At that time two Krupp directors quietly held all the shares in Siderius. In this way, a front company was created that no one even suspected of being a Krupp company. Later, select Dutchmen were sold the shares of the company that the Krupp directors had had. This completed the subterfuge.

By the time allied intelligence in 1926 caught on and asked the Dutch government to intervene, Queen Wilhelmina of Holland curtly informed allied intelligence that her govt. would in no way interfere with a private Dutch corporation. When one studies the machinations George Bush and Bill & Hillary Clinton, they too have worked with front companies. The CIA is great at creating front companies which are sold to other fronts, and whose control eventually gets hidden and obscured. Three examples of Illuminati families with a great deal of power but who have their extensive financial holdings obscured are the Payseurs, the Springs, and the Van Duyns. The national media of America have continually run expert damage control for George Bush and Bill & Hillary Clinton. The Whitewater scandal, Vincent Foster and the Waco incident should have sunk the Chintons but the media has run excellent propaganda campaigns that have stood the truth on its head. Under the appearance of doing unbiased investigations, the New World Orderís media has really done sophisticated damage control. If we look at the history of the Krupps, we can see that mankind hasnít learned from history.

The Kingpins of the Illuminati were above the law and still are. Friedrich Alfred Krupp (1854-1902) was the head of the Fried. Krupp Industrial Empire. He was pedophile who liked little boys for sex. When he travelled to various large cities he would obtain boys. Conrad UhI, proprietor of the Hotel Bristol in Berlin found out about Friedrich (Fritz) Kruppís lust for boys when he was forced by Krupp to supply him with young boys at the Hotel. Conrad UhI, didnít like being forced into his role as pimp and went to the Berlin police. who promptly told him to keep quiet. Krupp was above the law, no one would touch Krupp especially not even the King of Germany Wilhelm, who was best of friends with the Krupps. The police commissioner Meerscheidt-Huellessem who ran damage control for the Krupps and others died before political opponents of Krupp could get police records out to the public.

In Capri, Italy a grotto was transformed into Kruppís private sex club where a countless numbers of young Italian boys regularly sexually serviced Krupp. This was at the Quisisana Hotel. The owner was also a prominent politician who could protect Kruppís activities. Solid gold pins shaped like artillery shells or two crossed forks (both designed by Krupp) were given to the young boys if they performed well. Krupp would have skyrockets shot off when he had his orgasm, and porn photos taken of his activities. The porn pictures got out into the public domain and this and all the witnesses to Kruppís criminal sexual activities, caused the Italian government to order Krupp to leave Italy. Any common person would have been arrested and the key to their cell thrown away--but Krupp was simply asked to leave. However, the press in Italy had gotten a hold of the juicy story for their Italian readers and soon all of Europe knew of Kruppís pedophilia except in Germany where the government and the controlled media kept it secret. A few german newsmen tried to get the story out in Germany but were arrested.

When Kruppís wife learned of the scandal she was upset and went to authorities who then through the System using physical force threw Kruppís wife in a mental hospital in Jena. However, throwing Kruppís wife Margaretha into a mental hospital wasnít going to put a cap on the scandal, and suing the newsmen wasnít going to work, and trying to run a coverup as big and violent as the JFK assassination coverup was started but it was obvious that it would have to be such a large and violent coverup that it would be difficult to pull off. In the view of all these difficulties, on November 21 or 22, 1902 Friedrich (Fritz) Krupp committed suicide. The suicide was covered up, and his body was put in a concealed casket and in direct disobedience to the law there was no autopsy--even though the law required it. Nobody, even Friedrich Kruppís close relatives were allowed to see the body. After 3 days, Germany had a great ceremony involving the King, great words were said about Krupp, and then Krupp was laid to rest in a guarded cemetery. Now that it is no longer important, the facts of what happened can be studied, but the case of Friedrich A. Kruppís improprieties and the resulting scandal show clearly that powerful men are above the law, any exposure of their activities can be covered up, and even suicides can be covered up.

Now historians will tell the truth, when it is no longer political correct to lie. How long will it take for the truth to come out about George Bush being a pedophile, or about Bill and Hillaryís cocaine running, or a thousand and one other criminal activities these Illuminati men have engaged in. The Supreme Council of the 330 of Southern Rite of Freemasonry had pictures of George Bush in their New Age magazine holding children in his lap. For those of us who know that he is a pedophile the picture showing him as a fatherly Jesus-type figure who children love is sickening. Will we learn from the past, or will we continue to repeat it & its atrocities? Even today, in Germany the Krupp name is above reproach. The truth is not being told. The Krupps have had too much power over the German media for the German mass media to ever say the genuine negative truth about the Krupps.

During W.W. II, the Krupps took tens of thousands of jews and other people and used them as slave labor. A concentration camp at Buschmannhof, Germany was created for the babies of Kruppís slave labor. The babies who were sent to this concentration camp would then die of starvation and disease. The slaves of the Krupps during W.W. II were tortured in small boxes, whipped etc. etc. However, the politically correct line today in Germany is that the Krupps were made to do this by the Nazis. And that politically correct line is a fabricated lie, because numerous documents show that the Krupps went to the Nazi government and begged for slaves to work in their factories, and that the Krupps intentionally set .up extremely harsh working conditions for their slaves. In fact, letters exist that show the Krupps couldnít get enough supply of torture weapons to use on their slaves.

But then the workers for Krupp have always worked under serf conditions. A visitor to a Krupp factory said, "For all practical purposes the people of Essen are body and soul the property of the Krupps." At times the Krupps have been viewed as god figures by some of their workers. Are we going to learn from history? Today, the public is buying the Systemís propaganda to make inmates work under boot camp conditions. The stage is being set in the United States to view inmates as less than human. The foreign slaves in Germany were often looked upon as less than human by many of the German people. That is the power of control and propaganda. The media is able to take someone like Tim LaVeigh who everyone who knew him during his life says was a nice guy who couldnít have set the bomb(s) and make him look to the public like a mean monster. I believe Tim LaVeigh is a patsy for the governmentís own sinister bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal building just like Hitler firebombed his own Reichstag. Speaking of fires set by the Illuminati, the Krupps tried to burn mountains of records before the Allies captured their factories.

A lot were burned but many still sensitive documents still survived. These sensitive documents showed their war crimes, Kruuppís own espionage network and other sensitive things. Krupp wanted to bury some of the documents at an unused Bohien castle that he had. The Krupps have networked with all the elite. The Krupps agent in powerful man while alive, he could hire or fire corporate leaders in many of Germanyís corporations, because his various banks held the purse strings in Germany. He also had international clout, for instance, Banco Aleman Transatlantico (Deutsche Oberseeishe Bank) which operates in South America & Spain is run by Deutsche Bank. In July, 1944, the Illuminatiís economic thinkers quietly established the World Bank at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. Illuminatus John J. McCloy, the man who set Krupp free, became the president of the World Bank. The U.S., Japan and Germany are the most powerful voting members of the World Bank according to the recent annual reports which I have.

When an appropriate Krupp couldnít be found in 1967 the Illuminati turned Kruppís Industrial Empire over to its Internat. bankers. Charles Eustis Bohlen (1904-1974) was born to Celestine Eustis and Charles Bohlen. His father Charles Bohien was a wealthy man and his motherís family had also been prominent. His mother Celestineís father was the American Ambassador to France in 1893. Because Chip Bohien had connections, it was mutually decided by several people that he should become a diplomat. The state department at the time he joined had tarnished its reputation with the public with several scandals. One diplomat had indecently exposed himself, another had been arrested for molesting 2 boys and another had shot himself. Chip Bohlen seems to have been way above scandals. Chip was very intelligent and very discreet. In addition to being very discreet and close lipped, the eliteís press and the System in general over the years have kept Chip Bohlenís life a secret from the public. Most men of Chip Bohienís stature would appear in the Whoís Who in America. Not Chip Bohlen. He has managed to keep to a very low profile thanks to the Illuminatiís control over all types of information, while remaining one of the most powerful men in the 20th century. Sen. McCarthy, who was catching on to the Illuminatiís conspiracy tried to prevent Bohlen from being approved as the U.S.ís "Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary to the U.S.S.R." but on Mar. 2 & 18, 1953, the Senate gave him the important position.

However, Chipís brother-in-law quit his political career after being exposed by Sen. McCarthy. (I had believed the lie of the press that McCarthy was after communists, but I read something the Senator wrote which showed that he was out to expose a worldwide occult conspiracy--not simply communism. The work the Senator did is continually referred to as a "witch hunt", but some day the witches he tried to protect America from may well put this nation through another Holocaust, and then the "witch hunt" of the Senator will seem mild.) Chip Bohlen also served as the no. 1 adviser for three Secretaries of State - James F. Byrnes, George C. Marshall (í45-í46) and Christian Herter (í59-í61). After graduating from Harvard in the late 1920s, Chip worked for Frank B. Kellogg and Henry L. Stimson. The U.S. State Department trained Chip to speak Russian several years before the U.S. had diplomatic ties with Russia. When the U.S. put in an embassy in Moscow in 1934, Chip helped open the first American embassy in communist Russia. The American diplomats stayed at the Savoy Hotel in Moscow. The Savoy Hotel in London has been used as an important Illuminati building.

Chip stayed in communist USSR until 1940, when the U.S. government moved him to Tokyo to help in Japan. According to Chip, he and others were not surprised that Pearl Harbor took place because there were strong indications that it was going to happen. (See Chipís book Witness To History, pp. 110-112. His book was edited by a fellow Illuminatus Phelps.) After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Chip was placed under arrest by the Japanese. Then on June 20, 1942, Chip, Keith Meyers head of Standard Oil in Tokyo, and some other Americans were put on board the Asama Maru and returned to the United States via Portuguese East Africa. Chip Bohlen interpreted for Averell Harriman, when Harriman met the Russians for talks. Chip Bohlen did the interpreting and some advising of the President when Roosevelt had his meetings with Stalin. Averell Harriman, a member of the Illuminati, liked Chip and the work he did. If one looks at photographs of the Yalta and the Tehran meetings between Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt you will see Chip Bohlen in the background. Chip was also at the Potsdam Conference between Truman and Stalin. He was also in San Francisco as a participant who helped create the United Nations in 1945. It was Bohlen and others who actually wrote out the Marshall plan and then requested that Sec. of State George Marshall spell it out in a speech at Harvard. It would take a long article to cover all the big meetings that Bohien participated in. Needless to say, he attended more big meetings involving global politics than any other American.

When Chip became the American Ambassador to the USSR, the Russians trusted Chip enough to stop their practice of having agents always follow the American Ambassador. Chipís predecessors as ambassadors had been George F. Kennen and Llewellyn E. Thompson. They had always been followed by Russian agents. But things changed for Chip. By the way, both Kennen and Dean Acheson both were close friends with Chip. Chip was noted for his intelligence and candor by his colleagues, but the Establishment has kept the full story about him very much under wraps. Perhaps only people like the CIA and intelligence personnel know the full story. For as powerful as Chip Bohlen was, he has been relegated to being in the shadows. When we look at the photos of the great summit meetings, Chip can be seen behind Stalin, Churchill and the American Presidents. Francis Hermana Bohlen (1808-t942) was a famous lawyer, politician and a teacher at Harvard from 1925-28. This is just one more of the famous Bohlenís. This author waited until there was verification from independent ex-Illuminati sources that Alfred Krupp (his full name includes the title "von Bohlen und Halsbach") had been a member of the Illuminati.

There is no doubt that Chip Bohlen was part of the Illuminati. As previously mentioned one of the Illuminati survivors I have worked with was alive during W.W.II and has memories of how the Russians, Germans, and Americans in the Illuminati kept working together even during W.W. 11. A very close examination of what really went on behind the scenes, especially at the top shows that the parts of the Illuminati have continued to collaborate together even during wars. The are many relatives of Krupp in Europe, South America and the United States. Arndt Krupp, Alfred son who opted to become a professional playboy, bought an estate in the interior of Brazil. The estate covered 43 square miles, had dwellings for 180 servants (back in the l960ís-whatís happened in recent years I donít know), had a park modeled after Versailles, and the largest horse stables in Brazil. His private jet could carry his custom-built Rolls-Royce.

Important Illuminati rituals have taken place in Argentina and other South American locations where Illuminati members from the U.S. and various European nations have flown in to participate in. As more information comes in, this author will be able to determine whether Arndt Krupp took part in any of those South American Illuminati ceremonies. There are descendants of Hitler in several states in the U.S. (Because people move around, there is no purpose in giving their locations at present.) Of course the controlled media would have us believe that Adolf Hitler, who was very popular with women during his life, and a very powerful man at the height of his power, did not have any descendants. There were many German women who would have begged to have a child by him, and there were a number who did. There is no doubt in this authorís mind that the Kruppís got ahold of the Illuminati formula for creating multiple personalities who are programmed into Systems of Alters. The Krupp relatives have numerous castles and other pieces of property all over Germany, and all over the world in fact. I continue to get reports of Illuminati mind-control programming going on in castles, and Illuminati rituals taking place in German castles. It is a distinct possibility that castles tied to the Krupp clan are being used for programming.

Some of their castles and estates have been remote and some have been left unused as far as the public was told. Summary. What we have learned is that the Krupps have participated in the Illuminati, and were primarily responsible for both Hitler coming to power and for Germany rearming itself secretly in violation of the Versaillesí Treaty. We have learned that Illuminati Kingpins like the Krupps are above the law, and are usually above getting themselves sincerely exposed in the controlled media. The Krupps provide an excellent example of how a military build-up can be hidden, and how scandalous behavior of the elite can go unpublicized and unpunished. The same things are still happening today. We have learned about two Krupps who wielded enormous power during the twentieth century, Alfred Krupp and Chip Bohien. Alfred Krupp was the most powerful man in European economic aflairs during his lifetime, and Chip Bohlen, who was perhaps the most influential American diplomat of the twentieth century. We have gotten a glimpse of how the remaining Krupps today are scattered and are to be expected to continue to play an active role in the ritual life/& mind-control programming of the Illuminati.

Later articles:

The German connection to the llluminati is extensive; the Order of the Skull & Bones is an important element. Examples of German elite occultists who may be exposed in later articles include: a. "King" Adolphus Busch, who acquired Ulysses Grantís (ancestor of several in today's Illuminati) St. Louis property and built a magnificent castle on it called Grantís Farm. b. Bleichroeder, who was an important Satanist and high ranking Mason & an important occult leader. Berlin was one of the important Masonic headquarters for years. c. The Johnson-Wilson clans. One satanic German bloodline which came from the location Tristie in Germany has been working with the Rockefeller & Johnson satanic families. They are active on the west coast - incl. have a house equipped with a torture dungeon in Tacoma. The Johnson & Johnson clan have relatives in Satanism in Germany. d. The Committee for the Care of European Children brought children from the concentration camps into the U.S. At least some of these children had already received Nazi trauma-based mind control, and were placed into occult families. The German connection to the Illuminati needs further coverage in this newsletter.


SUGGESTED READING FOR MORE INFORMATION: Manchester, William. The Arms of KRUPP 1587-1968.



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